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Is Path Warm

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IS PATH WARM is an acronym that is utilized as a mnemonic device created by the American Association of Suicidology. This mnemonic assist counselors and the general public to remember the warning signs for suicide. The acronym is outlined below:
I = Ideation
S = Substance Use
P = Purposelessness
A = Anxiety
T = Trapped
H = Hopelessness
W = Withdrawal
A = Anger
R = Recklessness
M = Mood Change
The acronym was developed in 2003 by a group of suicidologists as an evidence-based set of near-term signs of immediate suicide intent and risk. Juhnke, Granello, and Lebron-Striker (2007) posit that suicide is the 11th leading cause of death among Americans, there was a need to have a method for identifying the risk factors of suicide and methodologies that counselors could use to help reduce the rates of suicide. This acronym can also be used by other…… [Read More]

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