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organizations customer markets fundamental business models • In a 3- 5-page paper, apply framework -market analysis (external labor markets, internal labor markets, capital markets, customer markets) conduct a compensation strategy analysis competitive landscape organizations • In addition, organization, highly influential, large population job organization apply question, "What economic difference organization performance job, poor, mediocre outstanding?" Post a multiple market analysis.

Competitive Landscape Analysis on Three Companies

Coca Cola Competitive Landscape Analysis

External Labor markets

Coca Cola is one of the most well-known companies on international level. The company is an established brand with high popularity. Coca Cola has built in time significant emotional attachment to this brand from customers, employees, and business partners. Therefore, it is expected that numerous individuals want to work for the company. Coca Cola has developed a recruitment and selection process oriented towards external sources of recruitment especially regarding entry level and mid level positions. This workforce pool is also targeted by other retail companies and manufacturers that basically look for attracting these people into their own workforce.

Internal Labor Markets

In addition to external sources of recruitment, Coca Cola also focuses on internal sources of recruitment for some of its jobs. This is usually the case of senior and executive level positions. Internal recruitment processes are preferred for such positions because the jobs require that the candidate has strong knowledge on the company's business, and on internal processes and procedures. This knowledge can only be gained by working within the company for certain periods of time in order to understand and successfully address these processes. Therefore, employees within the company that have outstanding results can be promoted to such positions.

Capital Markets

The company has developed a strong international presence, which is of great help in raising the capital required for expanding the company's activity. The evolution of the company's expenditures and incomes depends n its development strategy. During periods of expansion, when the company develops new branches in different countries, and hires employees in these countries, it is obvious that expenditures increase more rapidly in comparison with incomes. After certain periods of time, when sales and incomes increase, Coca Cola's profits also increase.

Customer Markets

In order to develop its activity and to maintain the leadership position on the non-alcoholic beverages market, it is important that Coca Cola focuses on improving customer satisfaction. In addition to this, the company must address new customer segments. The most important customer segment addressed by Coca Cola is represented by teens. This means that the company must create a culture of the product in customers' minds before they reach this age. The company also understands that customers have changing needs. These needs must be identified and understood in order to be successfully addressed. Therefore, Coca Cola invests in market research studies intended to provide such important information.

Influence of Large Population Jobs within the Company

In the case of Coca Cola, a large population job is represented by workers that work on the production line. This is probably the most represented job in Coca Cola's portfolio. This job has great importance on the company's activity because in case the job is not performed in accordance with Coca Cola's high quality standards, the company cannot rely on high quality in order to sell its products. In addition to this, in case there are certain scandals regarding the production process of Coca Cola beverages, its incomes can be significantly affected.

L'Oreal Competitive Landscape Analysis

External Labor Markets

Most companies address external sources of recruitment for entry level and mid level jobs. L'Oreal makes no exception. The company addresses external labor markets in the case of jobs in sales. This is because this is a well represented job in L'Oreal's portfolio, and the company requires the different approach to the sales process that external sources of recruitment can provide. Therefore, L'Oreal is interested in increasing the efficiency of its recruitment and selection process by addressing external labor markets also.

Internal Labor Markets

All companies have certain jobs for which they prefer to recruit internally. This is also the case of L'Oreal. This situation can be attributed to several factors. Trust is an important factor that determines companies like L'Oreal to recruit internally for such positions. In other words, they prefer individuals that they know and trust, instead of hiring individuals that have worked in other companies (Russell, 2012). Another factor is represented by a reward system. L'Oreal develops a motivation strategy that also provides career development opportunities. People with great results and potential can be promoted to more important jobs if the company feels they can meet the quality standards.

Capital Markets

In the case of L'Oreal, the capital markets are of great importance. This is because in order to be competitive in the cosmetics industry, the company requires significant investments in order to reach this potential. The strategy preferred by L'Oreal is to acquire smaller companies with notoriety on the markets that add value to its portfolio. This requires significant capital investments. Therefore, it is important to benefit from significant capital markets that must be reflected in the company's incomes. In other words, the investments required by the development strategy must produce significant incomes also.

Customer Markets

L'Oreal basically addresses the medium, upper medium, and luxury customer segments in the cosmetics industry. The numerous companies in L'Oreal's portfolio allow it to successfully address numerous customer segments. The leadership position held by L'Oreal in these segments was obtained by acquiring the leader companies in these markets. It is difficult to analyze the performance of the company divided per each company. This is because L'Oreal develops an integrated approach in which each company in its portfolio plays an important role in influencing the other companies in the portfolio. However, it can be easy for competitors to predict L'Oreal's strategy.

Influence of Large Population Jobs within the Company

Sales representative are an importantly represented job at L'Oreal. This is a retail company, which means that the sales activity has great influence on the company's incomes. Therefore, the performance of sales representatives can significantly affect the success of the company on the market. If sales representatives have an outstanding performance, it is likely that they can produce important incomes for the company. In addition to this, they can be promoted on higher level jobs where they would have to manage other sales representatives, sharing their experience and success strategies with them.

Nestle Competitive Landscape Analysis

External Labor Markets

Nestle is another important company that has developed a successful international strategy. This means that the company develops new branches in different countries. It is obvious that for most of the jobs in these branches, Nestle must address external workforce markets that are provided by these countries. For top management positions in these branches, the company can use other sources of recruitment. By addressing external labor markets, the company insures that its employees are representative to the customer base in each country. This means that they can provide accurate information and understanding on these customers.

Internal Labor Markets

In the case of executive and management positions, Nestle probably focuses its attention on internal recruitment sources. This situation can be attributed to the benefits that the internal recruitment process provides. These internal sources of recruitment provide job applicants with strong knowledge on the company's activity, working style, and objectives. In addition to this, they can satisfy the trust required by the company from its employees. By ensuring less security breaches, the company can prefer internal sources of recruitment for higher level positions.

Capital Markets

Nestle is a company that requires significant investments in order to develop on international level. However, this strategy also determines increased incomes on medium term and on long-term. Therefore, it is important to determine the capital that the company requires, and…[continue]

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