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Pro And Con Essays (Examples)

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Pros & Cons of Inclusive
Words: 2294 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 45770684
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Furthermore, he argues
that trying to force all students into the inclusion mold is just as
coercive and discriminatory as trying to force all students into the mold
of a special education class or residential institution. Others argue
against the constant interruptions to the classroom by assistants of
disabled children, who must be there to assist the child in using the
bathroom, and other basic functions. These opponents argue research
studies regarding methods of instruction of the disabled student in the
classroom to support their side. For example, research by Sindelar et
al. (1990), indicates that extended seatwork activities do not work in
comparison to allowing time to socially interact with other students.
Many disabled students are not able to perform seatwork activities for an
extended period of time. This research supports theories that encourage
higher levels of student participation as well as bringing lessons to a
close by providing…

Affleck, Madge, Adams, and Lowenbraun. (1988). Integrated Classroom versus
Model: Academic Viability and Effectiveness. Exceptional Children: 339-
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Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 4, 359-373.
Carlberg, C., and Kavale, K. (1980). The Efficacy of Special Versus Regular

Pros and Cons of Abortion
Words: 1489 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 344545
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Cons of Abortion

After three decades of legalized abortion in the United States, it is still a controversial topic (Earll, 2003). Many abortion supporters do not understand why the nation is still divided on the topic after all this time. According to Sammon (2002): "Abortion is one of those issues that will be argued forever with never an answer agreed upon by competing factions. It's a debate that manages to combine medicine, technology, morals, politics and religion all in one bitter brew." This paper aims to determine what drives this ongoing opposition to abortion.

Abortion Issues

A 2002 Gallup poll found that a majority of Americans consider abortion to be morally wrong (Earll, 2003). According to a Los Angeles Times survey, fifty-seven percent of Americans "consider abortion to be murder." Many Americans who are opposed to abortion base their view on a moral code derived from Judeo-Christian teachings, particularly the…


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Pro-Or Con There Is a
Words: 2479 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17336002
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Nurses perform their job in almost all portions of the country, irrespective of the locality of cities, small towns or remote rural districts. Nurses are also required in many of the foreign countries for assisting the rehabilitation programs.

My Position take the Pro-position of nursing. The proposals of nursing deserve deep observation. Nursing is considered to be a varied and flexible area of study. Traditionally the age old image of nursing has been infused into our minds for a very long period of time but actually such ideology is rapidly seen vanishing over a period of time. The goal of the nurses is not confined only to assist the doctors in their practice. Contrary to this the nurses are not at all dependent on doctors and nursing is taken to be an isolated and all-inclusive field of activity in itself. Nursing is considered to be an essential portion of health…


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Pros and Cons for Bush's Reelection for President
Words: 1072 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 40850568
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Reelecting President George W. ush

George W. ush became president under some of the most unusual circumstances in U.S. history, with the legitimacy of his claim to victory a matter of heated public debate (Mansfield, 2003). Despite the highly contested election that brought him to power, ush came into office motivated and ready to act, surprising many of his critics with a successful early push for tax reduction and other domestic initiatives. However, the shattering events of September 11, 2001 forced the ush administration to change the focus of its agenda. Since that day, the power of the presidency -- as well as its limitations -- have been criticized and praised by the public and the media.

George W. ush is the 43rd President of the United States (Mansfield, 2003). He was elected in 2001 after a campaign in which he outlined sweeping proposals to reform America's public schools, transform…


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Pros and Cons of Euthanasia
Words: 918 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 56216886
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Euthanasia, Should Terminally Ill Patients Be Allowed to End Their Lives Via Assisted Suicide


Euthanasia, notably called assisted killing or mercy killing, is perhaps one of the medical prescriptions that have always raised varied and multifaceted arguments, most of which have never reached any solid conclusion. Clinicians are prone to take every necessary step necessary to keep the health of a patient at stable conditions. Nonetheless, there come a time when the patient knows, together with the clinician, that there is a lesser chance of survival. In such situations, health professionals are stuck between assisting the patient to die, notably by using an external means, or letting him or her to fight for life until death, something that might be painful, both to the clinicians, the patients, and even the loved ones. Assisting a patient to die, with…


Weber, W. (2000). Dutch Proposal for Children's Right To Euthanasia Withdrawn. Lancet, 356(9226), 322.

Pros and Cons of Same Sex Marriage
Words: 2861 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57572708
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Same Sex Marriage

The legalization of same-sex marriage may be one of the most controversial social issues in the modern American political climate, and, in fact, throughout the Western world. While it may seem as if this highly polarizing issue has come out of nowhere, cultural norms about homosexuality and the acceptability of same-sex romantic relationships have always existed. Some societies have been accepting of same-sex relationships, others have violently condemned them, but there have always been cultural norms about sexually appropriate behavior. What is new is the legal battle over these cultural norms. The civil rights advances in the 1960s and 1970s, which successfully challenged the cultural norms that allowed for discrimination against some minority groups, led to changes in the legal environment, making legalization of same-sex marriage a possibility when it was outside of consideration years before. Also new is the fact that the development of privacy laws…


Callahan, J. (2009). Same sex-marriage: Why it matters- at least for now. Hypatia, 24(1), 70-


Denike, M. (2007). Religion, rights, and relationships: The dream of relational equality.

Hypatia, 22(1), 71-91.

Pros and Cons of Hormone Therapy
Words: 1095 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48700854
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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Menopause and Its Consequences

Menopause is that inevitable and irreversible time when a woman's reproductive cycle and menstruation periods gradually end, as her ovaries cease to respond to male gonadotropins and her capacity to become pregnant stops (Mayeux, Jr. 1997). This spontaneously occurs between 45 and 55 in American women, with 51 as the median age.

