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Technical Writing Essays (Examples)

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How to be a Better Technical Writer
Words: 446 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37766731
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Subject: Article Summary
Date: 20 January 2016
The purpose of this article was to highlight the 12 most common mistakes that technical writers make and to offer tips and suggestions for improvement for each one.
Poor organization, no revision, too many big words, sentences that are too long, writing that is too technical, and an unawareness of the reader are just a few of the major obstacles that technical writers face. Overall this article offers excellent solutions to these hurdles by adopting a practical approach to writing that any technical writer can benefit from by following.
Poor organization is one of the top three main hurdles: it is the result of a haphazard approach to writing that can lead a technical writer to all sorts of trouble. Poor organization leads to a lack of clarity in the writing, a lack of focus, a lack of…

Technical Support Dell and the Failed Hard
Words: 694 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18116654
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Technical Support

Dell and the Failed Hard Drive in a New Laptop

During the December, 2010 sales at BestBuy, the deals on the Dell laptops were just too good to pass up. I bought one on impulse, reasoning my laptop running Windows 3.1 was a dinosaur and would not be able to keep up with the applications I was going to need to run doing this semester. For the first two weeks, the system ran perfectly, and then on the eleventh day, it died. Just quit working, the hard drive had crashed, right after I had loaded all my application on it. Incredulous, I had to pull myself from continually rebooting it until the realization set in": it was completely dead.

Analysis of Technical Support

Having saved the materials from the package, I immediately went online on my parents' laptop and typed in my serial number, reporting the system broken.…


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Technical Instructions for Coronary Artery
Words: 1986 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 30752594
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Indeed, "time heals all wounds," even those resulting from open heart surgery, and the payoff was shown to be clearly worth the risks involved for most of the people who electively seek out the CABG procedure for their coronary heart disease.


CABG and PCI Each Have Strengths, Weaknesses Ann Intern Med. 2007 [Published online Oct.

16, 2007] cited in Latest research. (2007, November 2). Medical Economics, 84(21), 75.

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Psychosocial predictors of optimal rehabilitation post-coronary artery bypass surgery.

Scholarly Inquiry for Nursing Practice, 2(3), 171-172.

Peterson, J.C., Charleson, M.E., Williams-usso, P. & Krieger, K.H. (2002). New

postoperative depressive symptoms and long-term cardiac outcomes after coronary artery bypass surgery. The American Journal…


CABG and PCI Each Have Strengths, Weaknesses Ann Intern Med. 2007 [Published online Oct.

16, 2007] cited in Latest research. (2007, November 2). Medical Economics, 84(21), 75.

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Kos-Munson, B. A, Alexander, L.D., Culbert, P.A., Hinthorn, E.L. & Goetze, C.M. (1988).

Technical System Information Technology and Information Systems
Words: 1023 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11062670
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Technical System: Information, Information Technology, And Information Systems

The Technical System:

Information, Information Technology, and Information Systems

The use of Enterprise esource Planning (EP) systems to manage the manufacturing and services processes with companies is one of the most critical areas of enterprise software there is. Google, Yahoo and other search engines, in their search taxonomies also classify EP systems as manufacturing systems, and this is because of the highly coordinated approach these applications bring to running an enterprise. The business activities and functions support, information the applications of an EP systems provide and the knowledge that users need to successfully manage based on its analysis and reporting are provided.

Fundamentals of EP Systems

At the center of EP systems are the accounting and finance modules that include Accounts Payable and Accounts eceivable, General Ledger and Financial eporting (Edwards, Coutts, 2005). These form the coordination point of the EP system…


J Edwards, & I Coutts. (2005). Easing the implementation and change of manufacturing software systems. International Journal of Production Research, 43(10), 1965-1981.

Law, C., Chen, C., & Wu, B.. (2010). Managing the full ERP life-cycle:

Considerations of maintenance and support requirements and IT governance practice as integral elements of the formula for successful ERP adoption. Computers in Industry, 61(3), 297.

Malhotra, R., & Temponi, C.. (2010). Critical decisions for ERP integration: Small business issues. International Journal of Information Management, 30(1), 28.

Rfps Writing Proposals Is a
Words: 703 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Reaction Paper Paper #: 19910010
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It is imperative that the proposal writer makes certain the proposal is a good fit for the funding organization. There are many worthwhile causes in the world and even the richest foundations fund only a relatively few. For best results, writers will help develop proposals that align closely with the funder's mission. Writers should look at the mission of their own organization, and consider its objectives, goals and strategic tasks as they seek funders. Successful proposals match projects to an organization's mission as well as match them to a grantor's mission. It usually does not work to create a proposal just for the sake of applying for a grant. eaders of proposals will have difficulty in justifying funding when the missions of grantor and grantee are too far apart.

Writers will work with proponents within their own organization to develop programs or project ideas that will appeal to grantors. The…


Coley, S.M., & Scheinberg, C.A. (2008). Proposal Writing: Effective Grantsmanship.

Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc.

Technical Instruction for HP Pavilion
Words: 1517 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35854031
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The objective of this document is to provide the technical instruction about the strategy to maintaning and protecting the HP Pavilion computer Notebook against a potential damage and external attacks. The instruction is essential to guide people using the HP Pavilion on the appropriate method to use the system and prevent it from damaging.


This manual is to be used by employees, customers, suppliers, top executive, and individuals using the HP Pavilion.

The purpose of this paper is to advise the target audience about the strategy for maintenance of HP Pavilion computer Notebook correctly.

