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Social work played a role in these processes in different ways, based on the existing perception about women and femininity. The profession itself has a range of ideological origins. Some people suggest that it is a continuance of the benevolent and charitable traditions linked to the functions of various Churches; others search for its roots in social movements, especially in the labor agencies and the women's movement. Various welfare regimes link social work with social and cultural environments. From the start, many of its activities relate with services targeted at women, treating them within the context of the prevailing femininity ideologies. Modern research indicates that the role of women in establishing social work was greater than was believed in the past, when only provider and user roles were attributable to them. The account of social work is of rising interest to researchers in social work. This illustrates social change at international and local levels. The implications of corporate globalization have elevated the aspects social inequality and poverty. In addition, a predicament welfare state has emerged as a concept after the Second World War (Bennett, 2012). However, its roots stem from the labor and women's agencies of the nineteenth and early twentieth century. In order to understand, the relevance of feminist perspectives on social work practices, it is significant to understand primarily the frameworks that create and reproduce social inequalities, and in this case, the inequalities between the genders. The discussion of women culminates in a dual understanding of the variance between nature and culture, body and mind (Ted, 2008).

The wave of women's freedom movement challenges traditional assumptions and understandings of women's experiences by developing a "new scholarship" on women. This increasing interest in women has influenced the social work profession; however, male dominance surpasses women's in terms of professionalism and as clients. Feminism, as an ideology, practice perspective, and ethical obligation, has become increasingly core to social work. Since feminism embraces values that symbolize sympathy to social work, researchers suggest that, the way to enhance social work practice is by adopting a feminist perspective. Modern literature provides a few references to feminist social work practice, however, and there is limited knowledge of what feminist social workers actually do in practice (Stratigakos, 2008).

Even though, feminist practice is encompassing a specific set of characteristics, and an evolving body of literature that asserts how feminist social workers behave, there is insignificant research conducted to determine the development feminist practice, and the how practitioners experience and understand the issue. Some feminist social workers, such as, Elisabeth Badinter's 'The Conflict': Does Modern Motherhood Undermine Women, looks at the values and beliefs underlying the approach to practice, and how feminist values are integrated into practice, and the meaning attributed to practicing from a feminist perspective. Elizabeth believes that domestic chores have hindered most women, particularly, modern young mothers from gaining from social work professions (Bennett, 2012). Even though women may endeavor to view their feminist identification as integral to, and identical with, their personal and professional identity, the society deprives them the opportunity.

The most affected category of women in terms of social work practices is the native communities, such as the aborigines. There is a presumption in the aboriginal community that women should support tribal nationalism, which disregards sexism as a survival mechanism for women and a deliverance from colonization (Ramirez, 2007). In essence, the society should refrain from using race, tribalism and gender as a basis of understanding the depth of oppression and a strategy for liberation from discrimination. In fact, the native men and women should construct a native feminist perspective on the assumption that struggles for social sovereignty, and which refrains from denying Native women, their gender concerns and rights (Keating, 2005).


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