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Diversity Essays (Examples)

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Issues of Color in Academia
Words: 593 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74905064
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What problem or issue is being addressed? 
The problem addressed in Antonio’s “Faculty of Color Reconsidered: Reassessing Contributions to Scholarship” is the paucity of faculty members of color in collegiate settings. The author is examining the phenomenon in which there are few members of historic minority groups for race and ethnicity as faculty members in these environments. He is attempting to assess the effect that this phenomenon has on the quality and type of scholarship occurring in colleges and universities within the U.S. as a result of this shortfall. Implicit within this problem is the effect of a lack of diversity in teaching in university and collegiate environments.
What are the main research questions?
The main research question is “How do faculty of color and white faculty differ with respect to their involvement in and commitment to…scholarship,” (Antonio, 2002, p. 584). However, the author examines this question in the context…

Antonio, A.L. (2002). Faculty of color reconsidered: Reassessing contributions to scholarship. The Journal of Higher Education. 75(5), 582-602.