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Art Memo

We are a company at the head of the fashion industry. Our image is crucial to our success. The appearance, the environment, the overall decor, and the ambiance of our office space is what sends the first messages to our clients. If we expect consumers to value their appearance, then it is up to us to be role models for fashion sense and sensibility.

Therefore, I propose the installation of six major works of art in our corporate office space. Each of these six works of art is carefully selected because it reflects the vibe and mission of our company. The colors, the tone, and the style of the artwork matches our corporate vision. In this memorandum, I will list and describe the six works of art, telling you why these pieces reflect our image.

Camille Pissarro's "Apple Tree at Eragny"

This richly textured painting conveys a sense of peace instantly. I believe that displaying this painting in a waiting room will bestow a message of calm on those who might be anxious before their meetings. The color palette combines various shades of green with peachy earth tones from the houses in the background. Those houses symbolize...
...The tree in the foreground, on the other hand, represents a grander spiritual dimension. Shaded by the tree, the viewer feels safe and calm. This is how we want our clients, suppliers, or the media to feel when they visit our corporate offices.

2. Camille Pissarro's "Young Woman Bathing Her Feet"

As a fashion house, it is important to remain grounded at all times. The feminine mystique that Camille Pissarro captures in "Young Woman Bathing Her Feet" is the very same image or feeling we sell with our products. We want our female consumers to feel natural, and to value their natural beauty. The woman depicted in "Young Woman Bathing Her Feet" is a part of her landscape. She is washing her feet, becoming one with nature. Although her clothes are not fancy, she conveys a sense of sensuality that is at the heart of the human experience. It is crucial to hang a piece of art that conveys these core concepts: that the woman has an innate beauty. Fashion enhances or is already a part of that natural sense of self.

3. Claude Monet's "La Japonaise"

Claude Monet might be most famous for his water lilies and haystack paintings, but he also drew much of his artistic sensibility from fashion. The emerging trend in artistic fashion during the late nineteenth century was an Oriental mystique, which is conveyed in "La Japonaise." Many Impressionist painters derived an artistic style from encounters with Eastern art and fashion. Monet captures the mystique of "La Japonaise" by portraying a woman with European features dressed up in traditional Japanese kimono. The message is…

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