Hewlett-Packard is a giant computer company that focuses on manufacturing and marketing of computer systems, printers and other computer products. To achieve their objective, employees, customers, suppliers, and individuals use the computer systems to communicate to one another. One of the company's latest products is HP Pavilion computer Notebook, and the company has sold million…

Technical Advances That Occurred Since 1950 That
Words: 656 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81255561
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technical advances that occurred since 1950 that radically changed any 4 of the following 6 areas.

Transportation - Modern automobiles with all sorts of conveniences such as anti-lock brakes, sophisticated sensors, and computer-controlled mechanisms for injecting fuel and air. Also rockets that conveyed man to the moon.

Communications - Digital computer and software technology that dramatically changed communication in a wide sphere of services including factories, offices, hospitals, and, indeed, throughout society. In fact, each of these four areas are influenced by these two technical advances.

Manufacturing - inventions here include oil refineries and electric power plants.

e. Entertainment - The DVD and ability to download virtual music over the Internet and, via online technology, to compose and disseminate one's own musical compositions.

Chapter 1, Figure 1 (also slides 14-15 of Need for Systems Engineering) illustrates the law of diminishing returns in seeking the optimum system (or component) performance and,…

Technical and Functional Document
Words: 4439 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76005749
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Functional and Technical Document

File Name:

equirements Document.docx

Original Document Created

Original Document Created

Original Document Created

Document eviewers/Approvers



eviewer and Approver

Sign-off Date

Smith Joe

Department Dean

Smith Joe

Underhill James

Underhill James

Jane Mary

Accounting Officer

Jane Mary

Assumptions, estrictions & Limitations

Data Flow

Customer Workflows

As-Is Diagram and Actors

To-Be Diagram and Actors

Business and Functional equirements

Business/functional requirements

Non-functional requirements

Quality of Service equirements


System Availability


User Interfaces

Software Interfaces

Data Migration Interfaces

Purchased Components

Licensing equirements

Legal, Copyright and Other Notices

Documentation equirements

User Acceptance Test Strategy

Use Cases

Use Case

Use Case


Security 17

20 eports 17

20.1 General 17

20.2 Supplies eport 17

20.3 Supplies Budget equest eport 18

21 Appendices 20

21.1 Appendix A: ACI Matrix 20

21.2 Appendix B: Problem Statement 21

21.3 Appendix C: Context Diagram 22

21.4 Appendix D: Stakeholder Profile 23

Table of…


Indiana Government (2013).Screening Technical Design Document Version 2.0. Indiana Screening and Referral Tool.


"Appendix A: RACI Matrix"

RACI matrix

Technical IBM Token Ring
Words: 1407 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 89547259
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IBM oken Ring. he writer explores the history of the token ring, its functions and its future. he writer also discusses some of the trouble shooting methods that are used to correct any problems.


International Business Machines (IBM) has been on the leading edge of technology since the explosi0on began. he technological explosion that has occurred in the last four decades has taken mankind to heights it never knew was possible. IBM has been a leader in the industry since the industry was born. IBM began its journey into success in the early 1900's and has been re-inventing the wheel since then. One of the most advanced inventions in IBM's history was the invention of the token ring. he token ring created a level in the world of technology that has served as a building block for many other technological advances.

Before one can fully…

The technological explosion of the late 1900's has moved the world into realms that were previously unheard of. One of the front-runners of the explosion has always been IBM (International Business Machines). In the early 70's the company invented something called a token ring that allows a network to gather and send information around a frame.

There are many things that can go wrong in a passing system that IBM has developed its token ring system to be able to stop some possible problems before they have even begun. Because of the self-monitoring ability of the token ring many experts in the field consider system the system extremely reliable. If something goes wrong within the token ring passing system the possibilities are narrowed by virtue of its self-monitoring abilities.

The token rings have many advantages including the inability to collide, and the ability to self-monitor. Another advantage is the layering of information that it gathers and the way that information can be utilized. There are few disadvantages with the token ring system other than its dependence on the system for success. The token ring system allows the user to send information quickly to stations until all the information is gathered and used. It is one of the most important advents of the computer world and it is still used today by many companies including its inventor, IBM.

Technical Analysis in the Implication of Efficient Market Hypothesis on Silver Market

The thesis is for the study of simple commonly used technical trading rules, which are applied on silver market. It covers years 1989 to 2005. A famous study carried out by Lakonishok, Lebaon and in year, 1992 has clearly shown that technical analysis can lead to abnormal prices when compared with buy-and-hold strategy. Other studies have been carried out and found out that technical trading rules cannot over-rule passive investment management strategy. The study uses Brock et al.'s methodology. Several trading rules are discussed (Dawson & Steeley 2003).


In financial theory, efficiency of financial silver market is highly disputed. This has led to many attempts to explain efficiency of silver markets. Eugene.F. Fama formulated the most famous definition in 1970 referred to as the, Efficient Silver market Hypothesis (EHM). The basis of the hypothesis is that…


Alexander, S.S. (1964) 'Price Movements in Speculative Markets: Trends or Random Walks'. Industrial management Review 5 (2), 25-46

Brock, W., Lakonishok, J., & LeBaron, B. (1992) 'Simple Technical Trading Rules and the Stochastic Properties of Stock Returns'. Journal of finance 4, (5), 1731-1764

Chang, P.H., & Osler, C.L. (1999) 'Methodical Madness: Technical Analysis and the Irrationality of Exchange Rate Forecasts'. Economic Journal 109 (458), 636-661

Dawson, E.R., & Steeley, J. (2003) 'On the Existence of Visual Technical Patterns in the Uk Stock Market'. Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 30 (1-2), 263-293

Better Than Bic
Words: 610 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98557155
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Technical Description of Pilot G-

Technical Writing - Pen

Pilot G-2-0.7mm fine point pen

The Pilot G-2 is a retractable and refillable gel ink pen that features a 0.7 mm fine roller point. Designed for writing on paper, the pen is equipped with dynamic gel ink that is formulated for smooth, smear-proof writing. The pen has a soft, comfortable rubber grip.

