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For some reason, English classes strike fear in the hearts of many students. You may be one of them. Do you find the rigid and irregular rules governing the use of “proper” English intimidating? Do you wish people could just write how they talk? Do you find works of classic literature inaccessible? Do you find writing challenging? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we can help you.

If you find understanding literature to be daunting, we can provide you the help you need. Whether analyzing a classic work by Shakespeare or a modern-classic by Rowling, understanding and analyzing literature has the same basic components. Understanding character, plot, allegories, symbolism, connotation, denotation, and imagery are critical in analyzing all types of literature. For more well-known works, we have study guides available that break down the works into these elements, making them easier to understand and more accessible for readers who are struggling with them. If you are challenged by a lesser-known work, we can craft a custom analysis for you, which you can use alongside the work in order to help increase your understanding. Our goal is to make English more accessible for you.

In fact, English has some of the most complex grammar rules of any language. For some people, the focus on these rules can hamper their ability to express themselves. However, there is no question that good grammar is the first step to effective communication. If you are facing challenges with grammar, our grammar guides can help. Grammar starts with understanding how words work: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, articles, conjunctions, interjections, and prepositions all play different roles in sentence structure. Punctuation seems complicated, but it helps the reader “hear” the words as they would be spoken: commas, colons, semi-colons, apostrophes, quotation marks, question marks, periods, and exclamation points all convey emotions and help the reader understand the writer’s meaning. We can help you master the rules of grammar, so that you can make your writing more effective and understandable.

Even if you have mastered grammar, you may find writing challenging. For formal writing, many people find it difficult to develop a thesis. Furthermore, the movement away from the standard five-paragraph essay structure and to the expository essay format has made structuring an essay or research paper more difficult for many writers. Other people find creative writing to be very challenging. Whether you are struggling to start a writing project or have been hit by writer’s block, our experts can help you improve your writing.

Sometimes the best writers still need help in two areas: proofreading and editing. Many people think of proofreading and editing as the same thing. However, proofreading and editing actually have two different functions. Proofreaders read through a document and mark errors for correction. They ensure that an article, paper, thesis, or other written work is free from grammatical errors. Editors, on the other hand, focus on content in addition to grammar and may suggest substantive changes to make a piece of writing more concise and understandable. 

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English Lit an Analysis of

Words: 915 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37152390

Even physical relationships are prone to dissolution -- as ebster shows: the lovers are murdered one by one. ebster and the other Jacobeans appear to pine for an era of old world spirituality -- for the new modern world, while full of scientific inquiry and triumph (see Bacon), lacks that sensitivity of soul that could effect true and real humility.

3. For, however, a complete and masterful representation of the many facets of human nature in all its strengths and failings, one need look no further than to the works of Shakespeare, which span both Elizabethan and Jacobean eras. For the folly of kingly pride, there is Lear. For the bitterness of ambition on the murdered conscience, there is Macbeth. For the nature of love and the relationship between man and woman there are the marvelous sonnets 116, 129, and 138: all three of which tackle the subject from a…… [Read More]

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English by Time

Words: 3444 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45578320


The Norman conquest had forever altered the face of history and the face of the English language.

Middle English

The period thought of as the Middle English period roughly from 1150-1500 is a period that is demonstrative of the massive changes associated with the Norman conquest. Though there is some evidence that French did not completely overtake English in common or official use the language had a great influence upon English via the Normans and the elasticity of the language at its source.

The Middle English period (1150-1500) was marked by momentous changes in the English language, changes more extensive and fundamental than those that have taken place at any time before or since. Some of them were the result of the Norman Conquest and the conditions which followed in the wake of that event. Others were a continuation of tendencies that had begun to manifest themselves in Old…… [Read More]

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Spreading the Word; Restore VOA's English-Language Broadcast Funds." The Washington Times 15 Feb. 2006: A19.
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18th Century Literature

Words: 651 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15362802

English Literature

John Dryden, English poet and critics who was is well-known for his political and religious poetry, explicates on the nature of good writing in his essay, "An essay of dramatic poesy." In this discourse, Dryden looks into the qualities that best defines good writing in literature as a literary work created through three important elements: the work must have a purpose, has a well-conveyed message comprehensible to the reader, and is expressed with wit and intelligence in the simplest and easiest language to understand.

