Access And Quality Which Nuclear Questionnaire

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2) (

1. Anterior Temporal Lobectomy

2. ADULT T-Cell Leukemia

3) Worldbook online

Available through Missoula Public library (if you have a library card)

or WorldBook (print edition, at your local library)

4) One other encyclopedia

Computer science and logic

Active Template Library, from Microsoft

ATLAS Transformation Language, a QVT model transformation language for Model Driven Engineering

Alternating-time Temporal Logic, a branching-time temporal logic that naturally describes computations of multi-agent system and multiplayer games


Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (IATA airport code: ATL)

Attleborough railway station, its National Rail code


ATL (film), a 2006 film set in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Above the line (advertising), an advertising strategy

Across the Line (BBC Radio Ulster), a BBC Northern Ireland music brand

ATL (band), an R&B boy band

Above the Law (group), a Los Angeles-based rap group

All Time Low, a pop-punk band from Lutherville-Timonium, Maryland

Among the Living, an album by Anthrax (band)

A Thousand Leaves, an album by Sonic Youth


Advanced tactical laser, a U.S. military program to mount a high energy laser weapon on an aircraft for use against...





5) Formulate a bibliography of encyclopedia articles about your topic. Use the APA Style Manual, 6th ed.

Subject: Atlatl -- Ancient weapon used extensively by Aztec warriors as well as others to increase the throwing distance of spears by providing additional energy storage, leverage, and angular momentum to the projectile.


Aztec Weapons. (2010). Aztec Warfare and Weapons. Retrieved July 1, 2010


Hrdlicka, D. (2004). "HOW Hard Does it Hit? A Study of Atlatl and Dart

Ballistics." Retrieved July 1, 2010 from the Jeffers Petroglyphs Historic Site at:

Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia. (2010). "Atlatl" Retrieved July 1, 2010 from:

The World Atlatl Association, Inc. (2010). What is the Atlatl? Retrieved July 1,

2010 from:

6. Which encyclopedia provided the best coverage? provided the best coverage because it was the most comprehensive. It included the widest range of conceivably relevant information that corresponded to the largest number of possible contextual connections. It also provided the most external references for additional research on the topic.

Sources Used in Documents:


Aztec Weapons. (2010). Aztec Warfare and Weapons. Retrieved July 1, 2010


Hrdlicka, D. (2004). "HOW Hard Does it Hit? A Study of Atlatl and Dart

Ballistics." Retrieved July 1, 2010 from the Jeffers Petroglyphs Historic Site at:

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