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First and foremost, the doctrine of separation of powers handicaps the Executive Branch from maintaining the confidentiality and security of decisions during wartime as well as decisions in postwar and pre-wartime planning in connection with subsequent wars initiated, by necessity, in the timely and efficient response to the global War on Terror throughout the next decade, at least. Understood in relation to the magnitude of the threat to this nation posed by the specter of escalating international terrorism, the voluntary ceding of congressional power to the Homeland Security Secretary in 2005 was a necessary but insufficient first step in this regard. To ensure the timely and efficient prosecution of the War on Terror, we must dispense with the limitation of the Secretary's waiver authority to specific projects, such as fence-related matters, and allow the Secretary to apply it, as deemed appropriately necessary for the War on Terror by the Office of Homeland Security, to all conflicting legislation and constitutional principles in that regard. Limiting the necessary application of the Secretary's waiver to specific projects within the scope of homeland security unnecessary undermines efficient wartime, post-wartime, and pre-subsequent-wartime administrative efficiency. In effect, doing so limits
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the authority of the Secretary to waive laws piecemeal, such as by merely addressing environmental and conservation laws that interfere with fence construction when the real culprits interfering unduly with the War on Terror are equal rights, search and arrest by warrant requirements, free speech, and privacy notions that are incompatible with effective wartime, post-wartime, and pre-subsequent-wartime operational concerns and efficient governmental administration. Finally, we must dispense with the conceptual distinction between revoking inappropriate laws indirectly by congressional enactment of subsequent legislation and accomplishing this same essential goal directly, by authorizing the Secretary to rescind or revoke laws and constitutional principles directly by waiver. Legislation and antiquated constitutional principles that threaten to interfere with efficient wartime, post-wartime, and pre-subsequent-wartime governmental administration must be capable of timely and efficient redress, directly by the Secretary of Homeland Security rather than indirectly and inefficiently by Congress, as may have once been appropriate before the modern era of international terrorism and the vulnerability of the United States in its lead role in the global War on Terror. One can only hope that the Supreme Court will, in its pending review of the Secretary's waivers issued in 2005, dispense with spurious arguments and outdated values and redress unnecessary restrictions on essential powers necessary for the Secretary of Homeland Security to protect the nation we all…

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