In 2013, the Pilot G-2 pen was rated America's #1 selling gel pen by A.C. Nielsen.

The Pilot G-2 offers exceptional value as it holds the longest lasting ink of pens in its class, as rated by an independent IO testing of the average life of refills of branded gel pens tested. Data for the 2013 product testing is on file with the Pilot Corporation of America.

Refills are available for the pen in a variety of colors, including black, blue, red, orange, lime, green, hunter green, turquoise, navy,…


[Type text]

Making a Passage Less Formal
Words: 569 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63653730
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Technical Writing

The passage from the FDIC is written in a formal style. In order to re-write this passage in an informal style, several changes need to be made. These include length of sentences, the use of false subjects, the use of nominalizations, the style of the list and the use of active and passive voice.

In formal writing, sentence lengths tend to be longer. This is in part due to certain structural elements, such as false subjects, but also simply because length implies seriousness. For example "The public relies on the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to protect insured depositors, resolve banking problems quickly and help maintain public confidence in insured depository institutions. A more informal tone can be achieved by shortening the sentences, reducing stiffness. For example, that sentence can be written as two or three sentences. "The public relies on the FDIC for several functions. The FDIC…

audience'style writing on websites Webmd and Drugs com
Words: 496 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21699036
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Audience in Communication

Not all websites are written for a general audience. Some websites include technical information geared for professionals in their field. There are also a number of websites that aim to please both types of audiences: those who understand rich technical or scientific jargon and those who do not. This memorandum compares and contrasts two health information websites: WebMD and to illustrate the importance of audience when composing and presenting health-related information online.


The WebMD website is written for a general audience with limited understanding of science or low science literacy. To a degree, is also geared for a general audience, but the difference between these sites is that also has a section for professionals that can be used to make educated and evidence-based decisions about pharmacological treatments. There is, for example, a "Pro Edition" section of as well as detailed information about…

Consciousness There Are Numerous Technical Intricacies to
Words: 1662 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27035821
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There are numerous technical intricacies to neurobiological research. The human brain is a completely intricate mechanism and holds numerous neurons. This creates problems in studying consciousness particularly in comprehending how brain processes trigger human consciousness, and how the brain realizes consciousness. The major aspect of perception is that for every conscious condition, people experiences some qualitative disposition to that state of being consciousness. In this regard, this paper assesses the disparity amid semantic and syntactic knowledge. The paper also highlights the disparities between knowledge content and form, and ascertains the effects of knowledge content and form when evaluating the intelligence of a machine.


Consciousness refers to the state of being responsive towards ones setting. It is the state or condition of wakefulness where one is able to recognize some inner thoughts or feelings or external objects. Scores of philosophers have tried to understand the temperament of consciousness and…


Palmer, D.E. (1998). Searle on Consciousness: or How not to be a Physicalist. Ratio, 11(2),

Tallis, R. (2010). Consciousness, not yet explained. New Scientist, 205(2742), 28-29.

Jinchang, W. (2010). Some Philosophical Thoughts on Machine Consciousness. Proceedings for the Northeast Region Decision Sciences Institute (NEDSI), 266-270.

Searle, J.R. (2000). Consciousness. Annual Review of Neuroscience, 23(1), 557.

Nursing Course Reflection
Words: 693 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29388762
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.....technical writing was valuable because it highlighted a few different aspects of writing that are valuable on the job. First, the course highlighted the need for structure in writing. Using headings to organize thoughts makes the writing easier to read, and the audience more likely to follow the progression of thoughts. Adding diagrams or infographics can help further illustrate the concepts, especially the progression of tasks that might be required. One of the key elements of technical writing is to describe a process, and that means taking someone through a series of steps to a conclusion.

Thoroughness is the second important element that I got out of this course. The key to technical writing is not to skip steps. It is important to illustrate each step, not taking for granted that the reader understands the process. Thus, when writing out explanations for how to do something, all elements are included.…

Regional Technical Efficiency and Technology Gaps in
Words: 867 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48329040
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egional technical efficiency and technology gaps in rural China: evidence from CHIP surveys, by Wenjun Liu (2012)

The current review is based on the assessment of Wenjun Liu's article on the technological efficiency in China. It starts out by briefly summarizing the contents of the article, and then moves on to the presentation of more specific elements, such as the methodology employed by the author and the primary findings of the research conducted. Ultimately, the review culminates with the personal assessment of the reviewer, regarding the significance, usefulness, readability and overall quality of the article. The article acknowledges the people who helped him with the efforts to gather information, and assumes the responsibility of any errors for himself.

Wenjun Liu (2012) seeks to analyze the usage of technology within the rural areas of China, and also to assess the gaps which exist in technology usage across various rural regions of…


Li, Guojie (2011) "Information science and technology in China: a roadmap to 2050" Springer.

Liu, Wenjun. (2012) "Regional technical efficiency and technology gaps in rural China: evidence from CHIP surveys" in China Economic Journal. Vol. 4, No. 2-3. pp.125-144

Vogt, W, Paul (2007) "Quantitative research methods for professionals" Pearson / Allyn and Bacon.

