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Freedom and Terrorism Online
Words: 3136 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 27373214
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policy makers underestimate internet independence?

YouTube independence of positing video content

The internet moderated terrorism

egulating the internet for anti-terrorism

Freedom and Terrorism on the Internet

The purpose of the study is to explore the use of internet by terrorist organizations and the degree of independence that terrorist enjoy while conducting and coordinating their terrorism activities from the cyberspace. The topic is an area of interest for the researcher as it is significantly relevant in today's environment when cross-border terrorism has increased. As part of the academic and citizen world, the researcher feels it is essential to gauge the scale and severity of terrorism moderated by internet sources.


The main audiences of the research paper are academic instructors, research students of cyber security and government policy makers who can influence to control terrorism originating from the freedom of internet use for every user irrespective of the underlying motive.



Amble, J.C. (2012). Combating terrorism in the new media environment.Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, 35(5), 339-353.

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Men Power & Women
Words: 1438 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Reaction Paper Paper #: 92450379
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The role of sex in advertising is even more blatant in a food advertisement of an ejaculating Tabsco sauce bottle over a split bake potato -- hot and spice as a metaphor for intercourse.

Sex sells: a woman wants to be desired by a man which requires the perfect figure, in the perfect low-cut dress with the perfectly matching nail polish, and a man can only be desired by a woman if he drives a BMW, wears a olex watch and has on a alph Lauren suit (which is not a Polo suit but the higher end and much more expensive Purple Label suit). Media's objectification of women and the fact that sex does sell has lead to the "sexification" of young girls and teens. Kilboure makes her point with magazine covers and television spots, including JonBenet in full makeup for a toddler beauty pageant, a teenage Brittney Spears displayed…


Keith, Thomas. 2008. Tough Guise: Violence, Media & the Crisis in Masculinity. Available at , parts 1-9.

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Kilbourne, Jean. Date unknown. Killing Us Softly 3: Advertising's Image of Women. Available at 

Moore, Alecia Beth (AKA Pink). 2006. Stupid Girls. Lyrics available at Music available at

New Content in Red Increasing
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22483491
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This contest would be entirely hosted on YouTube with links to the Fearless site, showing every uploaded video entry. Having a contest like this brings the voice of the Fearless customer into the very center of their social media strategy and also sets the foundation of a highly effective virtual community. User-generated content is especially powerful in getting potential customers to see how they are part of the broader customer base, seeing how others like them are using the products shown (ndrew, Fischer, Yongjian, 2012). For Fearless this will also break down the barriers to having customers share more information, thereby creating a more effective dialogue than they are having today. The essence of any effective branding strategy is the embedding of messaging in social networks that support and strengthen the overall customer experiences a given product or service is attempting to convey (Zaglia, 2013). The YouTube Video Contest, with…

As a first step in creating this online community, Fearless needs to sponsor more contests for customers, where the winner gets a free year's supply of all the Fearless Chocolate they want (limit of 250 lbs.) and a free trip to Berkeley, California to see the manufacturing of chocolate. Berkeley is just across from San Francisco, so giving a free week in that city would be a very big motivator for people to produce entries. This contest would be entirely hosted on YouTube with links to the Fearless site, showing every uploaded video entry. Having a contest like this brings the voice of the Fearless customer into the very center of their social media strategy and also sets the foundation of a highly effective virtual community. User-generated content is especially powerful in getting potential customers to see how they are part of the broader customer base, seeing how others like them are using the products shown (Andrew, Fischer, Yongjian, 2012). For Fearless this will also break down the barriers to having customers share more information, thereby creating a more effective dialogue than they are having today. The essence of any effective branding strategy is the embedding of messaging in social networks that support and strengthen the overall customer experiences a given product or service is attempting to convey (Zaglia, 2013). The YouTube Video Contest, with the grand prize being a trip to San Francisco and Berkeley, in addition to a year's supply of chocolate, will generate tens of thousands of entries, create a very strong dialogue between the company and its customers.

Pinterest is one of the most rapidly-growing social networking sites for sharing images, and is being used widely by consumer brands to further engage with prospects and customers. Fearless is a natural fit for Pinterest, and needs to also sponsor a recipe contest on this site, where customers are asked to provide pictures and recipe instructions of what they make from the company's chocolates. The first prize could also be a trip to an Francisco and tour of the factory, in addition to attendance at a local cooing school in the city, which is known for its excellence in culinary arts. This would again bring the voice of the customer directly into the social media efforts, initiate and sustain very strong level of communication with them and best of all, bring visual imagery showing customers' commitment to the brand. What Fearless needs to do is create a very strong connection with customers where their stories come out in social media, and the majority of traffic on social media is about them. Fearless will succeed by making customers the rock stars of their social media efforts.

In terms of Facebook, the company continues to rely on this social network for promoting advertising and engaging in limited conversations with customers. What' needed on Facebook is a much more interactive approach to communicating with and connecting with customers. The company recently hosted a

Market of Social Media in China
Words: 1168 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48396404
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Tube in China

Marketing Audit and Competitive Market Analysis

China represents one of the fastest growing economies in the world that has an enormous population. Although the total number of internet users per capita is far less than can be found in the advanced nations, a smaller percentage of internet penetration coupled with the gigantic population represents an enormous market for online service provider. Unfortunately, China's online world does not operate as it does in most nations. In fact, China keeps many websites permanently blocked and has different methods of maintaining a firewall that only allows Chinese internet viewers to navigate to a collection of pre-approved sites (the firewall is sometimes referred to as the "Great Firewall of China").

