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Labor Issues Around the World Essay

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Many Chinese workers, including children, are forced to work in poor conditions (Ka Wai, 2004). Many workers are working in the town ship and village factories. According to a government report in 1984, the majority of township and village enterprises in China have at least one major problem that causes occupational disease. Many factory workers are working in dangerous conditions, in which poisonous chemicals, dust, and noise are predominant. As a result, many workers suffer from a variety of preventable health conditions.

Companies like Nike and Reebok often subcontract factories in poor countries because they do not have to deal with production. By distancing themselves through subcontracting, benefiting from low production costs without having to take responsibility, they make huge profits.

In Indonesia, United States sportswear company Nike is often at the center of labor concerns (CNN, 2001). Workers at nine Indonesian factories under contract by Nike say they have suffered or have witnessed sexual and verbal abuse. Laborers also reported that they were asked to work "illegal forms of overtime." Many were denied both sick leave and annual leave.

The Global Alliance, an international coalition dedicated to improving the lives of factory workers, interviewed more than 4,000 workers at the different Nike plants (CNN, 2001). The project was actually funded by Nike in an effort to try to improve working conditions at the contract factories. Since then, Nike has promised to rectify the problems by initiating independent investigations into the allegations of abuse and developing a channel that will allow workers to bring harassment issues directly to the management.

Poor conditions in the factory are more than the result of having a strict factory owner. It is actually the multinationals, not the subcontractors, that set the pace of production as well as the wages of the workers. If a subcontractor wants to keep his contract, he must accept the timeline set by Nike or Reebok and…… [Read More]

2001). Hazardous forms of Child Labor in Nepal. GEFONT Paper presented in Preparatory Meeting on Developing Asian Network on Hazardous Child Labour

Manila 26-28, 2001. (Retrieved from the Internet at 13, 2003). Informal sector marred by poor working condition. Mercantile Communications. Retrieved from the Internet at
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Labor Issue of Children Essay

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Child Labor

The prevailing child labor practices in the world not only jeopardize the childhood of the children but also adversely effects their cognitive, physical, mental, behavioral and social aspects of life. The child labor practices are followed due to the rate of increased poverty and cultural beliefs which enforces the children to contribute in the house hold income. The lawsuits against the child labor exist but are not applied to the fullest due to the poverty rate and lack of educational and institutional services for the under privileged children. Therefore, the awareness among the parents and adults should be increased about the hazards of child labor on the life of children and families should be provided with adequate support to refrain their dependency on the earnings of their children.


Child Labor

Causes of Child Labor

Child Labor Statistics

Law Suits against Child Labor

Steps to Eradicate Child Labor




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Child Labor

Children are the future and their healthy childhood not only develops cognitive ability but it also ensures that the child is being developed in the most appropriate manner with respect to the behavioral, social and moral aspects (Shankoff & Phillips, 2000). However, the future that the children behold seems to be in jeopardy due to the persistent practice of child labor. Child labor is the term which refers to the employment practices that are being functioned by many organizations and businesses in which children are employed to carry out physical and work related tasks. The children's employment not only interferes with their educational and institutional activities but also deprives them from the healthy childhood that every child in the world truly deserves. The children who are encountered with labor practices end up with poor cognitive, mental,…… [Read More]

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Labor Weak Protections Under U S Law Allow Essay

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"Weak protections under U.S. law allow children as young as 12 to work unlimited hours outside of school on tobacco farms of any size, and there is no minimum age for children to work on small farms. Despite the known risks of nicotine poisoning, there are no special provisions in U.S. laws or regulations to protect children from the unique hazards of tobacco work."

I was aware that there were a few exceptions to child labor laws on family farms. This alone is a sensitive issue given the potential for injury with lifelong consequences, along with the conscription of children into farming labor that may detract from their ability to pursue other careers. Yet until reading this passage, I had no idea that child labor was still permitted in a larger context in the United States, especially in large farm contexts. When it comes to exposure to pesticides, dangerous machinery and other hazards of the farming industry, it does not seem humane to employ children. This article, and this passage, reveals the need to tighten loopholes related to child labor in the United States.

The passage does admit that United States labor laws are "weak" with regards to children working on farms. It also admits explicitly that "tobacco farms of any size" can employ children as young as 12 years old. This is in spite of the fact that tobacco farms do use pesticides and working conditions often involve extreme heat, and exposure to chemicals. Child labor laws are in place to prevent the types of abuses evident on tobacco farms. There should be no loopholes in this area. In fact, even adults should enjoy some protections against the types of working conditions tobacco farming presents. It is admirable that major tobacco companies seem to be recognizing the value in modernizing their labor model to exclude child labor, but it remains surprising that such a system remains in place in the United States.

Work… [Read More]

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Labor Markets and Their Many Aspects Essay

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Labor Markets and Their Many Aspects

The negative aspects of a loosely-regulated labor market:

The dangers of under-regulation

The labor laws of the state of Pennsylvania are still highly influenced by the unionization movement that began in the steel mills of the state. It is said that "no state in America has a richer labor history than Pennsylvania" (Pennsylvania labor history, 2011, IAP). The AFL and CIO were founded in the state. "The 1877 railroad strike, the 1892 battle of Homestead, and the 1919 steel strike" are all nationally famous incidents that were highly influential upon the development of the modern labor movement and remain potent, collective state memories (Pennsylvania labor history, 2011, IAP). However, "the struggle against child labor, sweatshops and oppressive working conditions unfortunately continue today in the global economy. Workers' rights to form unions and collectively bargain, to have a safe and healthful workplace, and to have health care and secure pensions are still contested in this country and around the world" (Pennsylvania labor history, 2011, IAP). While Pennsylvania's laws are more protective of workers than federal labor laws and laws in many states of the union, it is far from exempt from many of the negative workplace trends of the modern era, including outsourcing of critical jobs and a decline in union membership.

Because of its history in the labor rights movement, Pennsylvania has adopted more stringent regulations in many areas of labor law. For example, its child labor laws mandate that 14 and 15-year-olds can only work 3 hours after school and even family businesses are not exempt from child labor laws. "For minors who are 16 and 17, the maximum hours increase to 28 per school week, plus eight hours each on Saturday and Sunday," which is more restrictive than the federal laws governing child…… [Read More]

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