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Also, the experiences he underwent in prison offered him the chance to survive in a cruel world, both inside and outside the walls of prison. Inside, as he states "language gave me a way to keep the chaos of prison at bay and prevent it from devouring me; it was a resource that allowed me to confront and understand my past" (Baca, 2001, p4). From this point-of-view, the time spent in prison represented a moment of reflections and of understanding.

The author placed his energy and belief in poetry and writing for a single reason which was that of transforming himself in the messenger of the ones who cannot express themselves. As a comparison with the person he was in his early teen years when he was unable to express himself, his needs, his creeds, or his culture, the prison time helped him understand that a connection with the others in his situation can be made through writing and through the possibility to express the feelings and emotions of the others who cannot. He considers it a gift and a calling.

Overall, the three books presented have particularities in their own sense of perception of culture, of the potential of culture and the way in which it can be heard. Each of the authors tried to express the needs of their people, of their tribe, or their community. Through their books, they expressed the linkages between past and present generations in order to ensure a better acceptance of cultural diversity and acceptance.


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