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¶ … business clusters and supply chains, first supply chain must be properly defined. A supply chain comprises of all parties either indirectly or directly involved, performing actions that satisfy a customer demand. Supply chains include several parts that work together to supply the customer. The manufacturer and suppliers are in one part of the chain with retailers, transporters, warehouses, and customers being in the other end. The supply chain includes all the processes necessary to get the desired product or service into the hands of the consumer. A good example of this is milk production. The farmers involved in supplying the milk to the consumers must first deal with packagers, followed by distributors, then shippers, and finally vendors who sell the product, in this case, a carton of milk, to the consumer. Supply chains are managed by several individuals and bodies involved in business. Utilizing the model of milk, the supply chain might be accomplished entirely by the farmer who produces, bottles, and vends the milk all within the same region such as a local market. In bigger businesses however, numerous persons and middlemen implement actions within the supply chain. Several articles like Coia (2002), examine the process of the supply chain within the U.S. "…concerns of semiconductor industry in examining the supply chain and business logistic operation in the U.S. Achievement of global logistics cost savings by the National Semiconductor Corp.; Operation of the outsourced distribution center; Identification of the warehouse configuration"...


30). Supply chains motivate value-chains since, without them, no manufacturer has the capability to give consumers what they demand, when and where they demand, at the price they want. Manufacturers contend with each other only through their supply chains, and no amount of enhancement at the manufacturer's end can make up for the insufficiencies in a supply chain which diminish the producer's aptitude to participate. One article by Trunick discusses construction of distribution centers in rural areas to avoid additional costs in the supply chain enabling better service and quality for the consumer. "…potential of building distribution centers away from densely populated areas in the U.S. Role of real estate developers on finding appropriate distribution sites; Demands of logistic customers for flexibility and efficiency on developers" (Trunick, 2002, p. 36). These strategies are meant to enhance the supply chain, giving more satisfaction at a lesser price for consumers.

When defining a business cluster, it comprises of a network of linked businesses, suppliers, and connections in a particular field that are all positioned in the same geographic region. Clusters are believed to deliver increased productivity and output so businesses can be viable on a domestic and international scale. Amongst the mutual physiognomies of supply chain clusters is some…

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