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In spite of the fact that everyone would like matters to be simpler in the case of Burma, the masses need to comprehend that the authoritarian government in the country is not going to change as a result of outside pressures or because of Suu Kyi's intervention. The fact that the opposition's leader was released stands as proof that the country's current leaders have developed a great deal of trust in their own powers and that they are no longer considering that Suu Kyi poses a threat to their well-being. Her release does not actually mean that she is free to exercise her rights and get actively involved in creating a better democrat movement that would oppose the government. Similar to how they behaved during the two previous periods when she was released from imprisonment, the authorities are likely to impose their power and prevent her from getting involved in political affairs in the country (Burmese Dissident Is Freed After Long Detention).

Although Suu Kyi's release can be taken for an example of pro-democrat principles in the government, reality can be very different. It might be that the battle she is about to face is more complex and difficult than how it was before, considering that the country's contemporary leaders have officially expressed their lack of support in regard to democracy and in regard to outside interventions in the country. By maintaining relatively peaceful relationships with other countries, they have ensured that matters in Burma will not change in the coming future.

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