For Dryden, works of literature must be created for a purpose, an honest purpose with strong effectiveness, not a literary works written for the writer's benefit only. This kind of writer, which Dryden identifies as the 'first sort of poetry' -- that is, good poetry -- is synonymous with the writer who is "...so much a well-willer to the satire that he spares no…… [Read More]


Abrams, M. (Ed.). (2000). The Norton anthology of English Literature, Vol. 1. NY W.W. Norton.
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English Romanticism in the 1790s

Words: 3717 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45643615

"O Sylvan ye! thou wanderer thro' the woods, / How often has my spirit turned to thee!" (http://www.uoregon.edu/~rbear/ballads.html) Now, the poet wishes to "transfer" the healing powers of nature that he himself has experienced to his sister. By stating."..Nature never did betray / the heart that loved her" (http://www.uoregon.edu/~rbear/ballads.html) ordsworth assures his sister that she will also find peace in the middle of nature if she believes in the communion with nature. This prediction is an artifice of the poem and is not simple. "ordsworth's ability to look to the future to predict memories of events that are happening in the present is ingenious and complicated. But ordsworth beautifully clarifies this concept by using nature as the ideal link between recollection, foresight, and his relationship with another."(Eilenberg, Susan. Strange power of Speech: ordsworth, Coleridge, and Literary Possession. New York: Oxford University Press, 1992).

Moreover, by imagining the future of his…… [Read More]

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Penguin, 1992.

Spector, Jack the State of Psychoanalytic Research in Art History. The Art
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English in Your Opinion Which

Words: 674 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57947073

" (Frankel, 1963, pg. 122) This is important, because it show how studying Holocaust literature can teach everyone something about themselves that they may not have been fully aware of.

Choose one of the short stories you've read during this lesson and explain how it meets or does not meet the requirements of a modern short story, as explained in your text. Your response should be at least three paragraphs long, explain the criteria you used to evaluate the story, and explain whether or not the story meets the criteria

The story that was evaluated was Mans Search for Meaning. Technically, this fits the definition of short story by: talking about events that actually occurred (in an investigative format). This is important, because it show how this piece of literature would follow pattern of many authors, by discussing various events that had an impact on their lives. (Frankel, 1963)

The…… [Read More]


Frankel, V. (1963). Mans Search for Meaning. New York, NY: Simon and Schuster.
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English - Skepticism Cynicism Skepticism vs

Words: 344 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36814284

Without some degree of academic skepticism, one would be influenced by whichever analysis or interpretation happened to be presented first, even though it might be incorrect. In ordinary non- academic life as well, skepticism is an appropriate perspective because the beliefs and claims of others are often ignorant, biased, or questionable in their motivation. The old adage "if it seems too good to be true it probably is" is an example of prudence in ordinary life that is an expression of healthy skepticism..





Negative Connotations:

Difference between Skepticism & Cynicism

Skepticism is more objective

Open-mindedness vs. preexisting negative expectations Cynicism:

Cynicism is subjective

Bias vs. Blank Slate Concept

Skepticism and Literature Analysis:

Appropriate academic perspective

Alternative would mean accepting first analysis of everything

Skepticism in Ordinary Life:

If it seems too good to be true it probably is… [Read More]

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English Looking Critically at The

Words: 944 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5196920

Similarly central to Woolf's aesthetic is the tension between the individual's public personae and his or her 'private' self. Through a range of biographical, autobiographical, and fictional strategies, Woolf explore the extent to which the private self can be conceptualised as a fixed, unitary, and bounded identity. ("eflections on the Self," Page 44)

The looking-glass or mirror represents, in a way, the self, and it also is a device by which the self can be explored and articulated. The voice of the narrator is one that is blended. The narrator is both the narrator and the character that is being described. The narrator is also the voice of the author. The blending of these voices into one voice, not always necessarily coherent and smooth, is a technique that underscores the content and the themes of "The Lady in the Looking-Glass: A eflection." eflection upon one's life is not always positive,…… [Read More]


Howard, Stephen. "The Lady in the Looking-Glass: Reflections on the self in Virginia Woolf." Journal of International Women's Studies, Vol. 8, No. 5, 44 -- 54, 2007.

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Woolf, Virginia. "The Lady in the Looking-Glass: A Reflection." Provided.
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English II Teacher to Kill

Words: 606 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9285781

Scout and Jem are likewise tormented by their classmates because of their father's courageous decision to defend an obviously innocent man. Scout already hates school and feels like a persecuted mockingbird in its controlled, conformist environment. She would rather be playing with her brother and her best friend Dill. School is yet another example of the ways in which society can be cruel and persecutory of people who are 'different.'

Scout is not above hurting other people, however. When she is humiliated by her teacher because she explains why a poor boy named Walter cannot afford even to borrow money for lunch and her teacher reprimands her, Scout turns against Walter by beating him up during lunchtime. Before she is saved by Boo, she is frightened of him and she and her friends make up stories about him, because they fear what they do not understand. It is this misunderstanding…… [Read More]

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English Have Learned Valuable Communication

Words: 631 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61913462

A appreciate the fact that this English course also included sections on writing effective narrative papers. I found narrative papers to be fun to write because they involve storytelling and rich descriptive language. I feel more creative writing narrative papers, which is why I prefer writing them, as opposed to research papers. When we write narrative papers, I can draw from personal experience, which makes the writing process easier than it is during the process of writing a research paper. Also, the techniques of writing narrative papers differ from the techniques of writing research and persuasive papers. Organization and focus is important, but the paper can be less formal in a narrative essay.