(2013) "Style guidelines for accepted papers" in Canadian Journal of Economics. Online at  accessed on January 24, 2013

Describing and Directing
Words: 1298 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15603123
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Technical riting


Dribbling a basketball is a multi-sensory experience. The orange dimples grow invisible as the ball drifts through the air. The up and down motion of the spherical object mesmerizes the onlooker, creating trails of light in the space between player and court. The ball in question measures thirty inches in circumference and weighs about twenty ounces, or slightly over one pound. To the player's hand, the ball feels amazingly light, like a cotton ball rather than a ball made out of high-tech rubber. The dribbler's hand barely touches the ball when it returns to him from the ground, and his palm is only slightly curved. In fact, because of the size of the ball, the player's palm can sometimes remain totally flat, depending on the size of the person's hand. Moreover, the basketball's dimpled texture renders it easy to grip and unlikely to slip away. It feels…

Works Cited

Dribbling." Article online at .

Gas Furnace." .

Burnout and Technical College Counselors
Words: 7250 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 98439444
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The assumption here is that ounselor burnout may be heightened as a result of the diversity of students who attend post seondary eduational institutions, and the variety of servies the 2-year postseondary ounselors must provide to these students. This assumption is ongruent with the findings of a study by Wilkerson and Bellini (2006) who advise, "Professional shool ounselors are asked to perform multiple duties as part of their daily work. Some of these duties math the desriptions set forth by national standards for shool ounseling programs, whereas others do not" (p. 440).

Consequently, shool ounselors are required to formulate deisions on a daily basis onerning the best way to perform their jobs (Wilkerson & Bellini). Not surprisingly, many shool ounselors are overwhelmed by these onstantly hanging working onditions and requirements, and a number of ounselors experiene high levels of stress as a result. Beause the onnetion between high levels of…

cited in Angerer, 2003). Unfortunately, it would seem that most helping professionals, including counselors, possess characteristics which predisposed them to this construct. For example, Lambie notes that, "Counselors may have increased susceptibility to burnout because of their training to be empathic which is essential to the formation of a therapeutic relationship. In fact, research has found counselor empathy to account for two thirds of the variance in supporting clients' positive behavioral change" (p. 32). The ability to remain empathic to the plights and challenges typically being experienced by students in community colleges is complicated by the enormous diversity that is increasingly characterizing these institutions, of course, but all helping professionals run the risk of becoming burned out while performing their responsibilities by virtue of their empathic sharing. In this regard, Lambie emphasizes that, "Empathy helps counselors understand the client's experience, but at the same time, a counselor may experience the emotional pain of multiple traumatized clients. Empathy is a double-edged sword; it is simultaneously your greatest asset and a point of real vulnerability; therefore, a fundamental skill of effective counselors, being empathic, may place counselors at high risk for burnout" (p. 33).

Citing the alarming results of a national survey of counselors that indicated that incidence may be almost 40%, Lambie also emphasizes that although all professions involve some degree of stress, counselors and other human service providers are at higher risk of burnout compared to other professionals. For example, this author notes that, "Counseling professionals are often in close contact with people who are in pain and distress. This continuous exposure to others' despair, combined with rare opportunities to share the benefits of clients' successes, heightens counselors' risk for burnout" (Lambie, p. 34). Other authorities confirm the incidence of burnout among educators, and cite even higher rates than the foregoing estimate. For instance, Cheek, Bradley and Lan (2003) report that, "Based on several international studies, approximately 60% to 70% of all teachers repeatedly show symptoms of stress, and a minimum of 30% of all educators show distinct symptoms of burnout" (p. 204). Indeed, a study by Lumsden (1998) determined that overall teacher morale was sufficiently severe that fully 40% of the educators who were surveyed indicated they would not choose teaching again as a career, and far more than half (57%) remained undecided at the time concerning ending their teaching career, were actively making plans to leave teaching, or would opt to leave the teaching field in the event a superior opportunity presented itself.

There are some other qualities that typify school counselors that may predispose them to becoming burned out over the course of time (some quicker than others, of course), but which may reasonably be expected to adversely effect the ability of school counselors to maintain their effectiveness in the workplace. For instance, Lambie concludes that, "Common counselor qualities of being selfless (i.e., putting others first), working long hours, and doing whatever it takes to help a client place them at higher susceptibility to burnout. As a result, counselors may themselves need assistance in dealing with the emotional pressures of their work" (p. 34).

Counselors and Characteristics of Burnout


Socio Part of the Socio-Technical
Words: 1303 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 99627920
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At the same time, they are grouped into 50 teams, each with 12 members. All these teams are led by a team leader and the overall structure is supervised and coordinated by a call center manager.

oth the team leader and the call center manager seem to have a dual responsibility: first, they ensure that the instructions from the upper management and the directions of activity are clearly communicated to the employees at the call center, thus ensuring the coordination with the rest of the organization. Second, they supervise and control, ensuring that the respective instructions are properly respected by the employees at the call center.

Procedures make up for another important component of the social system at the call center. The procedures are part of every activity to which the call center relates. For example, the recruitment process is regulated by a set of procedures, making up the necessary…


1. Callaghan, G. (2001) Socio-Technical Systems And Call Centres: A Case Study Investigation. ESRC End of Award Report. R000222799. Open University. Retrieved October 11, 2010, from

2. Why a Socio-Technical System? On the Internet at . Retrieved on October 11, 2010

Designer Technical Designer Profile a Fashion Technical
Words: 616 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80222920
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Technical designer: Profile

A fashion technical designer is responsible for the 'nuts and bolts' construction of a garment. A technical designer is given the responsibility of taking "a lead designer's creations from the prototype stage through to full production. They work up specifications for new clothing and accessories, have samples made, and work with marketing and production facilities to ensure that finished pieces are made correctly and profitably" (Technical fashion designer, 2012, Fashion Schools). The lead designer may have the broad, sweeping vision, but the technical designer works to make that vision a reality. Taking measurements, ensuring measurements are standardized, working to create a perfect fit, and working with patterns are all part of the daily life of a tech designer. One technical designer stated that she used her associate degrees in fashion pattern maker more than her general bachelor's degree in fashion in her work.

