Baroque Piece Chosen: Pachelbel's Cannon Term Paper

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Also, the crowd seemed to enjoy the canon, since its melody is so familiar.

What did you not like about it?

Although the piece is enjoyable to listen to, even in performance it does not stir up strong emotions within me.


Does learning something about a concert piece before the concert affect the concert experience? If so, how?

Absolutely! I felt that this historical composition was much more accessible, and I had much more respect for the work, when I saw how many modern arrangements had been inspired by the cannon -- including some tunes from popular music, television theme songs, and even some themes to video games! Even if the original work does not set my toes tapping, it has inspired many
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works and pieces that I love or are a part of my culture.

Based on this concert experience and your studies this semester, describe your assessment of the function, purpose, and rituals of art music in today's society:

think to really understand why Baroque music like Pachebel's "Canon in D" was so popular during its day and age, it must be experienced live. The live performance infuses the old work with extra energy, based on the enthusiasm of contemporary performances, and the music was designed to be enjoyed as part of a communal experience, unlike today's music, which is more often designed to be enjoyed in a car, working out with an iPod, or listened to at home on a CD.

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