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This provides a more objective record of results (ibid., 137). The question of controlling or non-controlling feeding patterns and their effects on obesity are especially interesting to this author due to the potential for heading off later obesity issues. The resource will reflect on the class presentation by documenting the immediate impacts of early parenting styles among African-American parents upon obesity issues. This resource will definitely be useful in creating the presentation because it presents a proactive opportunity to intervene and improve parenting skills and child welfare.

Stewart, E.B., E.A. Stewart, and R.L. Simons. "The Effect of Neighborhood Context on the College Aspirations of African-American Adolescents." American Educational Research Journal. 44.4 (2007): 896 -- 919.

The purpose of the article is to measure...


The present study research hypothesis examines to what extent neighborhood structural disadvantages predict about college aspirations held by African-American youth. The results support the hypothesis that concentrated neighborhood disadvantages exert significant influences upon college aspirations, even when accounting for the micro-level context. With regard to the characteristics of the sample, the findings suggest that the youth that were studied that were living in disadvantaged contexts had lower college aspirations.
( Stewart, Stewart, and Simons 896). This resource will be useful in creating the presentation because it will allow a more detailed examination of the neighborhood influences upon both parenting and youth in the disadvantaged inner…

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