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Although his wife was really upset, and very mean to him, his patience with her and about the severity of the situation, makes him a model person. Not many people actually have this attribute, and although many would wish to attain it, very few do. This adds on to the mythic American persona. Rip Van Winkle was liked by everyone. His sweet, nice characteristics made him a likeable person, despite the troubles that he was having with his wife. He went on with his life as if nothing was too severe to dwell on, and this makes him a person that everyone wants to be like. The Romanticism that exists in living in a world where everything seems peaceful and where nothing gets to anyone is very overwhelming, and that is exactly how Rip Van Winkle lived. He never let anything get to him. He was also very helpful to everyone in the community. Although he might have been seen as being weak for letting people tell him what to do, his willingness to help despite everything, made him a character that possessed romantic qualities. It is this picture of what a perfect person is supposed to be like that makes Rip Van Winkle the way he is. Being able to be everything to everyone, and not put his needs…

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