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Meditation for the Soul

Meditation Plan

The human spirit can be compared to a powerful motor having its own vibration. It is not a power I could "turn on" but a loving power that I could awaken and utilize. Also, it is not a power over which I have control; instead it is a loving presence to which I could safely submit. It never abandons me (Naylor, 2009). In the past, meditation practices were deemed as important only by those who were actively on the spiritual path. Currently, however, with the non-stop activity of sensory stimulation from high tech devices, meditation is now supported by majority in the area of psychology as a necessity for all. Studies reveal that individuals surrounded by an overflow of data and choices of data venues are now displaying signs of what is referred to as 'brain freeze.' Taking some time to refresh the mind of excess sensory stimulation and domesticating the ego together with its addictive tendencies is now regarded as important for both mental and spiritual welfare (Seaward, 2012).

1. Find a quiet place; DO NOT DISTURB: Find a spot at home or work where you can lie comfortably for a while without being disturbed. If you have a particular place meant for this practice, it assists in reducing disruptions (Seaward, 2012). In case you have kids at home, you could invite them to come up with a Do Not Disturb notice on the door of the room where you meditate. Switch off phones, or any other kinds of distraction (Naylor, 2009).

2. Schedule a regular time each day: The ideal time to meditate is at the beginning of every day. It is most beneficial to dedicate the same time every day. By doing so, the practice becomes embedded into your daily schedule (Seaward, 2012). A fifteen-minute session is a good start. You might like to set an alarm, or even have a watch next to you (Naylor, 2009).

3. Minimize any distractions: Do your very best to come up with a place of silence by turning off phones, televisions, radios, computers and anything else which captures your attention. Distractions could also entail intrusion by people (including family members, friends, colleagues, or visitors). Hence, it is crucial to have good boundaries (Seaward, 2012).

4. Find a comfortable position: A straight spine is comfort's most important aspect. The ideal style of meditation is sitting…

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