A found literary analysis papers to be among the most difficult to write. I found it very helpful to encounter some of the common techniques for approaching literary criticism. Learning about the different formats such as MLA…… [Read More]

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English Civil War There Is

Words: 2541 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37698414

" (Stoyle, 2005)

While the hope was that following the retreat of the Scots was the "...resurgence of English power" would ensue, these hopes were in vain because in October 1641 "Ireland - whose inhabitants were simultaneously appalled by the prospect of a puritan Parliament achieving political dominance in England...burst into rebellion." (Stoyle, 2005) Resulting was that in just a few weeks the power of the English in Ireland "had been reduced to a handful of coastal enclaves." (Stoyle, 2005)

The English government was "paralyzed by internal quarrels" and nothing was left that could remedy the situation. Stoyle writes that "by early 1642 both Scotland and Ireland had achieved a de facto independence, and English power in the Atlantic archipelago was weaker than it had been for centuries." (2005) the self-confidence of the English is stated to have "crumpled beneath the impact of these successive hammer-blows and, as they watched…… [Read More]


Ashton, Robert and Parry, Raymond Howard (1970) the Civil War and After, 1642-1658. University of California Press, 1970.

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Gelderen, M.V. And Skinner, Q. (2002) Classical Liberty and the English Civil War. Cambridge University Press 2002.

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English Social History Cultural Economic

Words: 2163 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26904896

Whether it was demographic malaise or the social imperative for smaller and more careful family formation, the war stunted the population boom. In good fortune, this cessation allowed for the necessary cultivation of the pre-existing fibers of society. The first-time availability of credit, burgeoning trade, and new industries were given the chance to solidify, and migration to the urban centers became a reality in most public lives. The population intensification that described the pre-war economy made the townspeople of Appleby, Chippenham, Willingham, and Orwell, become part of communities no longer separate from the urban life but intrinsically tied to it. As a result, when poverty came to the villages during the wars, migration to the economic strongholds of the urban fortress was a logical alternative.

The peasantry of the villages had little opportunities available to them, and indebted to the research of Laurence Stone, Spufford manages an in-depth discussion of…… [Read More]

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Time Periods in English

Words: 1275 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18909245

English Literature

The medieval period in English history spans across some 800 years. The Anglo-Saxon period consisted of literature that was retained in memory. The major influence of the literature up until the Norman Conquest was mainly of the religious kind. "Distinguished, highly literate churchmen (Abrams 4) the Ecclesiastical History of England remains our "most important source of knowledge about the Anglo-Saxon period" (4).

The Anglo-Saxons were primarily known for their contribution to poetry. Their alliterative form was, of course, how poetry survived. Sine they wrote nothing down until they were "Christianized," Abrams suggest that that Christian ideals influenced how things were recorded and it would also explain why some non-Christian literature did not survive. Beowulf is what Abrams refers to as the "greatest" German epic, even though it appears to many pre-Christian ideas. (4) Another example of the Anglo-Saxon writing movement would be Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Chaucer brilliantly weaves…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Precis on the Book Myth Literature and the African World by Wole Soyinka

Words: 2403 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6890626


Myth, Literature, and the African World

The book Myth, Literature, and the African World, was published in 1976, twenty years before the author, Wole Soyinka, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.

In his Preface, he clearly wants to convey that African academia has created a kind of "intellectual bondage and self-betrayal" by not facing up to truths about the fact that African literature must not be merely "an appendage of English literature." This was written twenty-eight years ago, of course, and because the instructions ask that "only this reference" be used, one cannot know if indeed African universities now have a section for "Comparative Literature" -- which would presumably allow for the inclusion of literature about Africa, by Africans. And that literature would, hopefully, be reflective of what African cultures were like during the continent was dominated by European colonial powers -- something that Soyinka clearly would like…… [Read More]


Soyinka, Wole. Myth, Literature and the African World. Cambridge: Cambridge

University Press, 1976.

. Wole Soyinka, Myth, Literature and the African World (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1976), ix.
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Arthurian Literature

Words: 5193 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27209723

Pearl Poet's Sir Gawain

The Arthurian Legends are one of the most mysterious of Middle English literature. For many years historians have tried to match King Arthur to one of the Early Kings of Britain, however, all attempts have met without success. It is now generally accepted that King Arthur and the other Knights of the Round table represent a composite of the behaviors and attitudes of people of that time period. The same can be said of the character of Sir Gawain in "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight." As social attitudes changed, so do the ideal characteristics that exemplify virtue and purity. The character Sir Gawain appears in many versions of the Arthurian Legends. The characteristics and attitudes of Sir Gawain seem to shoe a shift over time. The most widely accepted version of the character of Sir Gawain is the version that is attributed to the poet…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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London: Arnold, 1982; Gordon, E.V., ed. Pearl. Oxford: Clarendon, 1953.

