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Project Scope Statement

Title: Network Switch Upgrade and Funding Challenges in My Organization

Objective: To analyze and improve the current innovation process related to upgrading network switches, with a focus on overcoming financial constraints for computer equipment.


Beginning: The process begins with the identification of the need for upgrading network switches.

End: The process ends with the successful upgrade of the network switches and securing the necessary funding for computer equipment.


Assessment of the current innovation process.

Identification of financial constraints.

Development of strategies to secure funding.


Non-IT related financial decisions.

Upgrades beyond network switches.

Part 2

Network Switch Upgrade and Funding Challenges in My Organization


Company is a mid-sized technology firm specializing in developing innovative software solutions.

Goal is to maintain cutting-edge technology infrastructure, ensuring high-speed, reliable network connectivity for optimal software development and client services.

Current issue is the need to upgrade network switches for maintaining our competitive edge. However, this goal is currently misaligned due to financial constraints, specifically the lack of funding for necessary computer equipment.


Major Problems: Inadequate budget allocation for computer equipment necessary for the network switch upgrade.

Quantified Measures: Current budget allocation is 30% less than what is required for the upgrade.


Problem: Inadequate funding for network switch upgrades.


Budget allocation priorities favor other departments.

Unexpected expenses in Q2 led to budget cuts in IT.

Lack of a contingency fund for technological upgrades.



Reallocate funds from less critical projects.

Initiate discussions with finance for additional budget allocation.

Explore external funding sources, like technology grants or partnerships.

Expected Improvement:...…with the finance department was pivotal. This aligns with the findings of PMIs Pulse of the Profession (2018), which states that effective communication is a cornerstone of successful project management, fostering alignment and expediting processes. Our experience echoes the importance of establishing routine collaboration between departments for all major projects (Project Management Institute, 2018).

Flexibility and Adaptability in Project Management

The project was helpful in highlighting the need for adaptability in response to changing circumstances, a key aspect noted by Schwalbe (2015). We learned to value the ability to adjust our approach in response to budget constraints. We learned the importance of flexibility and contingency planning in project management (Schwalbe, 2015). Incorporating this lesson, we plan to include contingency planning in all major project plans and conduct regular review meetings to adjust…

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