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Beam, Randal A.; Eunseong, Kim; andVoakes, Paul S. 2003. "Technology-induced stressors, job satisfaction and workplace exhaustion among journalism and mass communication faculty." Journalism & Mass Communication Educator. Winter.

The authors of this study looked at the effects of rapidly changing technology on college instructors who must keep up-to-date with these changed because they teach journalism students who must also keep up with the technology. In their literature search they found instances of other college professors who experienced significant stress trying to keep up with technological change, so it was no surprise to the authors that journalism and mass communication professors felt similar frustration.

The research has wider implications, however. The writers cited examples of the people they surveyed not getting enough technical support. The burden of keeping up-to-date was too much on them, they thought, with a lack of technical support available to them. It seems likely that many university instructors would have this complaint, but in addition, that many people in many different occupations would have this problem. Lawyers, for instance, spend three years studying…

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