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For some reason, English classes strike fear in the hearts of many students. You may be one of them. Do you find the rigid and irregular rules governing the use of “proper” English intimidating? Do you wish people could just write how they talk? Do you find works of classic literature inaccessible? Do you find writing challenging? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we can help you.

If you find understanding literature to be daunting, we can provide you the help you need. Whether analyzing a classic work by Shakespeare or a modern-classic by Rowling, understanding and analyzing literature has the same basic components. Understanding character, plot, allegories, symbolism, connotation, denotation, and imagery are critical in analyzing all types of literature. For more well-known works, we have study guides available that break down the works into these elements, making them easier to understand and more accessible for readers who are struggling with them. If you are challenged by a lesser-known work, we can craft a custom analysis for you, which you can use alongside the work in order to help increase your understanding. Our goal is to make English more accessible for you.

In fact, English has some of the most complex grammar rules of any language. For some people, the focus on these rules can hamper their ability to express themselves. However, there is no question that good grammar is the first step to effective communication. If you are facing challenges with grammar, our grammar guides can help. Grammar starts with understanding how words work: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, articles, conjunctions, interjections, and prepositions all play different roles in sentence structure. Punctuation seems complicated, but it helps the reader “hear” the words as they would be spoken: commas, colons, semi-colons, apostrophes, quotation marks, question marks, periods, and exclamation points all convey emotions and help the reader understand the writer’s meaning. We can help you master the rules of grammar, so that you can make your writing more effective and understandable.

Even if you have mastered grammar, you may find writing challenging. For formal writing, many people find it difficult to develop a thesis. Furthermore, the movement away from the standard five-paragraph essay structure and to the expository essay format has made structuring an essay or research paper more difficult for many writers. Other people find creative writing to be very challenging. Whether you are struggling to start a writing project or have been hit by writer’s block, our experts can help you improve your writing.

Sometimes the best writers still need help in two areas: proofreading and editing. Many people think of proofreading and editing as the same thing. However, proofreading and editing actually have two different functions. Proofreaders read through a document and mark errors for correction. They ensure that an article, paper, thesis, or other written work is free from grammatical errors. Editors, on the other hand, focus on content in addition to grammar and may suggest substantive changes to make a piece of writing more concise and understandable.