A woman's ovaries at the menopause are nearly empty of primary follicles - which, in child-bearing age, are abundant, mature and can be fertilized by the male sperm cell, resulting in conception and pregnancy. At menopause, the ovaries' production of the hormone called estrogen becomes very minimal, and this altered condition of a lack of estrogen produces many unpleasant symptoms in approximately 70% of all postmenopausal women (Mayeux, Jr.). These symptoms include hot flushes and extreme warmth, profuse sweating, tremor, irritability, and depression. Physically, the female reproductive organs shrink and lose…

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Foreign Nurses- Pros and Cons
Words: 1846 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 6476045
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Business Pros and Cons of Partnership as
Words: 961 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57033077
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Pros and Cons of Partnership as a form of business

Partnership is a form of business where one or more individuals come together for the realization of a common economic goal. As with other forms of businesses, there are numerous pros and cons that come with it. One of the primary advantages is the pooling of resources that can be used for the achievement of the common goal. These common resources can include capital as well as skills needed for the successful execution of the business objectives. Another advantage is the lower rate of taxation. The profits from the business is treated as personal tax and so, the slabs are much lower. Lastly, it offers a high degree of flexibility and is simpler than many other forms of businesses such as corporations.

Partnership comes with its disadvantages as well. Firstly, partners have a joint and several liability which means…


Hanson, Mary. (1998). The Business Adviser Partnership: The Pros and Cons. Retrieved from: 

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Ethical Pros and Cons of Criminal DNA Data Banks
Words: 1532 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84593917
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Ethical Pros & Cons of Criminal DNA data banks

DNA banking of criminal information is a source of controversy among many human rights activists. According to statistics, Criminal DNA databanks offer an effective means of controlling crime. Genetic information on criminals is being collected and stored in many states as a means of identifying current and future criminals. Statistics support the notion that collecting DNA information on criminals helps reduce crime. Case in point, the Division of Forensic Science has managed an average of 37 "hits" per month, where hits refer to a situation where DNA analysis of a crime scene has resulted in suspect matches from previously convicted offenders and subsequent arrest (DCJS, 2004). In Virginia the DNA databank database contains more than 200,000 of criminals (DCJS, 2004).

Proponents of DNA banks argue that DNA identifying information should be collected on larger segments of the population to better control…


DCJS - Department of Criminal Justice Services - DNA Databank Statistics (2004)

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Total Sensory Experience -Pros and Cons Environment
Words: 1121 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5162606
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Total Sensory Experience -Pros and Cons




F. Conclusion

In this essay, the author will compare and contrast the similarities and differences of watching a movie in a movie theater vs. watching a movie on a television set in the home. We will address the following "movie experience" topics in the essay, including the total sensory experience, environment, cost, and convenience.

Total Sensory Experience-Pros and Cons

The reason to go to the theater to see a movie is an obvious one and this deals with projection. On a small screen of a TV, a great amount of detail can not be seen. In the author's living room, the sofa distance is 10 feet (probably an average distance), and the eye just resolve it. At the movies, these are not an issue. Also, there is stereo sound. However, watching a film on TV can be better than watching it…

Motivational Reward System Pro's Con's the Learning
Words: 2551 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84897524
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On the one hand, it can increase the uncertainty he accumulated during the time in which he was subject to abusive treatment. On the other hand, he can limit the level of trust he offers to any superior with authority. Therefore, the punishment-based system of motivation can cause serious long-term effects.

Another reason for which punishment-based motivation systems is not useful for the construction of a stable and reliable motivation is the fact that it is not built or it does not appeal to a system of values based on mutual respect. More precisely, the element of fear present in the relationship between the professor and the student is not able to have a consistent contribution to the establishment of a respectful relationship and once the fear is gone, an offensive attitude replaces any submissive behavior from the part of the student. Moreover, he comes to reject any future authority.…


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Stuttering the Pros and Cons of Personality
Words: 1549 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17831245
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The Pros and Cons of Personality Tests, and Whether they can Detect a Stuttering Character

The issue of whether to implement personality tests is a contentious topic with fervent advocates on both sides. On the one hand, personality tests do provide some basic outline of a person's character and personality; on the other hand, it is difficult to determine exactly how accurate the test is or whether it is even applicable in the practice of a person's life. At the present moment, there continues to exist significant backlash against personality tests, although this tendency is perhaps unfair given the possible virtues of implementing such procedures. It is most likely that personality tests are appropriate in certain contexts; however, even in these situations it is important to avoid placing excessive emphasis of the findings gleaned from a personality test. Another significant question raised by the extant literature on personality tests…


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Nursing There Are Several Pros and Cons
Words: 1168 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23400210
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There are several pros and cons to requiring a nurse to have a BSN to enter nursing practice. The most obvious advantage is that it would standardize practice and ensure excellence. Today, healthcare has been under the spotlight for potential pitfalls and difficulties in areas of care and excellence. If nurses have the same or similar qualifications before entering practice, there is less potential for error (Santina, 2012).

Furthermore, the course requires three years of not only theory, but also of hands-on practice, both in the classroom and in real-time environments such as clinics and hospitals. There are few teaching methods that offer as much in terms of personal and educational development as practical experience. This is particularly true of nursing and other healthcare practice arenas. Hence, more years of hands-on experience is a major advantage of requiring this kind of qualification before allowing nurses to enter practice (Santina,…


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Recreation Pros and Cons of
Words: 1474 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 82036824
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To these kids playing video games is an extracurricular activity and they don't see any reason to do anything else.

