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" Discrimination was either in the form of cruelty or just plain sympathy, which was worse since it seemed that there was a consensus in the society that to be in relations with a colored individual would result to a disadvantaged life.

Robert Frost is a modern poet in the sense that he tackled themes that centered on individualism and self-improvement, two important life principles that prevailed and dominated society as it moved towards the 20th century and modernization. These principles of individualism and self-improvement, in fact, were questioned and contemplated in the poem, "After Apple-Picking." In this poem, Frost contemplated through imagery the lack of purpose the Voice's life had been, and "apple-picking" was a symbol for his continued need to achieve success and improvement in life. However, as was later discussed in the poem, his failures in life led him to prefer life over death, hence the phrase, "after apple-picking." This poem echoed the disillusionment that humanity felt with the increasing feeling of competition and social Darwinism prevalent in the modern society.

T.S. Eliot's thought-provoking "The love song of Alfred J. Prufrock" tackled similar themes about modern society. Like Frost, Eliot tried to understand the rapid social change going on in modern society; and like Frost, he showed doubt on the promise that modernization would result to the improvement of human civilization and humanity per se. Eliot, in fact, voiced out his disagreement to the principles of self-improvement and individualism in modern society, saying that in the end, humans would die. Death was the only thing that is constant in the ever-changing world that humanity lives in, and this, according to Eliot, would be the fate of all humans, whether they are modern and self-improved or not.

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