"Basic responsibilities include…


Behind the scenes with a technical fashion designer. (2009). 39 thandbroadway. Retrieved:

Technical fashion designer. (2012). Fashion Schools. Retrieved:

Desirable to Separate the Technical
Words: 1719 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 59781292
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They have to be realistically incorporated into any changes that are made where technology and data are concerned. If they are not taken into account, people in various departments can feel as though they are not important in the scheme of the organization because they have been upstaged by technology.

However, technology has to come into play where organizations are concerned because the world is changing and becoming more global. That means that there are a lot more people buying from companies all over the world and that makes a lot more data that has to be warehoused, especially for the largest of companies. These companies know that they have to find a good balance between making their employees feel as though they are valued and making the technological changes that they need to stay ahead of their industry. Sometimes these things can collide, but this can often be diffused…

Mechanics of Police Report Writing
Words: 4085 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70062441
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One of the paramedics was Latina, and she translated; the female (Ms. Garcia) was married to the suspect but says she divorced him last year due to his violent episodes and his drinking and drug use, according to the translation from the Paramedic.

Witness Report:

"A neighbor in a nearby apartment knocked on the door and said she had witnessed the female being harmed by the suspect more than once. The witness, Alice Mercado, 27, bilingual and employed as a maid in a nearby motel, said she had heard fighting coming from the apartment in the past on many occasions. Sometimes she was afraid to come to see what was happening because the suspect was unpredictable and explosively violent when under the influence of alcohol and crack cocaine, she said. She told this officer that she once had a relationship with the suspect prior to his marriage to her neighbor.…

Network Design the Process of Gathering Technical
Words: 665 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33724680
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Network Design

The process of gathering technical requirements for a network design project may differ from one organization to another, but the requirements themselves can be described using many of the concepts discussed in the lecture this week (i.e. Scalability, Availability, Network performance, Security, Manageability, and Affordability).

Analyzing technical requirements for the customer is important in helping one best fulfill the customer's expectations. The various objectives that need to be fulfilled involve the factors of Scalability, Availability, Network performance, Security, Manageability, and Affordability.


Scalability refers to the amount of growth that a network design can support. This is particularly important for large companies that are adding users, applications, additional sites, and external network connections all the time. The proposed network deign should be able to adapt to any envisioned additions. You will want to know the prospective amount of networks, users, servers, and/or sites that may be added to…

Prioritizing the goals is helpful for both you and client, so you start off with the most important goal ending with that least important to client. A list of options, too, can be made and correlated with goals. In this way, you will be more likely to design a computer network that will meet client's expectations.


Oppenheimer, P. (1999) Top-down network Design (3rd Ed.) Cisco Press.

Change Project a Variety of Technical and
Words: 5192 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52835049
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Change Project

A variety of technical and management issues arise during the implementation and operation of any change process. Change management in technology projects is essential to implement and monitor mechanisms to support and control users, business, and technology (Yarberry, 2007). There are different change project modules used at any stage of a project development. These include the change curve, Lewin's change management model, and Beckhard and Harris change model used in the understanding phase. The project-planning phase uses the impact analysis, Burke-Litwin, McKinsey 7s framework, Leavitt's diamond, organization design, and SIPOC diagrams. The implementation stage uses Kotter's 8-step change model, training needs assessment, while the communication change uses stakeholder analysis, stakeholder management, mission statement, and vision statements. In this analysis, the Leavitt's Diamond, the Kotter's 8-step change model, and Leavitt's model for organizational change is concerned with the interdependence of four main factors, including structure, people, technology, and task.…


Aladwani, A.M. (2001). Change Management Strategies for Successful ERP Implementation. Business Process Management Journal 7, 266.

Bruckman, J.C. (2008) Overcoming Resistance to change: Casual Factors, Interventions, and Critical Values. The Psychologist-Manager Journal, Psychology Press 11, 211-219.

Cameron, E. & Green, M. (2012). Making Sense of Change Management: A Complete Guide to the Models Tools and Techniques of Organizational Change. Philadelphia, PA: Kogan Page

Davison, R. (2002) Cultural Complications of ERP. Association for Computing Machinery. Communications of the ACM 45, 109.

Teaching Philosophy Written I 15 Years Experience
Words: 640 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53496400
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teaching philosophy written. I 15 years experience health care industry management technical. I supervise

The core element of my teaching philosophy is to lead -- and subsequently teach -- by example. I have worked in the health care industry for the past 15 years. During that time, I have been involved in both technical and management aspects of the various organizations for which I have been employed. At present, I am responsible for the supervision of no less than 23 employees. During my tenure in this industry, I have found that the most efficacious way of instilling values and attributes in employees that I want them to demonstrate is by demonstrating those same mores and practices myself.

