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The survivors might even be annoyed with a society which disgraces them. Anger is an important segment of the interrogation procedure, a procedure which is extremely important to the survivors. (Rubel, 1999)

The psychological effect of death by suicide might persist for years. Family members would also start the mutual blame game and be alienated due to persistent disagreement which appears to have no outcome. When a dear person is at the verge of death, it is vital that family and acquaintances make their peace. When in situations of deaths due to suicide, instead of having closure and a determination of peace, the survivors suffer with open abrasions which show no signs of curing. The acquaintances of the surviving family members are at a loss to understand regarding what needs to be done or speaking to the survivors. They are at a loss to find words. It is hard to see the appropriate things to narrate inconsolable family members under usual situations, but in situations when suicide is the reason of death, people do not know what needs to be said. Due to this, a lot would just stay clear of uttering anything, or avoid because of a sense of discomfiture. (Garon, 2006)

The effect of suicide on society has hardly, if yet, been regarded by scholars, nevertheless suicide should be supposed to have an effect on the society for suicide has been made unlawful in several nations, considered as dissolute and as an act of sin, and been the target of arduous deterrence attempts. Maybe, in these three segments, correspondingly, suicide is perceived as a negative remark on the state, on organized religion, and on the capability of the mental health vocation. (Mishara, 1995) but in the society, clinicians nurse feeling of guiltiness in lot of instances after patient suicide. Several of the clinicians had being totally overwhelmed' and experiencing 'disturbed sleep pattern till six months' following patient suicide. (Halligan, 2001) Taking care of a near relative following a suicide, in case of therapists is difficult. Even though this type of treatment may ease their immediate feeling of guilt, they will possibly hamper and make difficult both the parties' combat to solve their senses. Institutional psychological autopsies carried out after a suicide enhances majority of the therapists' self-doubts and anguish. (Hendin; Lipschitz; Maltsberger; Haas; Wynecoop, 2000)

Even while suicide is being faked in TV programs, it proves that it has an effect on the society. Increased levels of proof indicate that imitative attitudes might have a contribution in suicide among the teenagers. A research work was undertaken as regards the difference in the numbers of suicides and attempted suicides in greater New York regions two weeks prior and two weeks following four fictional films were telecast on television during the fall and winter season of 1984-1985. The average number of trials in the two-week phases following the broadcasts were considerably higher compared to the average number of trials prior to the broadcast, and a considerable excess in completed suicides, when evaluated with the amount anticipated, was found following three of the broadcasts. (Gould; Shaffer, 1986)

To conclude, it can be said that the loss of a loved person by suicidal death, has a deep impact on society. The family, friends and the society as a whole faces the impacts. Guilt, shame, anger, hopelessness all impact the survivors of a suicidal death. When these emotions are difficult to be handled, then professional help is to be received to enable the survivors to cope with the loss.


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