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A significant increase in volunteerism is observed within the communities which implement social studies in high schools. The main elements which contribute to this outcome are those of community service programs integrated within the educational act and socialization. "The implications of our study are that mandatory community service programs can boost later volunteer efforts but that socialization into appropriate citizenship attitudes is of equal, if not greater, importance" (Janoski, Musick and Wilson, 1995).

Social research is conducted by a variety of parties within the community, from academicians to economic agents. Yet, a major category of researchers is represented by the federal institution. Within the United States, the public social researches are conducted by the Government Social Research Service. The institution bases its findings on the evolutions within the contemporaneous society and it makes its findings public to the audience in order to support social development. In a nutshell, the functional scopes of the Government Social Research Service are those of providing the government with reliable, precise and timely information; supporting the development, evaluation and improvement of policies; and ensuring that the policy debate act is based by solid social researches (Civil Service).

3. Importance of the Literature Review

Several conclusions are drawn from the study conducted:

Social research is a tool of understanding the society in terms of components, relationships and so on and it is a means of attaining seven distinct goals

Social research can only support development through continuous learning and free universities

Social research has to be constructed on several political and ethical considerations

The social research goals are attained through the gradual implementation of qualitative and quantitative research models; researchers generally prefer a combination of the two types of research methodologies

A research process based on multiple research methodologies combines numerous advantages

Qualitative methods are more subjective, whereas quantitative methods are more numeric and lead to findings which can be generalized for the larger group

A new trend is observed in the development of social research models focused on action taking within the studied communities

There are numerous categories of researchers, but the most important player is the government, which researches and uses the information to influence the policy making act

These findings are essential in the continued study of social research as they set the construction basis for the field. Aside from introducing the novice reader to the field of social research, the literature review plays another important part. Intriguingly enough, this important role is given by the very limitation of the information and the scarcity of sources, which fail to answer all the questions which could be raised by the social research community. In other words, the literature review identifies topics for future researchers.

As a final remark, the field of social studies is already complex and advanced, but given the continuous changes in the communities, it will itself continue to change, develop and adapt to the new requirements. This would lead to a situation in which the literary bases set by previous academicians remain valid, but particularities of applicability and other functionalities suffer alterations.


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