Leadership Failures And Motivation Strategies To Increase Productivity And Performance Research Paper

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ventilated leadership failures and motivation strategies that can be put into practice to increase productivity and performance. A vacuum in leadership negatively impacts productivity and performance. Lack of integrity, lack of maturity, and lack of fallibility is a sign that there is a deficiency in leadership credentials.

Leaders have to exhibit acceptable moral standards. Individuals who have learnt wrong lessons early in life or those with tainted views on how to get ahead can least provide that leadership that an organization needs. Such people can do anything in life to get ahead. Bad leaders...
...Poor judgment on the part of company executives is an indication they are immature. Immaturity can also be exhibited in such leaders' lack of foresight and judgment to see the outcome of their behavior. They have problems with controlling their impulses. This overwhelms their decision making ability. Immature leaders are characterized with flying off the handle when faced with difficult situations. They can never delay short-term gains over long-term success. Poor leaders tend to be perfectionists. This is a reliable predictor of malfeasance. They tend to be afraid of revealing their imperfections. They lie in order to avoid showing any flaws.

Some of the strategies that can be used to motivate employees to increase their productivity and performance are dishing out incentives, recognizing exemplary employees, and engaging in self-motivation. Employees who have been given incentives tend to produce more quality work because the incentives drive their behavior and motivate them. Incentives offered can be paid time off, bonuses, cash, and travel perks. Incentives offer workers more to strive for than a regular paycheck. Incentives, however, attain varying degrees…

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