Bishop, Ian. Pearl in Its Setting- A Critical Study of the Structure and Meaning of the Middle English Poem. Oxford: Blackwell, 1968
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19th Century British Literature

Words: 3946 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21258085

medieval romance has inspired literature for generations. The magic of the Arthurian romance can be traced to Celtic origins, which adds to it appeal when we look at it through the prism of post-medieval literature. The revival of the medieval romance can be viewed as an opposition against modern and intellectual movement that became vogue in modern Europe. These romances often emphasized the human emotions rather than the human intellect and a return to more classical traditions. Poets and writers in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries did not want to feel the oppression from the constraints of their time. Instead, they looked beyond the intellectual to a more mystical and emotional realm. They wanted to achieve another level in their writing -- one that allowed them to stretch their imaginations and their knowledge. The medieval aspects that we find in literature from this era accentuates a different type of thinking…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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2nd ed. 1991. Gale Resource Database. Site Accessed April 20, 2005.
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Revolutions in Romantic Literature

Words: 1565 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86376203

Thompson "Disenchantment or Default?: A Lay Sermon," The Romantics.

In the article "Disenchantment or Default?: A Lay Sermon," author E.P. Thompson explores the restoration of literary works by Wordsworth and Coleridge. Specifically, Thompson is interested in the moment when the poet became politically aware and disenchanted with the environs around him, turning his distaste into pieces of literature. While making his argument, Thompson delves heavily into the possible psychological profile of the author and his break with Godwinism. By doing this however, Thompson makes a critical mistake which all literary scholars and critics are meant to watch out for: that is confusing the narrator of the literature with the author himself.

Remarkably, Thompson determines that the change in Wordsworth's writings came at a time when he stopped writing towards an ideal and instead directed his writings at a real person. He writes, "It signaled also -- a central theme of…… [Read More]

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Ann Beattie's Janus Great Literature

Words: 2371 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93600186

6). Beattie, like anyone else, was a product of her times.

She is also, again like anyone else, a product of her own individual circumstances. A further interpretation of the bowl as a symbol of the feminine finds a deeper connection between the circumstances of the fictional Andrea and the real-life Ann Beattie. Though she is not especially forthcoming with personal details, there are some facts with which a correlation can be drawn.

Though (presumably) happily married for many years, Ann Beattie and her husband have no children (Frost, par. 1). Again, she has not shared the reasons for this, nor would it be a reasonable question to pose to her. It is a significant fact to note, however, given the resemblance of the bowl to the female womb. Henningfield suggests an interpretation of the bowl, especially of the husband's turning away from it and Andrea's refusal to let him…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Henningfield, Diane Andrews. "Overview of 'Janus.'" Short Stories for Students, Vol. 9, the Gale Group, 2000.
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British Literature Romanticism to Present

Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88607468

British Lit. Romanticism to Present

Following the liberating Age of Reason, the Enlightenment, the age when humanity was triumphing through literature and Rousseau's philosophy was inspiring revolutions, the age of Romanticism saw the birth of some genius writers of its own. Among them, Lord Byron, a man who lived his thirty-six years with the intensity of one who wants to know it all and do it all, was a prolific writer whose works were the expression of his time.

Lord Byron was the restless soul who burnt every resource he had in his inquiries about the meaning of life. He traveled extensively and, like most of his fellow artists, was enchanted with the exotic of the East. Byron was both blessed and haunted by his genius. His image on the seashore, watching the fire lit to burn Shelly's body at Via Reggio, in Italy, is one of those images most…… [Read More]

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Technology & Society in English

Words: 577 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37474157

The poem explicitly expressed the issue of environment degradation, when the protagonist exclaimed, (upon learning that he was to give up the land he tilled for many years), "These fields were burthened when they came to me...It looks as if it never could endure Another Master."

