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This report is concerned with the transition of leadership on a crucial project that requires a seamless transition due to the importance of the project to the company and the significance of the team already in place. Due to the fact that this team has worked as an insular, cohesive unit for approximately two years perfecting this project, it is necessary to have a transition that approximates the qualities of the present leader. Unfortunately, this transition has become necessary, but it should not be difficult to find the right person going forward. This is a detailed report that lists the leadership criteria needed and the determination of the search team. The recommendation is to search outside of the company for a leader that exhibits the needed qualities and can provide continued and steady leadership for this crucial project.

The Failure of Leadership During Times of Transition

Table of Contents


Background Information 1

The Problem 1

Purpose Statement 1

Scope 2

Discussion 2

Passion 2

Credibility 3

Mentoring 3

Willingness 3

Succession 4

Conclusions 4

Recommendations 5

References 6

The Failure of Leadership During Times of Transition


Background Information

Companies that have major transitions are in danger of upheavals that can cause them to lack leadership in the interim. Unfortunately, the new leadership will often not meet the criteria that is required in a new organization. Because this is a specific organization type, public care, there are issues present that may not be there with other types of organizations. Thus, when a new leader comes in they must have some experience in this field to make sure that they are able to provide the directed type o leadership that is necessary for the job. This report looks at the problems that have already occurred and the type of leader necessary to fix the issue that exist.

The Problem

Two years ago a longstanding leader left the company in question and went to work at another facility. When this person was in charge, they were able to smoothly run the operation and had the respect of all the people employed in this endeavor. Unfortunately, after the old boss left, and a new person took their place, they have tried to remold the workplace (fix something that was not broken), and the result has been chaos. Proven, valuable, long-standing employees have left due to the change and this has further added to the detriments to customers and the overall personality of the workplace.

Purpose Statement

Finding a leader who is charismatic and has the capacity to regain the confidence of the team. It is also valuable to have someone who has the prior experience and knowledge in working with people to provide the leadership that is so severely lacking at this time.


This report will deal with the issue of transition of leadership in detail. The process will be to examine the literature surrounding the issue, how studies reveal that the transition phase should be handled, and then how this research can be used in the present situation.


The data on leadership suggests that depending on the situation there may be different types of leaders who are better suited to the task. Since this task is one which requires firm leadership, but also someone who is willing to integrate with a team that is already in place, it may be difficult to find the correct person for the job. The team members already extant are too valuable in their present roles to fill this need at present, but that could be a consideration. Since there has been a leadership void for an extended amount of time it is probably necessary to look outside the company to find an individual who will provide the leadership that has been lacking. A person from within the company would be too close to the present problems and already have relationships with people in the company that may jade them as far as a leadership fix is concerned.


Leadership for this project has to have passion for the project and the ability to create that quality in others. It has been said that "Organizations that make it a practice to hire or promote talented leaders -- those who understand human behavior -- are well on the way to motivating their employees" (Gilley, Dixon & Gilley, 2008). This project requires that the leader selected have the ability to motivate employees through the transition and build the rapport necessary to move the project forward with as little slow down as possible. Because other venues are seeking information on the system right now, leadership that is able to direct the passions of employees is a must.


The employees who have been working hard to stay with the company are already versed in what they want in a leader and this person has to have experience in the industry to add credibility to their leadership. Although, it is not possible for the company to promote someone from within the project to go forward as the project leader, the person who does act as leader needs to have enough experience on similar jobs to demonstrate immediate credibility (Bracksick, 2012). To establish this quality, the manager also has to prove to the team that s/he has "bought in" to the project (Walsh,2012) and is going to give it the same priority as the predecessor.

Receive Mentoring

An overlap of two months, with diminishing responsibility for the previous project lead and increased responsibility for the new, should be built into the schedule for any new leader (Bracksick, 2012). New leadership is crucial to the success of te company going forward.. Thus, a period of mentoring and ease of transition are important. This process also demonstrates a willingness to learn about the workplace from the experts (the employees who have been with the company for a long period of time) rather than taking on the responsibility from day one. It is giving the lead to the team and partnering with them (Dewhurst, Guthridge & Mohr, 2010).

Willingness to Take Over Another's Project

This aspect of the transition may not seem difficult or necessary, but it may be the most critical portion for this particular project. Because this is an established project and there is a need to make sure that it proceeds as smoothly as possible, the new leader will have to "replicate before he or she innovates" (Bracksick, 2012). There is no need to create a more efficient process here since it is a fledgling project that is already successful. This has been one of the major issues with the current leadership. Changing the entire structure back to the way it was two years ago may not be possible, but effective leadership requires that the successes from back then be examined.

Succession Plan

It has been a difficult decade for the business community, so there is a need to plan more effectively to ensure the continued success of the company (Doh, Stumpf & Tymon, 2011). A leadership succession plan needs to encompass all areas of the company, so that this difficulty will not take place again during the middle of a crucial project. The financial crisis has proven how critical productive planning can be (Mohrman & Worley, 2009), so developing the future leaders of projects is essential for the success of the company going forward.


The solution to the present crisis in management is to either promote from within, which does not seem desirable, to find someone within the company who can fill the role, or to look outside the company for a leader who can take over the project. The present leadership has been the primary issue, and the potential new leader may be present within the company. The search should not…[continue]

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