I first adopted my teaching philosophy while still a student myself. A person's first teachers are usually his or her parents. The experience that I learned from my parents while I was in…

Elbow Peter Writing With Power
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The story was filled with factual accuracy, while fictional, and vividly rich with images and characters that she and her father could picture with accurate detail. Romano tells us how Mariana finished the story with a young member of the family holding a roughly cut, wooden pony, and how when she gently finished the tale as he was in tears

Villanueva, Victor. Bootstraps: From an American Academic of Color. Urbana, Ill: National Council of Teachers of English. 1993. Print. This book an unusual book: at one level it is autobiographical, detailing the life of an American of Puerto Rican extraction from his childhood in New York City to an academic post at a university. At another level, Villanueva ponders his experiences in light of the history of rhetoric, the English Only movement, current socio- and psycholinguistic theory, and the writings of Gramsci and Freire, among others.

Zinsser, K. William. On…

Legal Research Writing & Analysis
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This chapter is completed with further information on a legal analysis in chapter 12, which discusses the organization of the results of the research. The Honigsberg Grid is amply described as a useful instrument in such an organization.

Chapter 13 presents directions as to how a memorandum of law should be written, as well as some of its most important characteristics, notably the fact that this needs to be an objective piece of writing and has to follow a particular format. The chapter also provides a sample of such a memorandum. The notions presented in this chapter are completed in the subsequent chapter, which refers to writing a memorandum of points and authorities.

Finally, chapter 15 refers to how an opinion or client letter is written. The opinion letter is the formal way in which attorneys inform clients about certain legal aspects. As a formal instrument, such a letter has…

Medical Writing Boon and Bane'
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These examples highlight that technology is always a tool, a way of enhancing human judgment -- we must not mistake it as a replacement for good nursing practice.

After all, the use of a computer is no substitute for a medical education. Anyone who works in a hospital can see this -- the increased accessibility of information through the Internet also means that patients often come in, convinced that they are suffering from a serious illness, allergy, or condition, based more upon a diagnosis Googled on WebMD, rather than upon the fact that they saw a doctor! If a computer alone was required to diagnose, everyone would have a degree!

Don't get me wrong -- I use technology every day in my life, and thank my lucky stars, and my patient's lucky stars, that it is so ubiquitous. When health care providers wish to communicate, the use of cell phones…

Dutch Revolution Burkean Writings and
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hen men, therefore, break up the original compact or agreement which gives its corporate form and capacity to a state, they are no longer a people; they have no longer a corporate existence; they have no longer a legal coactive force to bind within, nor a claim to be recognized abroad. They are a number of vague, loose, individuals, and nothing more. ith them all is to begin again (Sallust, 1963).

Soon authors started to insist on the antiquity of Dutch liberty. In 1587, for example, illem Verheyden urged the Dutch to uphold the 'exceptional freedom which we have inherited from our ancestors', as it had been retained 'since the time of Julius Caesar'. 5 The antiquity of Dutch liberty became one of the foundational ideas of the Dutch Republic. According to the Batavian myth, as it is called nowadays, (Brewer, 1975) the liberty of the United Provinces, and of…

Works Cited

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Pedagogic Grammar Written and Spoken
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e. cursing, swearing) and not using discriminatory language or language that is "racist, sexist, ageist" (Caldwell, 2004) or so forth. The concept of 'communicative competence" (Caldwell, 2004) is described as grammar that "relates to the nature of language teaching" in an approach." (Caldwell, 2004) that is fairly universally advocated in L2 teaching." (Caldwell, 2004) the mistakes that are made may either be in "form" due to lack of knowledge or through use of irregular past tense forms implying that grammar should be descriptive or mistakes in 'use" or knowing when the present perfect or the simple past tense should be used implying that grammar should be descriptive.

It is suggested by Tomlin (1994, pp. 141-42) that teaching communicative language in inclusive of (1) systematic attention to functional and structural aspects; (2) Situational and contextualized use of language in class; (3) Teaching and Learning being made transparent through representational support; (4)…


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DC Convert DC DC Flyback Step-Up Converter Technical
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DC Convert

DC/DC Flyback Step-Up Converter

Technical Overview

DC stands for direct current, which means electricity that moves in one direct and continuous stream; this is the type of current produced by standard batteries in many devices you regularly use, and is contrasted with alternating current (AC), in which the current changes direction rapidly and which is the type of current that comes out of your standard wall socket (NoOutage, 2012). A DC/DC converter is an electrical circuit component that takes a direct current input of a certain voltage or work potential and changes it to a direct current of a different voltage, which also necessarily involves a change in the current, which can be thought of as the "amount" of electricity that passes through the circuit (NoOutage, 2012). The following technical eview section gives a more advanced explanation of the Flyback Step-Up type DC/DC converter discussed here, but essentially…


MIP. (2001). DC/DC Converter Tutorial. Accessed 22 April 2012.

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Markel's Toward a Sense Ethics Technical Communication
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Markel's "Toward a Sense Ethics Technical Communication" McBride's "An Ethical Imperative

There has been significant research into the notion of ethics in technical communication. A vast majority of that research points towards a deontological approach as serving this profession best. Due to the nature of their occupation, however, technical communicators are severely limited in the amount of ethical behavior they can manifest.

The three articles reviewed in this document are Alicia McBride's "Towards a Sense of Ethics for Technical Communication," Gary Stout and Earl Weiss's "Ethics, gen Y style," and Mike Markel's "An Ethical Imperative for Technical Communications." The primary motif that ties all three of these articles together is the fact that they all address various issues of ethical thought and behaviors within the work environment. Weiss and Stout's article reinforces the need for ethical standards within the corporate world of accounting. This article details five theories of ethical…

Advertisements for Technical and Vocational
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Females are the target group for both the advertisements and the needs to achieve financial security, independence, or freedom from traditional gender roles are expressed in the DeVry and ITT Tech advertisements. Words like "You can become..." introduce the consumer to the idea that they can change who they are by enrolling in the private school. The need to achieve is powerful, because of our culture's emphasis on social status.

