Accounting Computer Programs Payroll Administration Thesis

In small, rapidly growing companies the Payroll Administrator has an excellent chance for advancement as they are often requested to provide financial analysis of the payroll cost breakdowns by employee and department group. The advances in analytics applications is enabling Payroll Administrators to be more adept at presenting their analyses, and as a result they are getting asked to more and more in companies seeking to manage their greatest single cost, which is payroll. How a Payroll Administrator Would Use Quicken

With an overview of the Payroll Administrator's role, it's easy to see why Quicken chose to move in the direction of SaaS as a delivery platform. Time is the most precious commodity a Payroll Administrator has. The flexibility of using Quicken Online Payroll (SaaS) system, the Desktop applications (QuickBooks Payroll Basic & Advanced) or the high-end Payroll Service is critical for getting time-sensitive tasks done quickly. A Payroll Administrator in a small business for example would use the Intuit Online Payroll to either printer paychecks or enable Direct Deposit into employee's bank accounts (Arar, 2007). This SaaS-based edition of Intuit Online Payroll also integrates to Quicken and QuickBooks financial accounting applications which means the Payroll Administrator would not have to re-key all the payroll data; it could be transferred electronically in a format the Online Payroll could understand and use. As the Payroll Administrator is key to keeping any organization in compliance, Quicken has designed the Intuit...


This is all managed from a web browser session. The integration to Quicken and QuickBooks is also bidirectional, so the taxes paid can be reported back into a company's financial statements too. The bottom line is that a Payroll Administrator using Quicken and the SaaS-based Online Payroll will be able to get more accomplished while saving their company money (Schulz, 2009). Payroll Administrators can then also use the analytics features of Quicken and the Online Payroll application to produce reports for senior management as well.

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