Apart from the theme of environmental degradation, moral degeneration was especially explicit in the works of Tennyson and Carlyle, who discussed the importance of morality in the midst of humanity's success in attaining higher levels of intellectual development and knowledge about the nature of things (living or non-living), in this world. "In Memoriam," Tennyson's religious explication, presented humanity as incapable of achieving further development in life without spiritual guidance. This humble realization showed humanity's intellectual development as a gift from God, not solely based on human capacity and faculties alone: "...we cannot know, for knowledge is of things we see and yet we trust…… [Read More]

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Victorian Period Literature- Status of Women in

Words: 1100 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84959933

Victorian Period Literature- Status of Women

Women in English literature have always found a subservient place akin to that of a second-class citizen. It was more pronounced in the Victorian period when it was believed that marriage was the only possible career for women. They were expected to prepare themselves for courtship, make themselves skillful enough to be liked by men and finally land themselves a good husband. That was the be-all and end-all of their lives. However not everyone subscribed to that viewpoint and some tried to raise a voice against the status of women in the society and how it was contributing to their poor standard of lives and deteriorating lot. Interestingly one such person was Elizabeth Barrett Browning whose ballad "Lord Walter's Wife" was refused publication in 1861 on the grounds that it could lead to public outcry since it talked of man's love for a woman.…… [Read More]


Henry Mayhew "Prostitution among the needlewomen." Found in Voices of the Poor: Selections from the Morning Chronicle. 1971

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Browning. Letters. Vol. II. Ed. Frederic G. Kenyon. New York: Macmillan, 1897.
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Veidemanis a High-School English Teacher

Words: 650 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12014392

Second, it provides an excellent introduction "to a unit on the Romantic Era in English literature" with its spirit in line with Coleridge, Wordsworth, Lord yron and Percy Shelley. Third, the novel is truly "the work of a gifted woman writer who merits study and recognition" (62). One aspect of Shelley's life which is quite extraordinary is that she heard Samuel Taylor Coleridge recite the "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" which clearly influenced Shelley's use of the supernatural in her novel.

Fourth, Veidemanis maintains that the novel's central theme, being "scientific aims pursued in reckless disregard of human consequences," has much significance in today's modern scientific age related to biological and genetic engineering and raises the question "Should limits be placed on scientific endeavor?" A reference to Victor Frankenstein and his "reckless disregard" for the possible consequences of his experiments with the dead and the creation of a human monster.…… [Read More]


Veidemanis, Gladys V. "Frankenstein in the Classroom." The English Journal. Vol. 75 no. 7 (November 1986): pp. 61-66. {Available at JSTOR online}.
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British Literature Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury

Words: 3052 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44430818

Neither lust, nor greed, nor vanity, is necessary to account for betrayal: it is the simple and inevitable reflex of the changeability that is the very life of human beings."(Mann, 19)

Thus, the discourse of the ife of Bath should be seen rather in this light, than as an antifeminist one. In fact, her prologue is to be read rather like a purposeful unmasking of the many antifeminist stereotypes circulated in that epoch. As Jill Mann has noted, the fact that the ife of Bath recounts all the things that her husbands have told her, the specific nagging that takes place between men and women:

That is, she [the ife of Bath] does not live in the insulated laboratory world of literature, where she is no more than a literary object, unconscious of the interpretations foisted upon her; she is conceived as a woman who lives in the real world,…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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The University of Pennsylvania Press, 1992

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Learning to Read and Write in English

Words: 1349 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21447154

Learning to read and write in English has been one of my most treasured accomplishments in the recent past. To begin with, learning to read and write in English is in my opinion the very first step towards becoming a fluent speaker of one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. In that regard therefore, I am convinced that fluency in English is a plus as I pursue my career of choice. Given that English is one of the most common languages, corporations and most organizations would ordinarily hire individuals who can relate well with their customers and clients. Being able to read, write, and speak English will therefore give me a distinct advantage in my future job seeking endeavors. It is also important to note that fully aware that the world is increasingly becoming interconnected; the relevance of learning an additional language cannot be overstated. It is…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Baldwin, James. Sonny's Blues. Stuttgart: Klett Sprachen, 2009. Print.

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Religion and British Literature

Words: 1614 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90394972

role of religion in the history of European society is a tumultuous one. Christianity, from its obscure beginnings in the classical age, eventually took the reins as the centerpiece of philosophical, literary, and scientific thought. It is true that religion, often, tends to justify actions that might objectively be perceived as incongruous to the established faith. It has historically been the case that when traditional forms of worship become threatened, morally questionable methods are undertaken to strengthen the order. This is certainly the case with Christianity. Since the birth of the Catholic Church in the Roman Empire, Church officials have actively attempted to make their privileged positions in society impervious to assault -- this process has progressed for centuries and, indeed, tens of centuries. For many years this single faith dominated nearly every aspect of European society and was a strong force in maintaining the status quo. However, the many…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

1. Haney, David P. "Christianity and Literature." Malibu, Winter Vol. 54, Iss. 2, 2005.

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Leadership Approaches Through Literature

Words: 1858 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47332261

representation of leadership in literary works is not identical to the representation of leaders. To take one of the most famous examples in English literature, King Lear may be the highest-ranking leader in the Shakespeare tragedy that bears his name, but his actions are neither wise nor principled; Lear's Fool, the court-jester, arguably displays more leadership over the course of the drama. Examining literary representations of leadership in the past two decades, therefore, will not always entail examining stories about powerful or influential people. In outlining a research proposal to examine how leadership issues are illuminated by recently published works, it is crucial to understand that a proper survey will include a mix of works. Some of these works will examine directly the highest leadership roles, like that of a commander-in-chief, while other works will illuminate leadership from the perspective of the ordinary soldiers who follow that lead. This proposal…… [Read More]


Beilin, K. (2012): "The split-screen syndrome": Structuring (non)-seeing in two plays on Abu Ghraib. Comparative Drama 46: 427-450.

