Business Management Resolution Strategy Hit And Click Case Study

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Business Management Resolution Strategy

Hit and Click Rates

The primary objective here is to understand the consumer's behavior in order to guide it to provide it more profit potential. Understanding consumer behavior can thus help direct more tailored strategies. This can ultimately improve hit and click rates.

Environment Scan

There are a number of competitors online, but there are also a number of browsers who also drag down productivity. Adds often charge a per-click price for running advertisements online. Thus, ads online need to be better than competitors, but also be interesting enough to get consumers to stop browsing and start buying. Part of that is finding out exactly who your customers are and what their own characteristics will drive them to buy.

Strategy Implementation

It is crucial here to investigate the hit and click rate through rates on specific pages in order to really understand how many customers are actually purchasing and what type of customers those purchases are coming from. This requires an informative search that can be done through various SEO technologies. There are a number of services that provide SEO results, which can be used in order to analyze the number of purchases coming from the head and click perspective. For small businesses, they can use...


This tracks consumer action on each individual page of the website. According to the research, "event tracking is a method in the ga.js tracking code that you can use to record user interaction with the website elements, such as flash driven menu system […] All user activity on such elements is calculated and displayed as events in analytics reporting interface" (Google Developers, 2014). Thus, one can see which sites are producing the most traffic and how that traffic is responding, meaning whether or not it is purchasing or simply clicking through.

Evaluation Control

Once received, this can provide necessity for an alternative evaluation. Potentially, this could mean a redesign of the site or a reevaluation of the tools that provide the pathway to purchase for customers. The easiest method for purchase is the most desired. Additionally, this system can help provide purchase and post-purchase evaluations that would thus drive future strategy as well.


Mission Objectives

The ultimate goal of businesses to day is to increase productivity, while decreasing the cost of business operations. This may often take investments in new, expensive technology in order to streamline productivity. Yet, the short-term investments may help boost long-term productivity and revenue.

Environment Scan

As many of us know, the business world is changing as…

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