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Juror 7 can be classified as a salesman who simply cannot wait to be elsewhere.

The eighth juror is an insightful individual, who is also patient and who constantly strives to attain the truth.

Juror 9 is the eldest and is a fair individual as well.

Juror 10 is much like Juror 3, in that he is opinionated, intolerant and a racist.

Juror 11 is an immigrant who expresses respect for the American system and who is also quite patient.

Lastly, the 12th Juror is a well dressed businessman who is quite vacillating.

Kohlberg's stages can correspond to all of these individuals. Firstly, to identify these stages, one can separate them into 3 levels: pre-conventional, conventional, and post conventional, with maturity levels for each. The first level is focused around self-centeredness, with the second focusing on accord and conformity and lastly, the third and most advance focusing upon universal principles and social contract principles.

Due to the Juror description presented above one can identify Juror 3, 7 and 10 immediately as belonging in the first stage. Furthermore, jurors 4, 8, 9 and even 11 can be classified as belonging to the most mature stage. All other jurors, namely 1, 2, 5, 6, and 12 belong to the conventional stage, which is most common and presents a majority in this aspect.

Prior to seeing the movie, I would have stated that I would have been most like the conventional individuals, perhaps easily persuadable such as Juror 2, but after seeing the movie I would like to be most like Juror 8 or Juror 11 who at least present some respect for the justice system and patience and respect for the individual and for the right verdict.

The film is quite excellent in delivering this result for me; namely, it has made me want to be a better individual and think about others. Furthermore, it is important to note the film also examines a great variety of different individuals and their personalities, while also shedding light upon the U.S. justice system, how it functions and how important it is to be a fair and unbiased individual.

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