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De Jong (2011) highlights the aspect of globalization and the language issues that go along with it. I am in agreement with the author in that globalization fructifies homogenization of culture and languages. However, it can also be contended through the argument that, instead, globalization offers a platform for the dissemination of the various minority languages across other parts of the world. Susceptibility of these minority languages has prompted legal protection to minority languages globally. For instance, it is presently a human right and liberty for a person to be protected against discrimination that is centered on language (De Jong, 2011). In addition, with English progressively becoming more and more dominant, its hegemony through widespread use poses a threat to diversity in language; an issue, which has raised concerns and worry regarding the protection and survival of other minority languages....


Here too, it can be argued that English does not necessarily replace the other languages but rather only dominates other languages, to some extent. These languages can be considered to eventually become a competitive advantage in future.

In the fifth chapter of their book, Samway and McKeon (2007) discredit the myths concerning literacy and provide their practicalities. One of the certainties is that of teaching English language learners (ELLs) not restricted to language usage, content and form but in content area knowledge as well. I fully concur with this viewpoint as ELLs constitute the fastest growing population in educational facilities within the United States. As such, it is logical that an absence of doing so will only impede their academic progress. In the present-day, teachers are continuously experiencing an educational setting that is principally perplexing. Therefore, ESL and bilingual teachers as also the supervisors are often apprehensive of their capacity to deliver value to a program that fulfills all essential standards. One fitting example is the myth that ELLS demand a well-founded comprehension in L1 to be able to progress to L2. Nevertheless, as elucidated by Samway and McKeon (2007), this is not the case at all times as an English-medium learning and coaching that is correctly planned and efficiently implemented can produce high levels of literacy in English. For teachers and educators to assist ELLs, to be successful in their academics, such actualities become important. Particularly, in this field that adheres to the No Child Left Behind Act, these certainties attest to be important and worthwhile causes.



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Samway, K and McKeon D. (2007). Myths and Realities: Best Practices for Language Minority Students. Heinemann. ISBN 13: 9780325009896.

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