However, the Chamberlain School of Nursing and the ITT Tech advertisements differ in how they appeal to the need to achieve. The Chamberlain School of Nursing appeals to the need to achieve educational and professional goals in a traditional way, whereas the ITT Tech advertisement appeals to the need to achieve educational and professional goals in an untraditional way. Therefore, the ITT Tech advertisement appeals more to the need for autonomy, and the need to dominate. A female who is…

Biagi, S. (nd). Advertising's 15 Basic Appeals, by Jib Fowles. Retrieved Oct 23, 2008 at 

De Vry University's Chamberlain School of Nursing. Advertisement: viewed in local newspaper Oct 20, 2008.

ITT Tech's School of Information Technology. Advertisement: viewed in local newspaper Oct 20, 2008.

Responsibilities of Technical Professional
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Lifelong Learning Using Technology

Technology has changed the way people learn. These days, the conventional method of learning from books and through teacher's intervention is not the only technique that educational institutions depend to impart knowledge and skills to students. With the emergence of technology, learning from digital resources has been a component of many school curriculums.

Learning is a continuous process. After finishing school, we continuously absorb diverse information, knowledge, and skills from our own experiences, either from our work or simply from our day-to-day life. More especially, because of the different technologies that have been developed, people seem to similarly develop different strategies for lifelong learning. One tool to such is the usability and value of what the Internet can provide. If some decades ago, we have to run to libraries when we need to research information, the convenience of accomplishing such need these days, with the help…


Code of Responsible Computing.

Computer Learning Foundation.

Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Cmmunication.

Why Is Technical Complexity Greatest With Continuous-Process Technology
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technology complexity affects organizational structure? What role does technology in the form of knowledge play in the production of the organization's goods and services?

Technology complexity is the extent to which a programmed process can be made predictable and controlled. High technological complexity is when a process can be rendered fully automatic while low technological complexity is when this is impossible (Jones 2010). A comparison might be made between industrially produced foods (such as frozen pizzas on an assembly line) as an example of high technological complexity vs. artisanal pizzas hand-tossed and made custom-ordered to a patron's desires in a restaurant. When an organization must use 'small batch' technology, it usually must use highly-skilled, highly knowledgeable workers who must be able to work together (Jones 2010). There is no way to preprogram creativity and being overly directive will stultify the dynamic, personal input needed from employees.

Conversely, organizations which are…

English Comp Internet Writing Instruction
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(Fisher & Frey, 2003, p. 396)

There is little that demands that all the instruction be given by a single teacher. In fact the supplementation of writing instruction directly from a teacher by a timeline program that guided progress of a package/driven writing assignment could be very fruitful.

Fisher & Frey point out that students often benefit in unexpected ways from processes such as journaling, (Fisher & Frey, 2003, p. 396) which can bee seen as a first brainstorming session, where students express their ideas and then narrow their ideas to a single topic. (Steele, 2008, NP) if the process of writing was more guided and offered both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards, such as the scoring and direct interaction functions of the Steele proposal more writing would likely take place in a functional way. Another manner in which to motivate students in a systematic writing style is through the utilization…


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Nurses How to Use the Technical Attributes
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nurses: how to use the technical attributes of nursing while still conveying compassionate care.

Even though nursing is an empirical, scientific discipline, knowledge derived from the humanities and behavioral sciences should also form the foundation of client-centered nursing practice. A nurse must deal with the patient's subjective, psychological perceptions of what 'good health' means when setting health-related goals. The nurse must also understand the patient's particular cultural context. However, given these factors, the nurse cannot ignore certain biological imperatives imposed by the patient's condition (such as if the patient is a diabetic and needs to lose weight).

Q2. Mary Mahoney was a pioneer of nursing during an era where African-American women were prohibited from securing employment or education in healthcare. "She was also very instrumental during her career in bringing together minority nurses...and in helping other people [of color] to get involved in nursing" (Eyes on the Prize, 2011, Minority…


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Motivating Employees You Pick 2 Companies Write
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Motivating Employees

you pick 2 companies write their motivation techniques. I pick intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. And compare companies. Do papers have database, searches people pulled web. You find UOPHX Website writes companies listed, pick.

Motivating employees at two companies:

Ben & Jerry's versus Southwest

Motivational theories by their very nature address companies in a fairly generic, prescriptive format. However, two corporations exist that continue to be very successful, after many years of impressive financial growth, seem to break all molds, yet confirm one of the most noteworthy theories regarding what motivates employees -- intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation. Ben & Jerry's began as a small company based in Vermont that, despite or because of its ethical ideals, has become an integral part of American culture. Ben & Jerry's changed the way Americans consume ice cream, shifting the focus from quantity to quality. Southwest Airlines is a largely regional airline…


Activism. (2012). Ben & Jerry's. Retrieved: 

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International Cooperative Healthcare Model Please Write the
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International Cooperative Healthcare Model


Resources: Cooperative elivery Model and Annotated Bibliography assignments; course readings

Address potential challenges to your model in the presentation and the feasibility of using your model as a pilot program that could be expanded to other countries, thereby creating a global service network.

