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Intrapreneurship Plan


The culture of the call center needs to be redeveloped to encourage innovative business in the company that can be achieved through recognizing and encouraging their employees. The employees are innovative individuals who have the potential, skills, and knowledge to bring to the company added advantage and therefore, it is essential for the company to look at motivating them. The creativity build through motivating employees in the organization leaves them rejuvenated to handle their work diligently. The company wants to grow and continue to maintain a competitive advantage will necessitate them encouraging their employees and giving them an opportunity to be innovative. The company has seen the need to develop a business culture that fosters the welfare of employees and their measures of involvement.

Resources needed

The financial aspect of providing employees with interesting work environments entails assigning them work or challenging duties yet time rewarding. Therefore, the company will need to have a workstation that is fully equipped with modern technology...


At the same time, they will enjoy their jobs because they are given responsibilities that are more challenging and interesting. As such, the cost of setting up an operational workstation will be minimal since it is a call center and it has all the required modern technology (Dollinger, 2008). The financial part will also include the remuneration given to the guest speaker and employees who actively participate in the discussions will be rewarded. Ideally, other employees will be awaiting other forums for them to take part in and rewarded. In so doing, the employees are motivated and look forward to having other forums because it adds value to their acquired skills and expands their horizons to greater heights.

Human resources personnel will need to arrange for the training that should be in-house and or off-site courses that will look at improving the skills of the employees. Therefore, human resource department of the company will organize the work schedule in ways that accommodate the training. It is by training employees into other work activities that will encourage job rotation among employees. Through job rotation at the call center, gives employees the ability to appreciate their duties and acquire other skills that will be of help when organizational changes occur. The training of employees will also require the company to seek outside services or consultation that leads to the motivation of employees (Desouza,…

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