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A cause and effect essay looks at why things happen and what actually happens.  These can be difficult because, generally, there are multiple causes that influence a single effect, so singling out one cause can make your essay seem weak.  Therefore, in order to establish cause-and-effect, it is important to demonstrate that, if the cause had not occurred, the effect would not have occurred, even if additional things had to occur in order to produce the effect.

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Deployment on Military Families Cause Deployment Effect Essay

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Deployment on Military Families

Cause (Deployment) Effect (Stress on Families / Children)

The stress on military families when the father or mother is deployed -- whether the deployment is to a war zone or to another place -- can be very intense and psychologically stressful. There is a great deal of literature on what military families experience before, during, and after deployment, and this paper provides several peer-reviewed articles that discuss and assess the situations that military families must deal with during deployment. Thesis: families left at home when a military parent is deployed face social and psychological issues that do not necessarily end when that parent returns from deployment; however, there are strategies to reduce the stress once the parent returns home from the deployment.

The Literature -- Psychological Adjustment for Children

The psychological adjustments that children must make -- especially children with "…preexisting psychological conditions" such as depression or anxiety -- is significant and is being carefully studied by psychologists. An article in the peer-reviewed Journal of Clinical Psychology explains that having a parent sent to "an active combat zone" with no exact date set for returning to the family "…may rank as one of the most stressful events of childhood" (Lincoln, et al., 2008, p. 984). Additional stress may be placed on that child because the parent that remains at home may be "compromised by his or her own distress and uncertainty" by what may happen to the deployed person, Lincoln continues (984).

In order to fully understand what effects a family endures when there is separation due to a military obligation to deploy there must first be an understanding of the "unique culture of military life," Lincoln explains on page 985. First of all the military culture is faced with more than just separation when a parent deploys; in fact there is always the fear that the deployed parent could be injured or even killed. Also, in order to understand the military culture one must be familiar with the "cycle of deployment," which has five very distinct phases, according to Lincoln (985).

Those five phases include: a) "predeployment" (extends from the announcement that the parent will be deployed to the actual departure); b) deployment (from leaving to returning); c)…… [Read More]

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Family Communication During Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom
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Police Officer's Stress Causes and Effects Essay

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It is evident that job stress is a reality for police or law enforcement officers; therefore, developing educating program as well as, providing counseling to the police officers will definitely increase efficiency of the organization. Study shows that programs implemented for individuals or for the organizations usually help in reducing organizational stress. In most cases stress can be recognized, but it cannot be taken out of police work, and as a result, this can reduce stress among police officers and their families. In conclusion, more studies are needed to evaluate the efficacy of stress management interventions among recruits and police officers. In addition, several recommendations such as the police officers should ensure that they conduct evaluation research in regards to their current stress management interventions such as random assignment should be proposed for future research. The second recommendation is that, stress management interventions for police officers should mainly focus on specific types of stress. Lastly, more qualitative data is also needed to contextualize the participants' experience with the intervention.… [Read More]

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Causes and Effects of Environmental Degradation Essay

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negative effects of degradation of the environment. It will first discuss human population as a cause for environmental degradation by also relating to afferent effects. It will then bring into equation urbanization and industrialization which are closely linked. Ultimately, the general effects of global warming, as both a cause and an effect in itself, will be considered.

Key terms: environment, population density, urbanization, industrialization, global warming.

Man has impacted the environment since the beginning of times but, unlike nowadays, the effects were then negligible. As the number of population increased and spread around the globe, so did changes in the environment. Defining the environment has taken many forms throughout the years. The broader and most common understanding is that it represents the sum of conditions and natural factors that influence human activity. The environment is understood in terms of a dynamic system with a well defined structure where its components, the atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, and the biosphere, interrelate and collaborate to form the equilibrium of the planet. Earth however was not always perceived such as we are able to nowadays given that new technologies have made it possible to view the planet in perspective only since the 1960s. Space explorations have indeed allowed researchers to gain more insight as to the interdependent components of Earth and to reaffirm that its constitution is that of a changing system. The planet thus is subjected to transformational processes which come about as the result of units in motion: the thin shell of gas surrounding the planet which forms the atmosphere is in constant motion, the Earth's interior layers change due to internal heat causing a change also on its surface, etc. It is important to understand that changes in a particular unit will thus affect other components as well and, ultimately, the overall environment. A similar parallel can be drawn to reflect the effects of changes in the environment that have not produced naturally but as a result of human interference. If we take for example China's case of smog pollution which unfolds at this very moment, this is believed to have repercussions worldwide on a long-term basis. In fact, pollution as the result of industrialization has become a recurring and more concerning issue than even before in our societies. In such a context,…… [Read More]

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Causes of Juvenile Delinquency Essay

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Causes of Juvenile Delinquency

Criminal Justice

The problem of juvenile delinquency is becoming more complicated and universal, and crime prevention programs are either unequipped to deal with the present realities or do not exist. Many developing countries have done little or nothing to deal with these problems, and international programs are obviously insufficient. Developed countries are engaged in activities aimed at juvenile crime prevention, but the overall effect of these programs is rather weak because the mechanisms in place are often inadequate to address the existing situation. On the whole, current efforts to fight juvenile delinquency are characterized by the lack of systematic action and the absence of task-oriented and effective social work with both offenders and victims, whether real or potential. Analysis is further complicated by a lack of international comparative data. (WYR, 2003) The paper is a meditation and investigation of the causes of juvenile delinquency. While it is a discreet issue in of itself, juvenile delinquency is a symptom or result of greater problems present within a society.

We live in a world where human beings of any age commit and are punished for menial to heinous crimes. In other words, humans at every stage of life are committing and being punished for crimes, including children and teenagers, who are called juveniles under the law until they reach adulthood. Juvenile crime is not new. In most, if not all, countries, there is a separate criminal justice system and practice specifically designed and designated for juvenile offenders. This is the juvenile justice system. Most juveniles, after found guilty of committing crimes, are put through the juvenile justice system. Many readers may be aware that the justice system and the legal system in general is much different regarding juveniles over adults. The same offences that are committed by juveniles and adults have variations in their penalties and sentences.

Juvenile delinquency refers specifically to the criminal activity of youth. Juvenile delinquency includes committing crimes and participation in other forms of illegal activities. Across the world, the existing legal systems have different sets of punishments and penalties for juvenile delinquency vs. being tried as an adult. (Loeber, 1990) This is a pervasive issue that nearly every country in the world combats.

Juvenile delinquency is not only a national issue but also a global phenomenon. Juvenile delinquency refers to a large variety of disapproved behavior of teenage and adolescents whom the…… [Read More]

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Causes of Human Behavior Compare Essay

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However, unlike Leucippus, Holbach is not simply interested in the science of materialism, and is more apt to entertain different explanations for specific types of matter. There is more to be understood than mere appearance in the rearrangement of material essences: "Determinism is universal, in Holbach's view, but different sorts of bodies may have peculiar properties that require peculiar explanations. Despite his avowed materialism, Holbach does not demand the sorts of reductive explanations of mental events that materialism might ordinarily seem to require (LeBuffe 2002). For Holbach, there is more interesting unpredictability in the behavior of types of matter, and the observation of what Leucippus might call mere surface differences.

Works… [Read More]

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