The major problem with this is that the incidence of childhood obesity in the U.S. is three times higher than it was 40 years ago. esearch shows that the increased use of technology by children during leisure time has transformed play from what used to be more physically active to sedentary. Children are often engaged in an environment that exposes them to food advertisement that encourages even more caloric consumption. Despite the linkage between technology and sedentary behavior, no consistent policy exists at the federal level that articulates government's role to address this issue (Campbell, Gilmore, McGinty, Pickering and amos, 2009).

A new study shows that every hour that a child plays video games or watches television may double their risk of obesity. This is not the first study to…


Campbell, Casie, Gilmore, William, McGinty, James, Pickering, Jennifer and Ramos, Joseph.

(2009). Minimizing Technologies' Contribution to Childhood Obesity. Retrieved March 2,

2010, from Web site:

Do violent video games contribute to youth violence? (2010). Retrieved March 2, 2010, from Pro

Abortion Pros and Cons Essay
Words: 3208 Length: Pages Document Type: Paper #: Array
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Abortion refers to the termination of the pregnancy and most members of society tend to feel strongly and often myopically about their opinions of abortion. This paper will examine the complex and multi-faceted history that the United States has had with abortion as well as the pros and cons of this procedure. This essay will take a long look at the reasons that motivate those who support abortion and those who do not. It is hoped that this deep analysis will not only strengthen one’s ability to think critically, but allow compassion and common understanding to thrive in society.


Abortion Titles

Abortion: Nuances of the Issue
Abortion: Reasons for Support and Opposition
Abortion: Reasons for Approval and for Protest
Abortion: Exploring the Positive and Negative Complexities
Abortion in America: Examining both Sides of the Coin

Abortion Topics

Acceptable Circumstances: When is an abortion a non-controversial decision?
The impact…

Environment Pros and Cons of
Words: 2684 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 14828616
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These technologies are can be separated into three main categories (Alternative Energy):

Wave Energy Converters: These systems extract the power of ocean waves and convert it into electricity. Typically, these systems use either a water column or some type of surface or just-below-surface buoy to capture the wave power. In addition to oceans, some lakes may offer sufficient wave activity to support wave energy converter technology. (Alternative Energy).

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC): OTEC generates electricity through the temperature differential in warmer surface water and colder deep water. Of ocean technologies, OTEC has the most limited applicability in the United States because it requires a 40-degree temperature differential that is typically available in locations like Hawaii and other more tropical climates (Alternative Energy).

Offshore Wind: Offshore wind projects take advantage of the vast wind resources available across oceans and large water bodies. Out at sea, winds blow freely, unobstructed by…


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Personal Safety Pros and Cons
Words: 635 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42817002
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Motorcycle riders believe they should be responsible for their own safety and well-being, and should not be forced to wear a helmet if they do not want to. This argument seems self-centered and unrealistic. Helmets save lives, it is proven, and anyone who does not want to save their own life seems to be living in a dream world where accidents do not occur. However, they do, and people die as a result of making poor choices. On bicycles, children have even more chances of injury, because children tend to take more chances, not understanding the risks, and they are still growing, so they can be even more severely injured in accidents, especially with head injuries. Helmets should be required for all children riding bicycles, because children have not developed the facilities to understand all the dangers that face them.

Helmets do restrict side and rear vision, and many people…

Euthanasia Pros and Cons Euthanasia
Words: 2504 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84172354
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As palliative care specialist Dr. Gilbert puts it, "Despite this close involvement with the very patients for whom euthanasia is advocated we do not encounter any persistent rational demand" [Southern Cross ioethics Institute]. The very point of 'Advanced Directives' is in itself confounding issue as frequently it is the patient's imaginary fears about loss of body functions and pain that drives them to such conclusions.

So it is cleanly obvious that in palliative care settings it is not uncommon for patients to succumb to momentary pain and wish for euthanasia but very rarely such requests are persistent. Instead of legalizing euthanasia, efforts must therefore be concentrated on improving the palliative care. This could take the form of improving pain control measures and providing loving and caring service to patients.

Legalizing Euthanasia (Implications)

Very few nations in the world have legalized euthanasia. Holland was the first country to do so and…


Eric Gargett, "Changing the Law in South Australia," World Right-to-Die

Newsletter, May 2001, p. 3. (a World Federation of Right to Die Societies


Richard a. Epstein, "Voluntary Euthanasia," Accessed on November 29th 2004, - gi/Volume1/number1/voluntary_euthanasia.htm

Intervention the Pros and Cons
Words: 824 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Application Essay Paper #: 73646146
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This leads directly to the issue of efficiency, which can be seen quite clearly from the above description to be harmed by government intervention in the short-term; by not allowing the market to find appropriate price point in the rapid manner of supply and demand curves, efficiency is eroded. This is where things get complicated, however, and where a true definition of terms must occur. The concept of efficiency itself is fairly straightforward, but in this context long-term and short-term efficiency must be distinguished. Though short-term efficiency is diminished by government intervention, this is not necessarily the case when major detrimental fluctuations over the long-term are controlled.

It is in the area of market stability that the theoretical quandary of the efficiency issue can be solved. Government regulation quite directly and purposefully, in almost all circumstances, increases market stabilization by controlling prices, providing subsidies, and in some instances controlling the…

Mcdonald's Outsourcing Pros and Cons
Words: 743 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 73943741
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The downside for UPS in outsourcing is that the outsourced customer service may be less familiar with the culture of the typical consumer, may be removed from the processes taking place, and also because the packaging and delivery industry is a service-driven business. Many companies and even the U.S. Postal Service can ship goods, but quality and reliability of service separates competitors. A customer may wish to select the company to use because of a good 'feeling' that the company gives personalized service, and wants to know that the company's customer service goes the extra mile to show an interest in their business as a customer.

