Capitalism S Dirty Little Secret In San Francisco Essay

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Crossroads at Tenderloin

The author of this report has been asked to offer a one-page reflection paper as it relates to the two treatises that were offered in relation to the Tenderloin area of San Francisco. One of the offerings is a YouTube video that details the addition of a mural to the area as a way to spark community involvement and to bring good vibes to an area that sorely needs it. There is also a web article by Jonah Raskin that also helps paint the picture of how the residents of the Tenderloin area are very much people that have become victim to or at least have fallen through the cracks when it comes to capitalism. While the dynamics and factors that lead to people being relegated to areas like the Tenderloin district are many and complex, there are certainly some crossroads and experiences that can be discussed and correlated (Raskin) (YouTube).

One of the supposed upsides to capitalism is that everyone is supposed to have a fair opportunity to succeed and thrive in this country. The problem is that not everyone can be winners and there are those that fall far, if not very far, from their apex in life. The Tenderloin area represents the crossroads and intersection of several pairs of things that are...


It is noted in both reference sources for this report that the Tenderloin itself has hotel names that suggest it is regal and upscale but real appearances, real smells and real experiences overall paint a much different picture. While a mural being painted is surely not going to create seismic and massive change for the area, it is perhaps a good place to start and get people's attention (Raskin) (YouTube).

The ultimate solutions to alleviating the problem of people losing the game of capitalism in the form of losing their jobs for no good reason, getting hooked on drugs/alcohol, becoming mentally ill and not getting treated or just a general hatred for the way society has shifted, the railing against what is leading, at least in part, to the people of the Tenderloin being as disadvantaged as they are creating a ton of outrage. California in general is the epitome of people experiencing very disparate outcomes. So many people in the state are rich and well-to-do while…

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