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There were actually a number of different insights I gained from the media related to this assignment as they related to actually working as a healthcare professional in a time of national or even global crisis. Foremost of all, I learned how valuable it is to make the proper diagnosis of potential outbreaks. Many of the symptoms of infectious diseases and those that arise from lack of sanitary conditions (such as those that occur following a national disaster) are actually the same. Diagnosing the correct outbreak and accounting for the fact that it is possible to have more than one different type of outbreak at a time that actually harms people is critical to saving as many lives as possible.

To help properly diagnose any outbreak, it is necessary for one to glean as much insight as possible from potential victims, ideally before they die so that one can actually help them to counteract whatever noxious effects are plaguing them. This media illustrated how important it is to interview patients and to study their habits that could have contributed to their conditions. It is not enough to simply depend on lab work or blood work -- one needs to first interview patients and analyze...


It did so in a number of ways. Firstly, it helped to show the fine line between a relatively civilized and sanitized location and one that is otherwise. Many times it may seem as though problems with sanitization and cleanliness were worries of previous centuries, until one realizes that there are any assortment of hazards that can take place in which the vaunted sanitization of contemporary times is actually compromised. Additionally, this media made me curious about the diagnosis process. This process is critical to actually helping people to live through any type of severe outbreak. Although there is a good deal that one can learn from merely interviewing the various patients or victims, it is important to initially have a good understanding of the sorts of outbreaks are present and of their symptoms. Thus, even though many symptoms might be similar, a health care professional in this situation could have a good starting point to help him or her save time.

One of the things I personally would be comfortable doing as a health professional is working in a role similar to that of Digby Stuart in the media. Stuart worked directly for the World Health Organization…

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