As a product-driven business, Nike does not have the same problems as UPS. It also can benefit from being able to produce shoes in greater volume and at cheaper economies of scale, by using cheaper outsourced labor in its factories abroad. Also, the inability…

Works Cited

Bury, S., (2005). Outsourcing separates winners and losers. Manufacturing Business

Technology. Retrieved August 28, 2006 at


International Trade Pros and Cons in Our
Words: 509 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49077007
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International Trade: Pros and Cons

In our globally interconnected world in which it seems that every possible pairing of trading partners is occurring at all times, the idea that international trade is anything but the best system for supporting the global economy can seem quaint if not absolutely absurd. But simply because the world now exists as an increasingly integrated market in which fewer and fewer tariffs or sanctions have significant power does not mean that it is not significant to examine on a continuous basis the advantages and disadvantages of international trade.

Of course, there is no single assessment as to whether international trade is advantageous or disadvantageous because international trade affects different nations (and even different regions within the same nations) differentially. For the purposes of this paper, I shall focus on the effects of international trade on the United States as representative of the ways in which…


Hubbard, R. & O'Brien, A. (2010). Applying International Trade Concepts simulation Economics (3rd ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson Hall.

Sarbanes-Oxley Legislation Pros and Cons Positive Effects
Words: 957 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16665245
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Sarbanes-Oxley Legislation: Pros and Cons

Positive effects

According to some analysts, despite its costs, Sarbanes-Oxley legislation had some potential benefits for organizations: the additional documentation has amounted to a kind of enforced 'best practices' analysis. It "allows for complete documentation of processes identifying any gaps in a desired 'Best Practices' state" and offers an "opportunity to rethink old processes -- you may be using 10-year-old processes that don't offer your department maximum effectiveness in today's tax environment. Consider what can be done a better way? What have you been hoping to change, but haven't yet found the opportunity or reason to act?" (Guelker 2004). The 21st century frenzy of mergers and acquisitions which can make such best practices opaque to management in a highly bureaucratic organization make this even more pertinent -- leaders must have a clear idea of how organizations are managed to both prevent fraud allegations under SOX…


Beasley, M. & Hermanson, D. (2004).Going beyond Sarbanes-Oxley compliance: Five keys to creating value. CPA Journal. Retrieved from: 

Coenen, T. (2010). Fraud files: How well does Sarbanes-Oxley reduce fraud risk? Daily

Finance. Retrieved from:

Cloud Computing Security Pros & Cons
Words: 1606 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 56152092
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Cloud Computing Security Pros & Cons

Over the last ten years, cloud computing has rapidly grown and it is expected to grow even further as more businesses move online. When cloud computing was first conceived, many skeptics dismissed it as being just another tech fad that will quickly disappear. However, over the last three years cloud computing has truly changed the way we think about IT nowadays. The Cloud has significantly reduced the cost of doing business and has allowed businesses to focus on their core activities and not IT related issues (Krutz & Vines, 2010; Ali, Khan &Vasilakos, 2015). These reasons and many other which we will highlight in this essay show that Cloud computing is here to stay. However, like any other technology, cloud computing has also been associated with a few challenges and inefficiencies. This paper will look at the pros and cons of cloud computing. In…


Ali, M., Khan, S. U., &Vasilakos, A. V. (2015). Security in cloud computing: Opportunities and challenges. Information Sciences, 305, 357-383.

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Computing and its Challenges and Benefits in the Bank System. Database Systems Journal, 6(1), 44-58.

Diversity Pros and Cons Diversity
Words: 992 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27226731
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And more women and people with disabilities will be on the job." (Cited on "Building and Maintaining a Diverse and High Quality orkforce," 2000, Diversity Guide Homepage)


The difficulties of creating a diverse workforce in proportion to the larger population should not be underestimated, however necessary a more representational workforce may be. First there is the question of what 'America' is the workplace mirroring -- that of the regional population, if it is a small company, or that of the international community that a multibillion dollar enterprise strives to serve? Proportional representation must be judged in relation to the type of company, its outreach, and the pool of available competent workers.

Secondly, a highly diverse environment may undercut the benefits of a cohesive organizational culture, if steps are not taken to continue to create a sense of common purpose. Thirdly, too strictly relying upon proportionality can result in hiring…

Works Cited

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Outsourcing Business Communication Outsourcing Pros and Cons
Words: 726 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42559347
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Business communication

Outsourcing: Pros and cons

The Apple Corporation has long proved to be one of the more resistant of the tech giants to outsourcing its critical functions. An important selling point of the Apple brand has been its superior customer service and hands-on personal attention. This has caused Apple to eschew call centers. Its &D is closely guarded under famously top-level security. Apple is able to charge a premium price for its products because of the high quality of its tech support, in contrast to its rivals. In 2006, Apple Computer Inc. decided not to build a technical support center in Bangalore, despite anticipated cost savings. "There was talk of the company hiring 3,000 workers by 2007 to handle support for Macintosh computers and other Apple gear... Apple never intended to outsource high-end software development to its Bangalore shop: Unlike most tech companies, Apple does almost all of…


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The Pros and Cons of the Euro
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Boom in Busts: Good or Bad?

