Addressing The Psychological Aspects Of Treatment In Patients With CHF Essay

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¶ … Care, Treatment, and Education Plan for a Patient with Cardiac Problems

P. Presenting with Cardiomyopathy and Congestive Heart Failure

Mr. P is a 76-year-old male with cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure who has been hospitalized frequently to treat CHF symptoms. He has difficulty maintaining diet restrictions and managing his polypharmacy. He has 4+ pitting edema, moist crackles throughout lung fields, and labored breathing. He has no family other than his wife, who verbalizes sadness over his declining health and over her inability to get out of the house. She is overwhelmed with the stack of medical bills, as Mr. P always took care of the financial issues. Mr. P is despondent and asks why God has not taken him.


Considering Mr. P's condition and circumstance, write an essay of 500-750 words that includes the following: Describe your approach to care. Recommend a treatment plan. Describe a method for providing both the patient and family with education and explain your rationale. Provide a teaching plan (avoid using terminology that the patient and family may not understand).

Describe Your Approach To Care

Since Mrs. P. appears to be functioning as a caregiver to Mr. P., it is important to include interventions that can support her efforts in this arena and also help to sustain her for the duration of time she will continue to provide care. Mrs. P. needs to connect...


The sociologist affiliated with the hospital can provide Mrs. P. with contact information that will enable her to make this healthful change in her life, which will likely prompt more a positive outlook in Mrs. P. And head off or reduce the risk that she will experience depression.

The approach that will be used to provide care to Mr. P.'s will follow the best practices for patients with CHF, to ensure that an educative, teaching orientation is taken to the care giving, to emphasize ways that will increase the odds that Mr. P. will follow the prescribed regimens, and to approach Mr. P.'s mental state with the same intensity that is associated with his medical treatment plan. As it stands, Mr. P.'s depression and feelings of helplessness are counter productive to the medical treatment plan effectiveness.

Recommend a Treatment Plan.

The physician's orders include efforts to decrease body fluid so that Mr. P.'s heart will have an easier time circulating the blood. A diet that is low in sodium and includes some fluid restriction will…

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