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He wished to build the happiest place on the planet and this message continues to be handed over to the new recruits who join the organization presently also. Disney exists to give a guarantee to the Americans that are there for real. Disneyland is not just unreal, rather it is hyper-real. As a result it is possible to express of the corporate culture of Disney as being created. ("Reading Organizations from behavior and experience to representation and experience," n. d.)

4) Explain how the four functions of management support the creation and maintenance of a healthy organizational culture

The four functions of management support the creation and maintenance of a healthy organizational culture as it leads to planning, organizing, leading and coordinating of resources and it is these 4 activities which recur across the institution and are extremely unified. Present features relating to management cover claims leading are distinct from dealing and that the characteristics of the manner in which the four functions are undertaken should transform to accommodate a new pattern in management. ("Introduction to Management," 2007)

The Walt Disney Internet Group -- WDIG that has been formed is responsible for every important function inclusive of business development, research and development, sales and marketing and operations. The company has expressed satisfaction on the building of the Disney Mobile group which is headed by George who has a very rich experience in operations along with a longstanding history relating to management at the Walt Disney as also it's 'Internet Group'. The Walt Disney Company receives operational levels of management as well as strategic forms of leadership from 'The Walt Disney Internet Group' -- WDIG. The Internet properties of Walt Disney include category leaders such as, as well as It is through efforts as well as by means of relations with few of the largest wireless carriers of the world, WDIG tend to make the distribution of the content as well as services to the wireless users-based which falls under the Disney brand. This apart, WDIG has spearheaded the path in production of interactive content with regard to TV programming by means of its improved TV service. ("Walt Disney Internet Group Names Management for Newly formed Disney Mobile Business," 2005)

5) Recommend at least two strategies that organizational managers and leaders can use to create and maintain a healthy organizational culture.

Majority of the strategic planning activities of the Disney will be included within the company's four major business segments i.e. The Studio, Entertainment, Consumer Products, Parks and Resorts Media Network, besides Disney's International organization. A corporate group of a smaller size will be engaged in the development of the corporate Five-Year Plan and concentrate on acquisition scopes, sunrise businesses and other new businesses. At Walt Disney, strategic planning will go on playing a crucial part in identifying the scope and challenges presented to the company with the growth of the leadership position as the most valuable entertainment company in the universe. ("The Walt Disney Company to reorganize Strategic Planning Division," 2005)

The novel structure will be in a position to generate efficiency with accountability and the business unit leaders will be empowered in their continuous endeavor to build new, differentiated and persuasive entertainment experiences which will finally produce long-term shareholder value. Strategic planning, for more than two decades continued to be an important catalyst to the growth of Disney through the locating of new opportunities and expansion of present businesses. Peter, who has made a huge contribution during his reign at Disney, especially his leadership responsibility of Capital cities / ABC, shaped to metamorphose into a market-leading global media conglomerate. Peter's vast experience and knowledge of the business of Disney, technology as also strategy will go on benefiting the Walt Disney Company in more ways than one. ("The Walt Disney Company to reorganize Strategic Planning Division," 2005)

In United States, the past and the future, especially of the United States, are abiding themes in the Disney parks. These works are very conscious. It was Zehnder in 1975 who quotes from the company's annual report that proposed that Disney World would be similar to Disneyland in its festivity of the nostalgia of the past and the dreams for man's future. Nevertheless as King, Kuenz and others have pointed out; the present is unavailable or ambiguous in the parks. In part, this has contribution of Walt and his successors to blot out the malicious realities of daily life which the people in the parks; in the end those realities are present are the ones which is a cause of worry for the people. When the rides or other added attractions touch on the present, visitors come in touch with its fleeting and are not especially memorable. Nevertheless, which we are going to observe, the stoppage of the present has the impact of rendering visitors feel better regarding the world that they presently live in. (Bryman, 1995)


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