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¶ … avoid the pitfalls that cause a project to fall behind schedule is entitled "10 golden rules of project risk management." It is written by Barte Jutte. The basis of this article is that the effective assessment of risk -- and accordant action -- can mitigate the pitfalls that cause a project to not meet its temporal schedule requirements. The article focuses on assessing risks early, prioritizing them, and actually planning responses to risks. Jutte (2014) notes that Individuals who do so early enough in the project planning stage are able to utilize a replacement for people and contingencies in a project that might cause them to lag behind on their schedules -- which certainly seems valid.

The second article reviewed was Ron Holohan's "6 steps to successful schedules." The basis for eschewing scheduling pitfalls in this article is to base scheduling largely in conjunction with the work breakdown structure for each of the participants in the project. Doing so requires denoting the specific processes required to complete each participant's work, sequencing them appropriately and estimating the resources and temporal constraints associated with obtaining and implementing those resources. Planning in such a unified manner (for all involved in the project) will certainly provide a degree of


Money, it is quite apparent that he needs to get replaced in order for the project to continue and to not fall further behind schedule. Prior to removing him from the project, however, it is prudent to take whatever donations he has procured at this point. Additionally, it is necessary to appoint another for this particular purpose. One should also attempt to access whatever contacts or insight Money has regarding donations.

Unit 5

The first article reviewed for this assignment is by Woolliscroft et al. And is entitled, "The implications of tacit knowledge utilization within project management risk assessment." This article stratifies the types of risk that organizations must account for in project management according to that which is tacit and that which is explicit. The former pertains to humans and human interactions and is much less predictable than the latter, which refers to concrete knowledge and technology. The predominant strategy posed in this article is that tacit knowledge is much more tenuous than the other type of knowledge, and must be taken account of when conducting risk assessments. People cannot…

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