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Greenberg, KJ. (2007). Split screens. In McKelvey, T., ed. One of the guys: Women as
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Classism and Racism Literature Is

Words: 3754 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70800341

"It was a curious childhood, full of weird, fantastic impressions and contradictory influences, stimulating alike to the imagination and that embryo philosophy of life which begins almost with infancy."

Paine 14) His consummate biography written in 1912, just after his death claims that Clemens spent the majority of his childhood in the company of his siblings, and the family slaves as his parents where often otherwise engaged, his father and inventor and his mother challenged by the running of such a large family with very little support.

Mark Twain did not remember ever having seen or heard his father laugh. The problem of supplying food was a somber one to John Clemens; also, he was working on a perpetualmotion machine at this period, which absorbed his spare time, and, to the inventor at least, was not a mirthful occupation. Jane Clemens was busy, too. Her sense of humor did not…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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English High School Senior

Words: 885 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68165124

Filtered Water

James Joyce's autobiographical novel, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, is a multi-layered story. The author uses many techniques to indicate his surroundings, his attitudes, his maturity and his development. From styles of writing reminiscent of his infancy to youthful diatribes on the validity of the priesthood, Joyce takes us through his youth and his changing mindset. Furthermore, this intricate novel can be read from many different perspectives simultaneously. These perspectives include religious rebellion, sexual confusion, artistic freedom, political conviction, and family influence. It is a maze of vivid images and lucid dreams that define and describe Joyce's early years. It is my opinion that his water imagery most effectively expresses the complexity of Joyce's youthful composition

One of the most intense water images was the first one. The water is dark and dirty and cold. Another student, Welles, whose name is suggestive of water, throws…… [Read More]



Joyce, James, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, 11


Joyce, 14
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English the Heart Is a Lonely Hunter

Words: 1993 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79978134


The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter

The book "The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter" by Caron McCullers has received critical reviews by the likes of critics such as Laurie Champion. Here is what Champion had to say:

As quoted by Champion, ichard Cook makes the following statement in his book, "Carson McCullers": "Yet McCullers has consistently subordinated moral outrage and social and political commentary to her overriding concern with the mysteries of individual human name (Champion, 1991). She describes the social environment with a fullness of detail not found in any of her later novels, but we are asked to look inward to the heart rather than onward to political and economic structures in society for any final answers to human problems (Champion, 1991)."


Hence, the quote provided by Champion is quite agreeable. McCuller has given a thorough detail regarding the social environment, which wasn't a part of…… [Read More]



Writer Thoughts


McCuellers, Carson. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter. 1st ed. N.p.: Mariner, (2004). Library Genesis. Web. 27 Feb. 2015. .
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Literature Poetry

Words: 1297 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52092202

American Poet Laureate obert Hass to lift European impact from American English thus making the latter a truly original and authentic language. The paper also cites examples from his collection, Sun Under Wood (1996) and shows how the poet accentuates simplicity to reveal the beauty of American version of English language.

obert Hass: shedding European influences from American English

obert Hass is the former United States Poet Laureate who is known for his simple yet beautiful verses, some of them translations of Japanese Haiku while others simple expressions of his deepest sentiments. In his fourth collection of poems, Sun Under Wood (1996) Hass tried to encompass all his past experiences in 20 beautiful pieces, which moved back and forth in history. These poems reveal something truly amazing about the poet's command over the English language. Coming from a truly modern West Coast, he refused to use traditional or conventional poetic…… [Read More]


Wronsky, Gail, Sun Under Wood.(book reviews). Vol. 55, The Antioch Review, 06-22-1997, pp 381(1)

Robert Hass, Sun under Wood Ecco Press, 1996 77 pp.

Venise Wagner, Poet laureate plans to leave small, tangible legacy., Minneapolis Star Tribune, 05-18-1995, pp 12E.
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English Colonies Many Europeans Viewed America as

Words: 1185 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89461253

English Colonies

Many Europeans viewed America as the New World. To them this was a world full of new expectations, opportunities and, for others, the chance of a new beginning. The success, or failure, of the early settlers was largely dependant on the motives and expectations that they brought with them, but also on the way in which they dealt with the problems awaiting them in their new land. Just as with the Spanish settlers of the 16th Century, the inhabitants of the first permanent English colonies, at Jamestown in Virginia and Plymouth in New England, came to America with differing motives and an individual set of expectations. Records appear to suggest, however, that in pursuit of their opportunities, the colony at Jamestown adopted an approach that was similar to that of the Spanish, unlike their counterparts in Plymouth.

