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Findings, Conclusion and Recommendations

After 62 years under the colonial rule of Great Britain, Burma was briefly treated to a democracy for 14 years in 1948 until a series of military juntas decimated it and hurled the country into a perfect or nearly perfect dictatorial regime. Ethnic groups struggled to restore that democracy in a passive and peaceful mass action, only to end in bloodshed and tactical repression. In 1990, the opposition candidate won by a large margin but the military regime refused to budge and, instead, imprisoned the winning candidate and her supporters. This series of events called international attention and led to a series of economic and political sanctions and pressures from the United Nations, the European Union, the United States and Japan. The repressive Burma government also has problems with Thailand over boundaries and with India over illegal activist entries.

The international community believes that more economic and political sanctions and pressures, especially from neighboring Southeast Asian countries, and social initiatives, are needed to compel the Burmese government to yield and restore democracy.


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