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¶ … Culture of Accountability

Project success can be directly extrapolated from the accountability and responsibility accepted by each and every project team member. Whether the job is to collect the most sophisticated of data, create and adhere to a project budget, or maintain quality control, the individuals involved in the effort must accept their role in order for the entire project to move forward to successful completion. Creating a culture of accountability, therefore, is crucial to the success of even the most mundane of projects.

Each individual will be responsible for the specific responsibility or task assigned to them. The Project Manager will be responsible for ensuring that each person completes his/her task in a timely manner, and coordinating the team's efforts to a successful completion. The entire project will take two weeks. A daily schedule will be set for each team member and a 4:30 PM daily...


At the meeting, each team member will take five minutes to brief the team on that day's objectives. The accounting manager will be responsible for the financial wherewithal of the project. The quality control manager will be responsible for maintaining a high degree of quality, and the product development manager will be responsible for the consistent and ongoing creation of the product. The Project Manager, of course, will be responsible for providing and maintaining the timeline and appropriate resources needed by the other team members to accomplish their goals. It is important that each team member understand exactly how important their particular role in this project is and information will be disseminated at the daily meetings to address all concerns and issues. If any questions need answering by any of the team members, please feel free to contact the Project Manager at anytime.

Visual Accountability

Each team member will be responsible for updating the Objectives Chart(s) on a daily basis and presenting them at the 4:30 PM meetings. As an incentive, the individual department that has completed the most daily objectives for the day will receive accolades and financial rewards. An example of the chart is contained herein.

Visual accountability is one method for ensuring that…

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