Those who traveled to America did so for a wide variety…… [Read More]


Ayers, Edward. American Passages: A History of the United States. London:

Harcourt Brace College, 1999.

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Virtual Jamestown. Jefferson Village. 25th September 2002 http://jefferson.village.virginia.edu/vcdh/jamestown/.
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English Short Story

Words: 1690 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4244884

illa Cather and Herman Melville both explore themes of psychological and social isolation in their short stories. In Cather's "Paul's Case," the title character is a vibrant young man whose passion and creativity is constrained by his pitiful life in Pittsburgh, where his only solace is his work as an usher. Melville's protagonist Bartleby in "Bartleby the Scrivener" lacks the joie du vivre that Paul possesses. However, both of these protagonists plummet toward death as the only foreseeable relief from the terrible injunction of life. Their approaches to death are different, though. Bartleby is wholly unlike the young Paul, who feels regret the instant he realizes the "folly of his haste," (Cather para 65). On the contrary, the senior Bartleby remains fully resigned to self-abnegation throughout his adult life. hereas Paul believes that if he only had money, he could be free from the clutches of his past and embrace…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Cather, Willa. "Paul's Case." Retrieved online: http://www.shsu.edu/~eng_wpf/authors/Cather/Pauls-Case.htm

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Skelton, John. "Death and Dying in Literature." Advances in Psychiatric Treatment. Vol 9, 2003, pp. 211-217
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Literature Critical Analysis of Russel Banks Rule of the Bone

Words: 2169 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19152911

Rule of the Bone

About the author

The author Russell Banks writes in the manner that infused his stories with a sadistic honesty and moral goodness that his characters strive to live up to. He writes in striking and most often sad tones about the drama of daily life (Anderson, eye net).

Furthermore, his themes of failure, of weakness, of the complexity of living an honest life were often desolating, but all his stories does contain a positive wisdom to them along with a sense of optimism found in the details that he carefully draws out of his characters' routine and everyday realities (Anderson, eye net). Hence, in my opinion no modern author writes more delicately about common man's uncertain search for the American grail of material ease and self-esteem than Russell Banks.

About the book

In writing Rule of the Bone the author Russell Banks took almost a year…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Anderson, Jason. Eye. Russell Banks.

A www.eye.net

Donahue, Deirdre. Russell Banks' Bone cuts right to the flawed family. USA Today.

A www.bri-dge.com
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Literature Poetry

Words: 2039 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3532402

Fred D'Aguiar's surreal poems like "Mama Dot" and "Air Hall Iconography" stir up imagery of the African homeland and convey a sense of detachment from the modern world. This detachment is not apathetic, but rather, D'Aguiar poignantly portrays the plight of colonized Africans. The poet chooses to focus on the archetypal African matriarch in "Mama Dot." Like a creation story, Fred D'Aguiar's "Mama Dot" outlines the evolution of the titular Mama Dot by progressing through a seven-day week. Each symbolic day represents possible decades or centuries in historical, linear time. D'Aguiar's talent in "Mama Dot" is revealed through his ability to create a time-transcendent, abstract recreation of the tragedies of slavery and the sense of "otherness" that the descendents of slaves feel long after their ancestors were captured and sold.

orn on a Sunday / in the kingdom of Ashante," (lines 1-2) Mama Dot's beginnings feel regal, as the poet…… [Read More]


D'Aguiar, Fred. "Mama Dot." Other: British and Irish Poetry since 1970. Ed. Caddel, Richard and Quartermain. Hanover: Wesleyan University Press, 1999. 45.

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Leonard, Tom. "The Evidence." Other: British and Irish Poetry since 1970. Ed. Caddel, Richard and Quartermain. Hanover: Wesleyan University Press, 1999. 130.
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Literature Drama

Words: 1189 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9184697

records court transcripts from "The Trials of Oscar ilde," when the opposing council at the trial asks the defendant, Oscar ilde, if he kissed one of the boys whom ilde was supposed to have engaged in homosexual practices, ilde appears unfazed. hen asked if he kissed the boy, ilde, with customary wit, responded that he did not, because "he was a very ugly boy." This kind of exchange forces the reader to ask the question not so much why ilde was found guilty of gross indecency, but why ilde ever believed he could be found innocent of the love that "dare not speak its name." (Longman Anthology 2125)

Throughout both of his trials, ilde adopts a kind of insouciant, provocative pose that seems, to the modern eyes, to be a 'typical' portrait of a flamboyant male homosexual. Because Oscar ilde's artistic medium has become synonymous with such a posture it…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Barry, Peter. Beginning Theory: An Introduction to Literary and Cultural Theory. Manchester University Press, 2002.

