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Team Building

There are four factors that ought to be understood and managed in order for teams to attain superior performance. These factors include: context, composition, competencies and change management skills of the team. To begin with, the context of the team encompasses the organizational setting in which the team has to operate. Teamwork necessitated to attain high performance is much more significant when the team has to undertake and finish an intricate task signified by a high magnitude of interdependence (Dyer et al., 2007). More so, a number of organizations institute formal organizational structures or systems of rewarding that end up being hindrances to effective teamwork. High performing teams are able to manage context in an effective manner by ascertaining quantifiable team performance objectives that are apparent and enthralling. Secondly, they make certain that team members comprehend that effective teamwork is vital to attaining those objectives. Thirdly, these teams establish rewarding systems that reward team performance in a greater way compared to individual performance. They also get rid of obstacles to teamwork that may be created by formal organizational structures and institute an organizational culture...


In order to have effective management of the composition of the team, it is imperative for team leaders to comprehend that team leadership and practices vary. High-performing teams, through instituting procedures to select persons for the team who are not just competent, but also motivated, are able to effectively manage the team composition. Secondly, they establish practices that nurture and grow the technical and interpersonal skills of team members, in addition to the devotion to attain team objectives (Dyer et al., 2007). Third, they get rid of individuals who do not have expertise or motivation. Moreover, they make certain that the team is neither too big nor too small to achieve the task (Jackson and Madsen, 2005).


Research has shown that successful teams have distinct and particular competencies that are present, independent of any solitary member of the team, but are entrenched in the official and unofficial practices of the team. Whereas the context and composition of the team establish the platform, it is the competencies that steer and drive the team to high performance. If the team endeavors to be great, it ought to develop competencies…

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