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Motor Carrier's Role in Cities Economic Development

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Motor carriers have populated America's highways for the past several decades and have driven a transportation model that has fueled the growth of just-on-time shipping and a value-added marketing approach that emphasizes the 'extras' that land-transportation shipping provides to its customers. Most experts agree that within the logistics industry, the modes of transportation can be categorized as; air, motor carriers, pipelines, railroads, and water. When discussing motor transport vs. other forms of shipping, experts also agree that "each has advantages, which is why more and more companies are using intermodal methods of transport…they may use railroads for long-haul transport and motor carriers to deliver goods and materials to their final destination" (Lang, 2011, p. 13).

Motor carriers have come a long way since the early heyday of cross-country carrier shipping that saw cutthroat discounting and the challenges that come with deregulations. However, the "adeptly managed carriers learned to operate…… [Read More]


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