Longman, Addison Wesley. The Longman Anthology-British Literature-Compact Edition-Volume B2. University of Southern California Press, 1999
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English and Spanish Language Learners

Words: 1191 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32139522

Psycholinguistics: A eview

Gamez, P., Lesaux, N., izzo, A. (2016). Narrative production skills of language

minority learners and their English-only classmates in early adolescence. Applied Psycholinguistics, 37: 933-961. DOI: http://dx.doi.org.proxy.tamuc.edu/10.1017/S0142716415000314

The study by Gamez, Lesaux and izzo (2016) compares early-adolescent Spanish language speakers to same-age English-only language speakers in terms of narrative production skills. The researchers provided the subjects with picture books and then asked them to produce a narrative based on the pictures. What the researchers found was that the Spanish language speakers and the English language speakers utilized the same story structure in the creation of their narratives. Both groups produced narratives that had a "goal -- action -- outcome framework" (p. 952). However, the Spanish language speakers had less grammatical diversity than the English-only speakers; they demonstrated a tendency to revise and to commit errors when using prepositions; also, their narratives were longer than those produced by…… [Read More]


Gamez, P., Lesaux, N., Rizzo, A. (2016). Narrative production skills of language

minority learners and their English-only classmates in early adolescence. Applied Psycholinguistics, 37: 933-961.
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Literature and History

Words: 8876 Length: 32 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51478975

tomorrow / Bright before us / Like a flame. (Alain Locke, "Enter the New Negro," 1925)

rom the 1920's Alain Leroy Locke has been known as a prominent figure in the Harlem Renaissance. Through his writings, his actions and his education, Locke worked to educate not only White America, but also the Negro, about the beauty of the Negro heritage. He emphasized the idea that no single culture is more important than another. Yet it was also important to give sufficient attention to one's own culture and its beauty. This was Locke's philosophy of cultural pluralism.

The White heritage has enjoyed prominence for a large part of American history. During the colonization period, the Whites have emphasized their own superiority while at the same time ensuring that people of other ethnic heritages knew in no uncertain terms their own inferiority. This gave rise to a nearly monocultural America, where all…… [Read More]

Furthermore Locke's writings are lauded for their cultural and historical importance rather than their literary style. Being very prominent in educational and artistic circles I find this hard to believe. Certainly a man who has been educated in the highest of quality schools should be able to produce something of purely literary merit.

Despite these issues which are admittedly a matter of opinion, it is very significant that Locke's influence extends to modern literary circles in this way. Locke's influence in the areas of education, culture and empowerment also remain to this day in terms of recognized Black culture and the promotion of cultural pluralism. The ALLS has been officially recognized by the American Philosophical Association in a letter from Secretary-Treasurer, William Mann, on November 26, 1997.

Locke's influence thus reaches far beyond his lifespan in order to not only empower and inspire, but also to enlighten and to entertain. Locke was the epitome of the New Negro.
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Communication and Language for Teaching and Learning Math in English in Hong Kong

Words: 1076 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74992214

English in Teaching and Learning Math in Hong Kong

With the intermingling of cultures, business, and globalization in general, it is difficult to imagine that English would not be spoken or at least understood in some form in any part of the world. If nothing else, Internet communication has opened up myriad opportunities for people to learn about any amount of cultures and languages they wish. In terms of business, as mentioned, the world has also become increasingly globalized. Businesses that can expand globally tend to be stronger financially and have greater longevity than those who cannot. Often, an ability to communicate internationally is at the heart of business success. For this reason, the medium of instruction in schools, and especially non-English speaking countries, have come to the forefront of educational attention. In Hong Kong, social and political changes have given a unique dynamic to whether or not English should…… [Read More]


Education Commission (2005, Dec.). Report on Review of Medium of Instruction for Secondary Schools and Secondary School Places Allocation. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of The People's Republic of China. Retrieved from: http://www.e-c.edu.hk/tc/reform/resources/MOI&SSPA_report_Eng.pdf

Poon, A.Y.K., Lau, C.M.Y. And Chu, D.H.W. (2013, March). Impact of the Fine-Tuning Medium-of-Instruction Policy on Learning: Some Preliminary Findings. Literacy Information and Computer Education Journal, Vol. 4, Iss.1. Retrieved from: http://infonomics-society.org/LICEJ/ImpactoftheFineTuningMediumofInstructionPolicyonLearningSomePreliminaryFindings.pdf

Tsui, A.B.M. (2008). Medium of Instruction in Hong Kong: One Country, Two Systems, Whose Language? Medium of Instruction Policies: Which Agenda? Whose Agenda? Edited by James. W. Ollofson and Amy B.M. Tsui. Taylor & Francis e-Library.

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