Format any citations and references in your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

International cooperative healthcare model


Healthcare cooperatives involve many different types of organizations: Nonprofit agencies, Non-governmental organizations (NGO), commercial companies, and government, depending on the political jurisdiction. The cooperative can take many different forms, including purchased or shared services, worker-owned or patient-owned organizations, community owned organizations, or jointly…

Davis, K. (2009, June 22). Cooperative Health Care: The Way Forward?, The Commonwealth Fund. [Blog]. Retrieved 

International Health Co-operative Organization (IHCO), International Co-operative Alliance (ICA). (2011). [Web]. Retrieved 

The Zambia Prevention, Care, and Treatment Partnership: A Model Program. (2008). U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Retrieved  / etkgr3honbl4chb7p5mxtcbioozlrk2pmfxctmfcu2ozsmunapqkvxdblxk4wtme6ij7xpj3thdfik/ZPCTModelProgramReportHV1.pdf

Mechanistic vs Organic Choose Musical List Write
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Choose musical list write. Tell work mechanistic organic work organic mechanistic relate values work analyze integrating bureaucracy -Arnold Schonberg "Finale" of variations Orchestra 1926-1928 -obert Johnson "I Believe I'll dust My Broom" (recorded November 23,1936) -obert Johnson "Home sweet Chicago" (recorded November 23, 1936) -Muddy Waters "I feel home" (1948).

Mechanistic vs. organic organizations and musical metaphors:

"I believe I'll dust my broom."

One of the 'classical' ways to classify organizations is to define them as either primarily mechanistic or organic. While all organizations contain elements of both systems, most tend to fall into one of these two 'camps' to a greater degree. Mechanistic organizations are hierarchical, with clearly defined authority roles, and clearly defined functions for each position (oss 2011). There is less of a focus on abstract vision and mission statements, and more of a focus on individual tasks, which are undertaken on a case-by-case…


Marshall, Matt. (2011). A brief history of "I believe I'll dust my broom." American Blues Scene.

Retrieved at:

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Aloud or in Writing Making
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Companies such as XYZ Widget Corporation are well situated to take advantage of burgeoning markets in developing nations, particularly in Asia and Africa.

2. XYZ can grow its business by expanding its operations to certain developing nations in ways that profit the company as well as the impoverished regions that are involved, particularly when marketing efforts are coordinated with nongovernmental organizations operating in the region.

3. Several constraints and challenges must be overcome in order to succeed in selling to impoverished regions of the world.

4. Time is of the essence. First movers will enjoy distinct competitive advantages over their counterparts who adopt a "wait-and-see" approach to targeting the poor in developing nations as potential markets.


The world's population has never been larger, and there are more poor people today than ever before in history. Current trends provide some mixed messages concerning the direction that poverty is taking in…


Alserhan, B.A. & Brannick, T. (2002). Information technology in Ireland: the myth and the reality? Irish Journal of Management, 23(1), 1-2.

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Bauman Theorizing Society the Writings
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Bauman summarises these factors by referring to the methods of scientific and bureaucratic rationality and logic which reached extreme levels during this period in Germany. While on the one hand bureaucratic rationality can be seen as a positive aspect in relation to the ordered development of society, it can also be seen as the underlying cause that led to an atmosphere of moral distancing and irresponsibility.

3. Context

In respect to the theoretical view of civilization and society espoused by the theorist, the above discussion highlights Bauman's view that sociology as a science has not taken into account the full implications of the rational-scientific worldview. This is evident from his critique of the Webber's model of sociology as a science that follows the rational dictates of modernism. (Bauman, 1988, p. 478) As the author states;

The anxiety can hardly abate in view of the fact that none of the societal…


Bauman Z. 1988, 'Sociology after the Holocaust', The British Journal of Sociology, Vol.

39, No. 4, pp. 469-497.

Bauman Z. 2007, Liquid Times: Living in an Age of Uncertainty, Polity, Cambridge.

Bauman Z. And Ga-ecki L. 2005, The unwinnable war: an interview with Zygmunt

Successful Writing How Can You Improve Your
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Successful Writing

How can you improve your understanding of and proper use of grammar and punctuation?

Read, read, and read! Perhaps the best way to improve my understanding of and proper use of grammar and punctuation is to read more books and newspapers that utilize correct grammar and punctuation. This kind of exposure to the language will give me a better intuitive feel for English. Although it is true that not most books are not carefully labeled with nouns, verbs, and semicolons, and that not all great works of literature are written with perfect grammar and punctuation for artistic purposes, still, the best way to understand proper usage is to be exposed on a consistent basis to proper usage. One must know how published authors use the language when they write quality works of literature. So much of modern communication takes the form of email that it is easy to…

History of Egyptian and Mayan Writing Egyptian
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History Of Egyptian and Mayan Writing

Egyptian writing

The Egyptian language is one of the first languages to be put into written form. Some scholars have claimed that the earliest form of writing is the Sumerian language, but this contention has been put into doubt by more recent findings. Egyptian writing first appears on stone and pottery and dates back to 3,000 .C. (Mysteries of Egypt) The earliest alphabetical writing was found in the Abydos-Luxor -Thebes region of Egypt dating to 1800 .C.

Egyptologists have found limestone inscriptions that they say are the earliest known examples of alphabetic writing... carved in the cliffs of soft stone, the writing - in a Semitic script with Egyptian influences - has been dated to somewhere between 1900 and 1800 .C., two or three centuries earlier than previously recognized uses of a nascent alphabet.

Smith, Tony)

Recently, Egyptian writing dating to 3,300 .C. has…


Ancient Egyptian Writing. May 18, 2004. 

The Ancient Maya.

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Egyptian writing dating to 3300 B.C. discovered. The Japan Times, December 17, 1998. Accessed: May 20, 2004.