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Computer Technology Advancement

The pace at which computer technology has been increasing in speed and efficiency is a modern marvel of science. There is no denying that the world has been completely shaken by the rapid spread of information, and the increased access to communication methods. The humble beginnings of computers after World War II was an evolution of needs by the United States government. The Space program contributed greatly to the process of computer modernization, and the continued shrinking of processors has meant the rise of the graphical user interface, the internet, and miniaturization of the overall computer experience. There are disagreements as to whether all of this progress has really created the best results for humanity, and therefore this paper will be a struggle between these two points-of-view. In this paper I will analyze the pros and cons to the rapid advancement of computer technology, and argue why I believe that being in favor of computer technology advancement is far better than being against it.

The greatest evidence for the pro argument to computer advancement is the efficiency gains by businesses around the world, causing a worldwide increase in wealth. The United States has been at the front of this evolution, with a combination of American design and business practices, with labor from China and resources from the wide fabric of American global trade networks. This process has meant that businesses can provide consumers with cheaper goods in higher quantities in the most efficient trade system built yet, all a result of advanced computer technology. It is difficult to argue with the benefits of a strong economy, and computers have contributed substantially to the huge amounts of wealth America has seen in the past twenty five years.

Globalization has meant not only that Western firms are becoming wealthy, but also that previously bare societies now have access to Western goods. From electronics, to toys, to food, to cars, there has been a widespread expanding of presence of goods for sale. The world has become more connected by the stock market and the earnings results of a single Fortune 500 company may affect multiple nations. Offering the possibility of a better future is one of the strengths of the computer age, where financial devices such as credit cards have extended credit to people in ways to allow for the greater flexible use of money, which has evolved into microloans in developing countries which lack a formal banking structure. Now it is possible to go onto the internet, order an item off of, and expect your item to be shipped to your door around the world with a small fee. This is a remarkable change from the pre-internet days, when shipments were particularly dangerous and unsafe investments.

Another incredible achievement made possible by modern computers is that of instant communication between governments, media outlets, and individual citizens around the globe. In the past, communication was limited both by distance and by language. If you needed to send a message abroad, it became important to understand international customs and mailing practices, and the quickest communication was by horse. More recent inventions such as the telephone and fax machine have greatly improved people's ability to communicate. Computers, however, have given way to new functions in people's daily lives, with companies like Google, Face book, Skype, Twitter, and LinkedIn all fighting for control of the users time. The average internet user has evolved from the 1990s, and these powerhouse internet titans are now pulling in the greatest traffic from users online.

Politics has been shaken by the proliferation of Face book and twitter usage in the Middle East, as the Arab Spring has brought about change in leadership in three countries so far. In Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya, computer technology was critical to the success of the anti-dictator rebel groups, who organized through social media. It has been because of the anonymous nature of the internet that subcultures have been allowed to thrive in the most repressive regimes. Other repressive governments, such as that of China, have been even more proactive in its observation of all comments made on the internet from within its country. As computer technology keeps linking together the various peoples of the world, a greater level of understanding will inevitably be built, and cultural values and practices will morph to be worldwide in nature, starting with the choosing of leaders by election…[continue]

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