There are several pros and cons in the bankruptcy legislation issues. In the current European systems, entrepreneurs forced to file for bankruptcy protection carry business failures and associated debts for years, may be liable to criminal charges and may even be driven to suicide by crushing failure and ongoing debt (Peng, 2014, p. 145). Those consequences and the "fear of failure" rampant in Europe causes some entrepreneurs to abandon their ideas without ever trying to develop them. The "advantage" of the current system, however, favors the creditors because creditors are still supposed to get paid; the money owed to them does have to be simply written off as losses (Peng, 2014, p. 145). The American system, which gives bankrupt entrepreneurs two options -- either complete liquidation and walking away from debt or restructuring to renegotiate with/pay creditors according to court-approved schedules -- also has…

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The Pros and Cons of Caps in Punitive Damage Suits
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Legal esearch and Application

Should there be caps on legal awards against organizations or practitioners? What are the pros and cons of limiting civil monetary awards?

There are a number of tort reforms that are being promoted among the fifty states regarding caps on punitive damages. The purpose of these caps is to ensure that "defendants will be held liable for no more than their fair share of responsibility for a plaintiff's injuries" and putting the rest of damages sought by plaintiffs on the "collateral sources such as health insurance" (Cohen, 2006, p. 1). Such reform would reduce the treatment provider's risk of being completely ruined by a plaintiff's lawsuit and provide that some of the risk of malpractice be assumed by other agencies connected to health care provision. This would be a pro-for defendants (health care providers) but a con for patient plaintiffs who would be required to seek…


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Herbal Regulations Pros and Cons
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For example Ayurvedic medicine is very famous in India and people have been regularly using them for centuries for ailments ranging from tooth ache to fertility. The same is true in China and some other countries. However in the U.S., strict regulations hamper research which means that while there are herbal alternatives available, they cannot make any specific claim and they do not have the very coveted FDA approval.

The dangers of herbal medicine are limited. It is good to know that most herbal medicines are safe. The worst they can do is not work at all and hence the condition stays the same. They cannot worsen a person's condition but and this is a very important but, herbal medicines need to be of extremely good quality in order to be completely safe. In other words, the main issue with herbal drugs is poor quality. While herbs cannot harm a…


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The Pros and Cons of Physician Assisted Suicide
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Physician Assisted Suicide in Patients With Unbearable Suffering or the Terminally Ill

One of the most hotly debated issues today is physician-assisted suicide. ecently, California became the fifth state to legalize physician-assisted suicide, and there is an increasing likelihood that other states will follow suit in the foreseeable future. The purpose of this study is to determine if the factors chosen have any bearing on those who choose to end their life with physician assisted suicide. In support of this purpose, the objectives of this study were as follows: (a) to research scholarly articles regarding physician-assisted suicide and gather pertinent information into a comprehensive profile; (b) to research whether unbearable suffering is the dominant motive to request physician-assisted suicide; (c) to research whether the race and level of education of the patient are contributing factors when physician-assisted suicide is requested; and, (d) to research whether the type of terminal illness…


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pros and cons of a communication'strategy nursing
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.....communication strategies used in my current setting are based on years of institutional protocol and practice. Although the organizational codes of ethics have been updated recently to address issues like harassment, the communications protocols have changed little, leading to some problems like those identified by both Halm (2013) and Dufault, Duquette, Ehman et all (2010). Dufault, Duquette, Ehman et al. (2010) point out the need for a "standardized, evidence-based, patient-centered approach," particularly when it comes to shift-change handoffs (p. 59). While our organization does have handoff protocols, those protocols are based not on empirical research or on a patient-centric approach but on ingrained habits supported by senior staff members. Communication strategies remain relatively consistent, and are not unevenly applied to different team members. Halm (2013) notes the importance of standardization in patient handoffs. While we do have some standardization methods, they are not effectively implemented due to the lack of…

Pros and Cons of Capital Punishment
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Capital punishment [...] both sides of the controversy and provide some conclusions as to what should be done regarding capital punishment in America today. Capital punishment is a controversial issue in the United States, with both sides making emotional and viable arguments for and against the use of capital punishment in crime. There are other alternatives to capital punishment, but in the end, are they as effective as the death penalty? This is one of the issues facing this important topic today.

The Cons of Capital Punishment

Those who oppose capital punishment do so for a variety of reasons, from religious to moral, from human rights to an aversion to murder of any kind. Whatever their reasoning, opponents of capital punishment actually form a minority in the United States. Studies continually show that most Americans approve of capital punishment, especially for violent crimes such as murder. However, the United States…


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Pros and Cons of Sustainability Management
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Sustainment Management and Readiness Team (SMART)


To begin the first benefit of the support system is its structure. Structure is particularly important within a military context. Structure provides a standardized process by which all personnel can properly understand and abide by. Structure also provides consistency in regards to issues throughout the support system. Having a consistent means of remediation allows for an efficient response that reduces the need for explanation. Within the military, this is critical because the need for explanation can potentially reduce the need for higher ranking officials to spend their time on aspects that are not warranted. In addition, each unit member knows each point of contact within the value chain. Having a structured process that allows all members within the system to clearly delineate the overall process has another benefit as well. The process allows for fault information to be easily captured in the event…

Pros and Cons of Trying Minors as Adults
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Violent Minors

Traditionally the rule is that anyone was under the age of 18 years old who commits a crime will be tried in the juvenile court system; however, under certain circumstances juveniles can be tried in criminal courts as adults. The designation of the age of the defendant defined as a juvenile or minor who could be tried as an adult is determined by state law, and this age varies from state to state. A study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) described data from over 40 of the major urban counties in the United States. The study found that prosecuting juveniles in criminal court (as adults) was generally performed only when serious crimes were committed such as murder, robbery, or aggravated assault (BJS, 2014). An interesting associated finding of the study, which was originally conducted in 1998, was that in the 40 counties studied juveniles were more…


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Pro-Home Waterbirth Report
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Home/ater Birth

An Analysis of the Benefits of Home/ater Birth

Like all decisions to be made regarding the birth of a child, there are pros and cons that go along with them. This paper will look at the pros and cons of home/water birth, from a legal, moral, social and ethical perspective, and show why home/water birth with a midwife is a positive, low risk alternative.

