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It is certainly not something that one does for money and financial gain. Many charities are full of people that use the generosity of others to line their own pockets through salaries and other hidden boons to them but the tactics and precepts of AGF run completely opposite to that and that is insanely obvious if one looks at either the constitution and other documents or if one listens to anyone who works there. Having it in print is one thing but enforcing and following it is quite another and it is clear that AGF does both of those in convincing fashion.

Even with all of the good will and generosity, there are challenges that present themselves. First, money is not an infinite resource and the flow of donations and other support can become constricted at certain times. A good example of this was during the global recession of 2007-2009, which is still being felt in many corners of the world and in very many different ways. Even when no direct and obvious peril exists, the recent challenges have made many gun-shy about making donations or otherwise expending financial resources even if it's for a good cause. Of course, AGF has to react in kind when this occurs and has to be at least somewhat conservative in general regardless of the prevailing economic conditions so that the proper preparations are in place when things do go wrong. Another challenge mentioned specifically by the employees was a general mistrust of the foundation (and of charities in general) for the reasons mentioned above. Basically, the malfeasance of a couple of bad apples colors the entire charitable landscape and this impacts people's perceptions and their donations as a result.

Evaluation & Recommendations

On the whole, AGF is doing very well. As mentioned in the last section, the charitable foundation landscape is tarred by the actions of a few. The underpinnings and motives of the foundation are clearly there and are clearly followed. As an assurance to people that could and would donate so long as they are reassured their money shall not be wasted, anyone who wants to review the "books" of the AGF should be given the opportunity to do so. Any government audit or review that shows their inner workings to be solid should be trumpeted and openly shared.

On a similar note, the committee of the AGF does not take pay and people within that collective that do are immediately ostracized. This would be a MAJOR talking point when assuring people. Anyone that has been dismissed should be shown to have been dismissed immediately and hopefully has rarely if ever happened within the confines of the AGF. Basically, the AGF should toot its own horn about what it has done that is good, what it has NOT done that is bad and they should not hold anything back regardless because they will be called on it if they do. This open advertising should not be done to be bragging and "ivory tower" in nature, but rather it should be clearly stated that they are simply assuring people that their motives and work is good work and has great outcomes and that there are no ulterior motives with anyone involved.


In short, AGF is doing quite well and they simply need to keep it up but with a few minor tweaks. The tweaks are not necessary because of anything the AGF has done (or left undone or not done) but are necessary due to the actions of a few and because of the ensuing reluctance of others who see and hear about all of these dastardly events.



Q1: Does AGF adhere to its stated principles?

Q2: Do the AGF leaders (committee, supervisor, etc.) keep to the precepts and missions of the organization?

Q3: Does the AGF enforce its rules and principles or are they treated casually?

Q4: Do you think the public perceives your organization well? If not, do you know what their complaints/concerns are?

Q5: Do you feel fulfilled due to working here? Would you re-do anything differently vis-a-vis the path that led you here? If yes, why? If no, why not?

Q6: Are times tough with AGF when economic recessions and other struggles happen?

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