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¶ … New Graduate Position Selection Criteria

Demonstrated High Level Interpersonal, Verbal And Written Communication Skills

When I worked at the Reader's Bookstore, I nurtured skills and applied them in the areas mentioned above. I dealt with customers regularly, and staff and suppliers over the phone and in person. I was charged with handling customer enquiries. I applied my communication skills to the fullest extent. Dealing with book request orders involved contacting the supplier on phone, updating the computer system with the data of the customer and the book/s ordered, making the book order and reaching back to the customer to alert them when the order has been delivered. I also captured the same information in the bookstore's filing system for use by others in the firm. I established a good relationship with customers and suppliers through effective communication strategies. I also rendered effective customer service. My line manager gave a positive comment regarding my communication skills in my performance appraisal. Following this performance, I was elevated to the position of staff trainer. In the course of my career, I have polished my written communication skills too. Further, I have developed and conducted a range of patient education programs while I was practising as a registered nurse with an acute hospital. I lent a hand in communication sessions with patients who were recovering. I kept track of their progress.

Demonstrated Clinical Knowledge And Clinical Problem Solving Abilities

My career has also spanned experience with an acute hospital that handles vascular, renal, neuroscience and orientation in urology for a year after qualifying as an enrolled nurse. The experienced helped me work with, and assist doctors in assessment of different situatiations. I assisted in forestalling problems of infections around the hospital environments and provided pallative care to patients. I administered medicines, organized patient information for proper record keeping and monitored specialized equipment (Browne, 2016; INQRI, 2016). All these tasks requred that I apply the academic knowledge I have and even researched further when needed. Once, a renal failure patient requested me to provide information and advise him...


I had to dig into the information resource base and check the latest successful treatment cases. I discovered a possible solution and advised the patient to go for stem cells or transplant (NHS, 2016). The information assisted the patient to resolve her health issue. Following this approach, many patients have been empowered; even though they struggled with understanding their conditions earlier on (Career FAQs Team, 2016). My supervisors acknowledged my input and pointed out that my effort helped their patients. I also received lots of appreciation messages from patients I previously assisted (Career FAQs Team, 2016).

An Indepth Understanding Of The Work Dynamics And The Ability To Work With An Interdisciplinary Team

An interdsciplinary team constitutes two health experts who provide complementary health services that are virtually different. They assess, plan and evaluate patient health and care. They share common health goals and assist in achieving better mental and physical health status for the patients (Nancarrow et al., 2013). The elements can be achieved through effective communication, collaboration and joint decisions. There are several other gains that trickle from the scenario. The patient, the organization and the staff gain in certain respects. Effective interdisciplinary characteristics include: mutual respect, communication and the common desire to achieve common goals (, 2016). For effective collaboration, there must be a thorough understanding of each discilene's role and what they bring to the care delivery mission ("American Association of Colleges of Nursing -- Interdisciplinary Education and Practice," 2016). I appreciate the fact that such abilities and socialization dynamics come from a comon practice and educational experience. I can provide feedback effectively because I have great communication skills. I once worked with a kidney transplant team. Owing to the collaboration, the procedure was successful and the patient held a special party for all of us after recovery.

Understanding The Professional, Ethical And Legal Requirements Of The Registered Nurse Or Registered Midwife

I have the professional, legal and ethical requirements of a registered nurse. I hold quality nursing close to my heart. I expect each nurse or registered midwife to subscribe to a certain standard of accountability for nursing practice. I appreciate people's varyig cultural backgrounds and languages. Acces to quality nursing is a top priority. People should be empowered to access nursing care. There should be information available to…

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