There are many points to consider when contemplating home/water birth. The first is that water birth takes place in a spot where many women find the most relaxation, a tub of warm water. "Some moms go through the labor in the water, but get out when it's time for the delivery," according to Pregnancy RX. Other moms deliver right in the water. Either option is available for women choosing water birth. Some other pros worth mentioning are:

First, the baby before it is delivered…

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globalization and neoliberalism pros and cons
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In Social Problems, Coleman & Kerbo (2009) discuss ways globalization and neoliberalism have impacted global inequalities and disparities. Global inequalities are not caused by singular policies but are tremendously complex, requiring nuanced perspectives and points of view. Economists, sociologists, and scholars frequently debate whether neoliberalism and global capitalism are causing or exacerbating global inequalities, or whether the ideologies and practices of the free market may be used to promote global equality instead. Martin Hart-Landsberg (2006) and Norberg (2004) weigh in on the debate. In “Neoliberalism: Myths and Reality,” Hart-Landsberg (2006) claims that globalization and the neoliberal policies that support unbridled capitalism worldwide are harmful to the working classes—the majority of people worldwide. Essentially, Hart-Landsberg (2006) claims neoliberalism and globalization increase global inequalities. Norberg (2004), on the other hand, claims that globalization is leading to less inequality. In “Three Cheers for Global Capitalism,” Norberg (2004) claims free enterprise and deregulation lead…

Pro Con Neutral Characteristics for Ethical or
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Con: This approach can be excessively rigid and fail to take into consideration social nuances

Neutral: Kant, the developer of the categorical imperative and the founding father of this ideology, saw his view as a kind of middle path -- he did not believe that all actions set moral laws for all time, but that some types of moral principles should remain inviolate.

Virtue ethics or human nature moral theory

Pro: This stresses the need to be a good person, to make good moral decisions. It focuses on the good that 'doing good' can provide both for the actor and the subject of moral decision-making.

Con: Good people, even when they believe they are doing the right thing, can engage in actions that have very negative moral consequences.

Neutral: Virtue ethics has come into prominence in recent decades, perhaps because of the increasing focus upon the 'self' in modern culture,…

Pros and Cons of Trusting the Government
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Do we dare not to trust the government?

There are very good reasons not to trust the government. A great deal of evidence points to the idea that the current administration is essentially owned by big business, and that it is willing to sell out the interests of individuals for the sake of corporations. Just a brief look at recent stories show why one should not trust the government: the increase in gas prices and energy company profits while those companies shell out to the administration, the brutal death of Terri Schiavo under the orders of a judge, the September 11th terrorist attacks which may have been orchestrated for the colonial good of the American empire, the nation's willingness to abandon social security, and the lack of support for victims of rural crime. Of course, there are some reasons why one should trust the government: Welfare programs are available…

Pros and Cons of More Immigration
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Balance of Fragile things is an engrossing novel that raises a lot of points and questions. As such, there are a lot of directions that the author of this report could take for this report but the author has selected one in particular. American immigration is a hot-button topic that gets up the dander of a lot of people. However, one reason the topic is so contentious and roiling is the historical, nationalistic, racial (not racist) or even bigoted viewpoints and avenues that many people take. However, the aforementioned historical fixation is a lot of the problem and that needs to be disregarded in favor of the future. While there is a ton of proverbial water under the bridge vis-a-vis immigration, focusing on the future and a continued expansion of who can realize the American dream will be the most beneficial to any and all people involved including both immigrants…

Pros & Cons of Global Communications
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Global Communications

The world of global communication is storied, vast and wide. It can also be very treacherous and unpredictable for people that are not in the know about what is involved, why things have to be done a certain way and so forth. This report will be a brief literature review of three articles that all pertain to global communications. The articles will relate to web-enabling for competitive advantage, the role of entrepreneurial networks in the exploration and exploitation of certain peoples and a case study about one of IBM's newer corporate volunteer programs. While these articles may seem to be about different things, they are all part of the different pieces and parts to the global communications landscape and all are worth of at least a cursory review. All of these articles pertain to the practice of business using global communications in the right way, the wrong way…


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Pros and Cons of the Affordable Care Act
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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed into law under the Obama Administration and was responsible for reshaping the health care system in many different ways. From overhauling procedures regarding how health care providers deal with patients and practice quality care to providing more people with coverage, the ACA was meant to make fix many of the problems that Americans had with health care. While some have found the ACA to be highly positive, others have found it to be a complete disaster.

Obama noted that the aim of the ACA was to address “long-standing challenges facing the US healthcare system related to access, affordability, and quality of care” (525). Those three points—access, affordability and quality—were the main selling points of the ACA. The legislation was supposed to provide more access to care for people. It was supposed to make care more affordable, and it was supposed to increase the…

Pros and Cons of doing business in India
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Discuss the benefits and challenges of doing business in India. From an ethics and compliance perspective, what industry faces the most ethical challenges? Please support your argument with examplesGlobalization has created a litany of new opportunities for both small and large businesses worldwide. Developing countries such as India and China continue to leverage their large consumer base to help grow and develop their economies. This is being reflecting in the emerging middle class of these economies along with robust GDP growth. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has created complications related to these economies as it relates to their overall growth. India for example has experience a recent surge in infection rates that has left the economy and its citizenry in shambles. It has also impacted the rest of the world as many countries are now restricting travel to and from the country of India. The massive death tools, political instability, and…

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Special Education Inclusion -- Pros
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Meanwhile, paraprofessionals and special education facilitators are available in greater supply and provide considerable relief to the burdens placed upon dedicated fulltime special education professionals (Suter & Giangreco, 2009).

