Bias and Colorblindness Effects of Implicit Bias Research Paper

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Bias and Colorblindness

Effects of implicit bias in contemporary society

Implicit bias involves the stereotypical associations which are very subtle that those who hold them are not able to recognize them. Implicit bias has some effects on gender and race within the contemporary society. Implicit bias has an influence on people's behavior. Implicit bias is responsible for most of the racial disparities that continue to occur in the society is also termed as a source of a lot of racial disparities when it comes to criminal justice system. It has been found out that most of the people including those who fully embrace norms of nondiscrimination hold implicit biases which make them treat black Americans in ways that are discriminatory. At the same time, implicit bias can also lead to gender-based discrimination. This is because there are some stereotypical associations made with reference to one gender being better than the other. In other words, in most societies, men are considered to be a superior gender when compared to their female counterparts. Implicit bias has led to women being discriminated upon when it comes to getting equal opportunities compared to men. This means that people will be unfairly judged or misconceptions formed based on their race or gender as a result of implicit bias. Therefore, implicit bias affects the society in a negative way when it comes to issues relating to gender and race.

Function of colorblindness in contemporary society

Colorblindness is based upon the premise that race should not be an issue of great concern therefore people should not notice race. Color consciousness which is reinforced by racial ideologies or stereotypes forms a central part of all interactions both public and private. Colorblindness sets up the tone and methodology and goes ahead to give a prescription of conduct when it comes to the colorblind…

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