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Nursing - Discharge planning

Discharge Planning in Nursing

Mr. Trosack's Case

The three main health issues include movement hindrance where by Mr. Trosack will move with the help of a walker. Mr. Trosack diabetic condition is main health issue. Mr. Trosack is depressed and lonely and requires a special care and assistance. Mr. Trosack lives in a crowded apartment located at a second floor in a 3-storey building. The building does not have an elevator and thus Mr. Trosack has to use the stairs to reach to his apartment. The house has furniture and personal valuables and thus making it hard for him to use his walker once inside the room. He takes the garbage by himself since he lives alone because his wife died two years ago. He fears climbing up the stairs because of pain that emanate from the strain. His family works for 60 hours a week hence there is little time in helping him recover.

Another major health issue is the fact that Mr. Trosack is diabetic. Although he is under a dietary counseling, he lives in a story building, and even his family members did not know whether there was a grocery store nearby where he acquired his groceries or a grocery that deliver door to door services. Mr. Trosack barely cooks in his home as he eats in the family bakery. Because of the sickness, he is no longer in a position to visit the family business and thus making him cooks his own food.

Having hypertension is stressful and lonely; Mr. Trosack is lonely and depressed. His wife had passed on two years ago. Although he says that, he could manage himself he despised himself by terming himself a disabled person and one who heavily relied on medication. His son and wife rarely spare time to help him and his brother works in a family bakery. The family also rejects the idea of Mr. Trosack employing a nurse who may help him in taking his medicine and exercising to lose weight. This is a principal setback to improving his health. Although he does not tell his son, he is also not happy because both his son and his wife did not actively participate in their catholic religion.

The members who should see to it that Mr. Trosack recover are his brother Karl who works in the family bakery, his son peter a financial consultant and his wife Rita. Karl should play a main role in helping his brother use his walker. He should provide his assistance and help him especially when he insists on helping in the family business. He needs support when climbing the stair to access the basement of the storey building. His son also can play a main role in his recovery. He should help him in taking his medication as prescribed and taking him to hospital for check up. Peter's wife should also play a principal role in cleaning his father in law house, ensuring that his diet is balanced and in pain management.

Mr. Trosack safety needs consideration before discharge. After the assessment of his apartment and its environs, some safety measures need to be considered. There is an observation that there are no elevators in the storey building and so he has to use the stairs, which could be painful. His bathroom also did not have all the safety features. The groceries had also to be brought up the stairs. Mr. Trosack freezer had expired food since he hardly eats in his house. There were also old prescription drugs, which were to be disposed to avoid confusion.

His family upon his release must address several issues. The family must also be supportive and helpful. They must create sometime from their busy schedule and devote some time to help Mr. Trosack recover. The major issues at hand are the patient lives in a storey building and must use the stairs in order to access his apartment. Climbing of stairs can cause pain especially after the hip replacement. Since Mr. Trosack is diabetic, he needs to follow the diet required to keep the blood sugar in check. Groceries are part of the diet though the family members did not know of any nearby grocery that can deliver door to door. Mr. Trosack has several problems thus; it is a…[continue]

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