Whereas the traditional model of separate education for special-needs students requires that school systems rely on fulltime special educators and depends, necessarily, on their availability, that is not the case with inclusion programs. The inclusion of special-needs students within the regular curriculum allows special-needs services to be delivered by paraprofessionals instead of relying exclusively on dedicated special needs educators. Typically, special needs education paraprofessionals can deliver services to several special-needs students simultaneously instead of limiting the number of special-needs students to the same number of special needs educators available on a one-on-one basis (Suter & Giangreco, 2009)


It does not appear that any of the objections to the inclusion of special-needs students in the regular educational environment and curriculum stand…


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Cha and Kang the Pros
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57). If power shifts too much toward the U.S., the consequences could be bad, especially if combined with belligerent U.S. rhetoric. His well-argued point is that North Korea's striving for nuclear capability is a response to the perceived imbalance of power which is threatening to North Korea. It is an attempt to develop a deterrent to possible future U.S. aggression, a bargaining tool rather than an offensive strategy. Presumably, then, Kang would agree that if the U.S. lowered its military presence and changed its rhetoric, the fear would gradually dissipate. The North would have no incentive for risk. In addition, the mistrust and animosity between the two countries will not go away until the U.S. recognizes the legitimate national security concerns of North Korea. His argument is stronger than Cha's with respect to nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons are less threatening than thought since the conventional war would still wipe out…

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Canadian Healthcare System Pros and
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To Thomas Sowell, another opponent of the universal health care, suggests that it is necessary to first study the consequences of having a universal health care before diverting into such system. Sowell doesn't believe in a government-run health care. To him, the universal health care doesn't reduce the real cost of health care but instead reduces the amount of money a patient has to pay for at the cost of reducing health care quality.


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Air Traffic Controller Representation Pro-Or
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In this regard, Osorio adds that, "The strike put deregulation on hold, giving the airlines a respite from intense competition and more time to plan for the post-deregulation era" (2000, p. 114). The PATCO strike also severely hampered further governmental employee unionizing activities for decades (Osorio, 2000).


The research showed that in 1981, the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization engaged in an illegal strike for more money, better working conditions and updated equipment that violated Title VII of the Civil Service eform Act of 1978. Notwithstanding the legitimacy of the union's demands, the manner in which they pursued them was violative of the law of the land and the President of the United States took matters into his own hands as chief executive officer and fired the lot of them in response, replacing them with supervisors, military air traffic controllers and newly hired controllers. The PATCO strike also had…


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Non Linear Pro-Is a Company That Sells
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Non Linear Pro-is a company that sells editing equipment. Recently, the company was involved in a transaction that involved the lease of equipment to Quick Text Video on a trial basis. Before the purchase, the sales representative for NonLinear Pro and the company manger for Quick Text Video discussed the pros and cons of the product. The salesman indicated that the system would be up and running within a day in a half of delivery and that it would be twice as fast as the current system in use at Quick Text Video. The system was delivered, including a delivery document for the signature of the recipient. The document included a lease agreement for three months.

Quick Text Video attempted to use the equipment for two weeks. However, it was not performing properly for a number of reasons, the first and most obvious of which was that the promise of…

Business Globalization Pro's and Con's
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And proof of this sad truth stands the increasing trade deficit, meaning that the United States basically imports more than it exports. The imports from Canada and Mexico for instance have grown by 173%, whereas exports grew at a more toned pace. Then, NAFTA also caused 900,000 Americans in high-paid manufacturing positions to lose their jobs. "e're not signing trade agreements to open new markets for our exports. Instead we're continuing to enter into outsourcing agreements with countries that cannot possibly buy our goods" (Dobbs, 2005).

All in all, globalization is an extremely powerful force that can cause both wealth as well as poverty. Otherwise put, it is the force that intermediates the meeting of first and third world countries, with gains and losses for both parties.

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Managerial Finance the Pros and
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It is a New York company that employs less than 200 people, and most of them are blue-collar workers. There are thirty people who do nothing but package cookies, and the company is generally fairly efficient. However, if the company were to send its cookie-making work overseas it could probably make the cookies and have them shipped back for less money than it is costing them to make the cookies locally, especially since many of their suppliers are already located far from their plant, driving up the cost of doing business. However, the company would hurt the community it is currently in by doing this because it would mean the loss of jobs and also the anger at those lost jobs, so the people in that area might not buy the company's cookies anymore. This would ultimately damage both profits and image.


Pagach, D. 2004. Outsourcing at your own…


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Capital Punishment the Pros and
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life imprisonment, we must follow common sense and assume that if one punishment is more fearful than another, it will deter some potential criminals not deterred by the less fearful punishment" (p. 282). In an effort to deconstruct the tenability of van den Haag's assertions, eiman takes the deterrent analogy to an extreme and suggests that the death penalty is insufficient and that death by torture would serve as an even more effective deterrent.

