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Setting Policies and Procedures

In every organization the Human Resource Manager plays a very critical the Human Resource Manager there are several things that I will be expected to do. This paper will look at some of the tasks that are set before me.

The influence of the Joint Commission on basic functions of the HRM

The Joint Commission is a non-profit organization in the United States that is charged with the duty of the accreditation of both healthcare organizations and programs within the United States. The main mission of the organization is to improve the healthcare of the public. They also collaborate with other stakeholders through the evaluation of health care organizations and strive to inspire them into excelling in the provision of effective and safe care which is of high quality and value. The joint commission has had a significant impact on the basic functions of HRM. This is because being in charge of ensuring that the public gets the best healthcare then the best team should be put in place in the healthcare organizations for this to be achieved. This means that the HRM should ensure that every organization they are in charge has the best team. The joint commission will therefore influence the basic functions of the HRM which are planning, staffing, employee development and employee maintenance. The HRM will ensure that they carry out all this functions in the best way possible so that the healthcare organization can meet the standards which have been set by the joint commission. As a HRM at acute care hospital the policies and procedures that I will set will be influenced by the Joint Commission. All the policies and procedures I will set will be on the basis of the requirements of the Joint Commission. This is because I have to set procedures and policies which make acute healthcare facility meet the standards of the Joint Commission.

Collaboration between HR and department managers

Whenever there is the filing of open positions there should be prior communication between the HR and managers. Both the mangers and HR play an important role when it comes to new employees being taken in by the organization. The managers are aware of the position of the organization in terms of finances while the HR knows the organization's position in terms of the required manpower. Therefore whenever the HR sees has identified the need for recruiting more people into the organization they will need to make this information known to the mangers in order for them to make the decision of whether or not the organization is in a position to take in and sustain other employees into the organization.

Another reason why it is important for there to be collaboration between the HR and managers before filling of open position is done is for the purpose of planning. Before nay new employees are taken into the organization has to plan for them. This is because the organization has to prepare itself on how it will sustain these employees. This means that both the HR department and managers should sit down and adequately plan before the process of taking in new employees' begins. If this is not done then there might be a problem when new employees are taken in as the organization might fail or not be in a position to cater for the needs of these new employees. Therefore the process of taking in new employees should not be undertaken by only the HR department. There should be collaboration between the HR department and the managers so that the entire process can be smoothly conducted.

Training program for managers

Hiring the best candidate among applicants of a particular position is a very important task that a manager is responsible for performing. The first thing that should be done is reviewing of the application. Preliminary screening should be carried out by the mangers whereby the applicants who do not meet the minimum requirements for the job are screened out. The next thing is the selection of applicants for interviews. Reference checks should be done through contacting at least two references. There are several warning flags that the mangers should look out for and automatically rule out applicants .these include job hopping, having previous employers who can not be contacted, criminal convictions and so on. When interviewing the applicants the interviewers should ensure that they review interviewing guidelines. The interviewer should ensure that the first question is an open one and not difficult to answer. The interview should flow like a conversation and not appear as an interrogation. There are four main aims of the interview session which are getting information from the applicant about them which will be used to determine whether they are the best option, selling the organization, providing information about the organization and finally establishing friendship. The candidates should all the asked the same questions which is easy for comparisons to be made and hence measuring them using the same criteria. For the interview to be legal there should be respect of the candidate's personal information. Some topics to be considered are such as sex whereby it is only lawful to ask such when it's a necessity and its unlawful when employment decisions are made on the basis of is unlawful to ask a candidate about their marital status or children. Any discrimination on race is totally unlawful in an interview.

Compensation and benefit plan

Benefits given to employees are optional and non-wage compensations that are given to employees in addition to what they earn normally. Every organization should ensure that they come up with a proper compensation and benefit plan that will suit the organization as well as the employees. The compensation and benefit plan should be fair, competitive and aligned with the organization's strategic objective. The significant factors to be considered when developing a compensation and benefit plan that will achieve all these is the organization's finances, job responsibilities and employees education background (Rotan,2012).

The financial ability of the organization plays a significant role when it comes to designing the compensation and benefit plan. If the organization has adequate finances then it will be in a position of creating a plan that will be fair to the employees. The more the finances has available the better a plan it will come up with and hence the more competitive it will order for the plan to be In line with the objectives of the organization there has to be sufficient finances to support it so that some important aspects of the organization will not be neglected. The job responsibilities that an employee has also ensure that the plan created is fair. This is because the more responsibilities an employee has the better compensation and benefits they get. The education background of an employee is also important in creating a fair compensation and benefit plan since an individual who has a high level of education should greater benefits. Job responsibilities are also a significant factor in creating a plan that is competitive. Employees often compare their duties and responsibilities with those from their counterparts who are working in other organizations. If they are getting better compensation and benefits compared to them it means then the organization is more competitive.

Performance appraisal method

This involves the evaluation of an employee's job performance. Performance appraisals form part of developing careers and they are made up of regular reviews of the performance of employees within organizations. Performance appraisal involves setting of standards that the employees are required to meet, carrying out assessment of the employee's actual performance in comparison to these standards that have been set and giving feedback to employees with the sole purpose of motivate them to eliminate any deficiencies they have or go ahead and perform above par. there are several methods of performance appraisal that can be used in the organization .The best performance appraisal method to be used within the organization is graphical rating scale. This is the simplest and used most in many organizations. The graphic rating scale has a list of traits like reliability and quality alongside a wide range of performance values that range from unsatisfactory to outstanding for very trait that is listed. The employees are then rated through circling of checking a score which describes their performance in the best way possible for every trait listed. The total value that has been assigned is then calculated. The employees are judged n the basis of how much of a particular trait or factor that they posses. This is simply doing checks on the employee performance within the organization. The raters mostly use a 5 or 7 point scale to do the rating. Therefore if the graphical rating is used in the organization the best results will be obtained and employees will be advised accordingly as per what is indicated by the ratings. This is the most appropriate performance appraisal method that the organization should put into use (Authenticity Consulting, 2010).

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