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The diversity strategy must be developed after a careful consideration of the above mentioned factors, and a good strategic plan would identify as well as justify the use of resources within the organization, like for example, money, and include them in the diversity strategy.

One important fact is that if a diversity initiative were to be included in the performance management and in the reward systems for employees, then more individuals would be likely to participate in the implementation of such plans. If the plans were to be include in the company's other stated business goals, then it would be more effective. At times, it is necessary to educate employees and junior managers, so that they would be able to participate more fully in a diverse organization, with all its differences and dissimilarities. Most importantly, the company must make sure that all its employees are very well aware of the fact that its management values diversity and will therefore reward diversity suitably. This will convey the message to the personnel, and they would then be able to better appreciate the various policies within the organization that are meant to manage the differences and similarities that arise in a diverse working environment. (Ten tips for diversity best practices)

All organizations that value diversity and who would want their management and their employees to do so as well, in general tend to value people of all kinds, and they also create and maintain an environment wherein cultural knowledge, fairness, sensitivity, and honesty and truthfulness all prosper and co-exist with each other. These organizations also tended to devote time and financial resources to develop a formal process which would contain laws and rules to ensure the presence of diversity within the organization. In essence, they would recognize the fact that diversity is an ongoing and a measurable strategy that would be easy enough to implement as part of the rules governing the organization. (United Nations Expert Group Meeting on Managing Diversity in Civil Service)

Such organizations would also make sure that their workforce is provided with diversity management training, wherein all the employees would be well aware of the importance of diversity and how to deal with it. They also have a review board that would have a review committee which in turn would be responsible for the formulation of policies and for providing technical assistance wherever necessary and for reviewing and then approving or disapproving plans that are supposed to meet the goals of diversity within the organization. Such programs would also link recruitment, development, and retention plans to effective management of the organization, and employees of the organization would be aware of this fact through training and other procedures. (United Nations Expert Group Meeting on Managing Diversity in Civil Service)

It must be stated that working towards developing a diverse organization is in effect a long-term process which will eventually benefit the organization and all its policies that deal with diversity. A diversity consultant today is an important feature of any organization, and he is an individual who will work with the entire management team to better the workplace of an organization so that all the similarities and the differences within can be managed effectively in to the policies of the organization, so that it would function efficiently with the keen competitive edge that such an attitude would afford it. (Working with a diversity consultant)


To conclude, it is important to state that in today's global working environment diversity is indeed very important, and the better the organization copes with it, the better it will be able to perform.


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