While some observers might suggest that this is precisely what is happening to internees at Guantanamo Bay detention camp, eiman's extreme position concerning capital punishment does serve to highlight the moral and legal ambiguities involved in assessing the value of the death penalty for a modern society. Notwithstanding these moral and legal ambiguities, though, in the case of capital crimes, there is far too much at stake to allow such heinous acts to go unpunished, and…


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Kappa Pro-Plc the Managerial Team
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Pike and Neale (2006, p.454) peg the impact to the return shareholders require on their investments (ke) -- if ke is lower than the expected return on the new investment, the dividend cut has a positive impact on organizational value; if ke is higher than the OI on the new investment project, the impact is that of decreasing the firm's value; finally, if the two ratios are similar, the impact is neutral.

g) Pros and Cons of Mitilin Bros Takeover

Arguments in favor:

Diversification of activities and incomes, which translates into lower levels of risk

Access to a wider customer market

Benefits derived from the extensive expertise of the managerial team at Mitilin Bros

Increases in income and the gaining of a stronger competitive position

From a theoretical standpoint, the acquisition of Mitilin would be beneficial due to its ability to "ensure management accountability, offer easy growth opportunities, create…


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Drug's Legalization Pros Cons Own Position
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Drug Legalization


Most of the arguments for legalization of drugs are based on the pragmatic realities that it is difficult or impossible to legislate morality. Drug use has always been part of society and even though it may not be socially desirable there are many benefits that can be gained through legalization. One primary benefit is definitely financial. In a study by the Cato Institute, the report estimates that drug legalization would reduce government expenditure about $41.3 billion annually; roughly $25.7 billion of this savings would accrue to state and local governments, and roughly $15.6 billion to the federal government; about $8.7 billion of the savings would result from legalization of marijuana, $20 billion from legalization of cocaine and heroin, and $12.6 billion from legalization of all other drugs (Miron & aldock, 2010).

There are many other benefits beyond money as well. The United States has an expensive and…

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Analyzing Hedispros and Cons
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HEDIS (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set)

HEDIS -- Pros and Cons

When it comes to measuring the performance of American health plans, this is where HEDIS (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set) comes into use. It is widely used throughout America to assess the quality of health services and has 81 measures across 5 care domains. According to NCQA, HEDIS presents a reasonable comparing measure since it is used by so many plans to collect data and also because it is a very accurate measure.

Pros of HEDIS Measures:

HEDIS data is used by several health care plans to the employers as well as for self-assessment and improvement. It is also used by employers, consultants and consumers to help in finding the best health plans suitable for their requirements. Results produced by the HEDIS measures are double checked by the auditors who carefully examine the reports to ensure accuracy.…


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Communication Legalization of Marijuana Pro-Side There Are
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Legalization of Marijuana

Pro-Side: There are many good reasons for the legalization of marijuana. While there are few jurisdictions from which to pull evidence on the positive benefits of legalization, we do have extensive experience with the negative impacts of marijuana prohibition. Marijuana prohibition has resulted in high arrest rates, in particular for minorities, which has created social chaos in those communities as young men are incarcerated long-term for what is a victimless crime. Marijuana prohibition also denies governments a potentially important source of tax revenue, as there is a fairly high consumption rate of the plant already. Marijuana prohibition costs law enforcement millions, has created a massive and bloody gang war in Mexico, and has done nothing to stem the use of the plant. These financial and law enforcement resources would be put to better use elsewhere. It is the interests of law enforcement, many politicians and the…

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Legalizing Gay Marriage -- Pro
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Even a Democrat, President Clinton signed the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage to be a "legal union between one man and one woman." (Nwazota, 2003)

Currently many conservative political leaders from the Republican Party have aligned themselves President Bush's position on a formal amendment defining marriage in solely heterosexual terms. Several religious institutions, most recently the Catholic Church, have formally renounced the idea of same-sex marriage, referring to religious texts that define marriage as solely the union of a man and woman. But advocates of gay marriage counter that religious doctrine should not influence the creation of law, pointing to the Constitution's ban on an established religion, often referred to as separation of church and state. (Nwazota, 2005) to many Americans, marriage remains a cultural and religious institution and not just a legal debate, but their moral centers affect the way they see the law and the…

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obamacare pros and cons and mandated insurance
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In an ideal world, every single person would be able to afford the medical care and attention they need throughout their lifespan. The Affordable Care Act, colloquially called Obamacare, set as its goal eventual universal healthcare coverage. Unfortunately, Obamacare has not promoted the ultimate goal of providing affordable healthcare for all Americans. Mandating healthcare insurance does help reduce disparities in access to affordable and necessary interventions, tests, and treatments. As idealistic as Obamacare is, the policy has not reduced the costs of healthcare but it does represent a step in the right direction towards distinguishing between the profit motive in healthcare insurance and the ethical obligation to create a more caring and egalitarian society.
The Affordable Care Act used mandated insurance coverage as its main policy initiative for several reasons, both fiscal and humanitarian. As Gruber (2012) points out, about 12 million employed Americans were not receiving coverage from their…

Technology in Society Pros and Cons
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Technology on ociety

The use of modern communications technology is widely considered to be positive, reducing barriers to communication and facilitating new powerful forms. t. Amant (2002) argues the counterpoint, that computer-mediated communication "amplifies cultural rhetorical differences, and there should be greater examination of potential conflict. Ma (1996) notes that computer-mediated communication between Asian and North American college students offers tremendous promise, with respect to breaking down barriers that exist in face-of-face communication. He notes that the increase in communication between these groups allows them to learn about each other's communication styles, and adapt their listening, reading and writing habits to suit their audience, thereby fostering a higher degree of communication between the two groups.

Adair and Barker (2013) argue that the use of smartphones and other similar technologies among young children is detrimental in a number of ways. In particular, they argue that family relationships suffer in an age…

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