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There are a number of administrative tasks that stemmed from the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010. Some of the most eminent of these directly relate to the mandate that employers with more than 50 full time employees offer affordable, essential care to such employees (SHRM). When one considers this part of the legislation, the most obvious administrative task is the research and selection of a health care plan for employees. This task is crucial for those organizations with the requisite number of full-time employees who did not previously offer them health insurance.

Another administrative task originating with this aspect of the Affordable Care Act is codifying and presenting the type of health care plans available to employees—once an employer has selected a provider for those employees. The employees will need to know what benefits are provided through the various options associated with different plans.

An additional administrative task related to the passage of this legislation involves actually notifying employees of the significance of this law as it relates to the healthcare an employer offers (SHRM). This task also includes explaining the additional healthcare options employers have outside of that provided by that employer.

The fourth administrative task spawned by the Affordable Care Act’s passage is an alteration of W-2 forms disseminated to employees (SHRM). The legislation states that employers must provide information pertaining to the price of healthcare in addition to the other information on the form. Although there are certain exemptions for this part of the law, the restructuring of IRS forms is always a significant task which should be carried out dutifully.

A final administrative task pertains to administration actively looking to counteract any fraudulent activity associated with the health care of its employees. Employers must identify any such instances of fraud and either report them to the appropriate authorities or nullify them to curb the healthcare benefits of fraudsters.

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