There are many subjective standards that are in place which can be difficult to overcome to be able to enter the Chinese digital world. Some of these standards include that any…


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Competitive Forces Have Challenged the
Words: 735 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 56993281
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Over time, this solution became less and less effective as the sheer volume of YouTube uploads increased and the studios and companies were unable to keep up with the inflow of illegally posted material. Currently, many studios and companies have entered into a revenue sharing agreement with sites like YouTube to help make up for the potential in lost revenue that the illegally posted content presents. In this structure, studios present advertisements before the posted video content where ad revenues are split between both YouTube and the studios themselves. This has become a common way of trying to recoup some of the lost revenues due to video sharing sites while also opening up new avenues for companies to promote their products online on these sites. The movie industry can learn much from the music industry because they are experiencing what the music industry experienced only a decade or so ago.…

parenting'styles and authoritative permissive
Words: 655 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78910628
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Parenting styles vary, and include authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and harmonious styles. All of these styles are relatively common, varying depending on culture and individual differences. Television shows reveal different parenting styles. For example, on the sitcom Modern Family, different parenting styles are evident. Gloria is occasionally authoritarian in her approach, but otherwise the parenting style evident in all the three different family units is harmonious. Harmonious parenting styles are superior to authoritarian, authoritative, permissive styles in that they prepare the child for healthy social relationships with others.

Moreover, harmonious parenting styles help achieve a harmonious household. Harmonious parenting styles create win-win scenarios as shown in the video explaining the different styles of parenting. When the child wants something, and the parents also want to enforce some rules of conduct, a conflict may ensue. An authoritarian parent will lay down the law, refusing to give into any of the child's requests.…

Tube Technoculture One of the
Words: 1828 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64768532
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However, most people who are looking for verifiable information are not going to sift through the detritus of YouTube, but will instead go to reliable sources: books, journals, studies, and reports that present verifiable facts and information. There is a place for YouTube as an entertainment medium, but that is perhaps its limits -- at this point in time. Peter Levinson (1999, p. 146) sums up YouTube when (speaking of the internet) he says:

"In other words, in terms of our understanding of media, the biggest contribution of the personal computer revolution and the Internet may be the light they shed on television as they render it, incredible as it may seem to our television age sensibilities, into an art form."

The art form meaning that we can rely upon television news media in a journalistic way, and as one that saves us from suffering hours upon hours of amateur…


Blue Man Group and Venus Hum, I Feel Love. YouTube 2010, viewed 11

May 2010, .

Matt Damon Absolutely Shreds Sarah Palin. YouTube 2010, viewed 10 May

2010, .

Tube as a Key ICT
Words: 2640 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Article Paper #: 38843359
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"Oh, brave new world indeed," she concludes (11).

Improving Online Education Programs

The growth of "distance education" offerings, also called online education, has been dramatic over the past few years. "Online education has experienced tremendous growth" as colleges and universities -- and private companies that offer training services -- convert "face-to-face classes to online courses" (Revere, et al., 2011, p. 114). riting in the Quarterly Review of Distance Education, the authors review the advantages of learning online, especially for adults and for students employed full time that cannot attend classes. Also, the authors note that online courses can be boring and even tedious when existing eb-based technologies are not put to use (Revere, 117).

"Because communication within online text-based systems does not always flow as naturally as in face-to-face settings," there is a need to embrace technologies to make the class work more interesting and vital (Revere, 120). The authors…

Works Cited

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Los Angeles Times Business. Retrieved January 12, 2012, from .

Farnan, Jeanne M., Paro, John A.M., Higa, Jennifer, Edelson, Jay, and Arora, Vineet M.

Young Generation Chapter One and
Words: 10896 Length: 40 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 20009292
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Large number of respondents will require large number of questionnaires to be given to the individuals and this would have high financial implications.



Due to the problem of fear of the information that if the Facebook members disclose will be used against them in future, I intend to guarantee them anonymity on any information given and confidentiality by ensuring no names or sensitive information is required in the questionnaires. On the time constraint, the questionnaires will be designed so that it takes small amount of time with few open ended questions. On the financial, the samples taken will be done randomly so that even if it's quite small compared to the whole Facebook membership, it will be representative.




Literature review



Social networking is considered the as the manner of communication in the 21st century. It refers to the individuals grouping into groups…

Future of Television I Hate
Words: 4811 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 21513370
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The governments of China clearly believe that if they do not ban shows where the premise is based on the voting then it could lead their citizens to want the right to vote in the government on their own opinions. The influence that television has, in this case by indirectly helping Chinese citizens move in the direction of being slightly more "democratic," is seen as a threat- it is hard to believe that television could threaten the national security of a world super power.

The current influence that television has on individual's lives is only growing stronger as technology continues to develop. Recent developments have shown that television will now be in "three-dimensions," so that individuals who view TV can be full immersed in the movie or show they are watching ("ho Needs It"). But is that even necessary when nine out of ten homes have televisions in their homes…

Works Cited

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Rick Santorum's official campaign put out the next ad, entitled Obama Ville. It was released on March 23, 2012. It creates the image of empty American towns in 2 years, and uses very dark imagery and almost horror-genre like angst. The images of the residents of these towns are cast in dark shadows, and with depressing old infrastructure. This advertisement is painting the picture that in the next 2 years President Obama will destroy the American way of life. The second half of the ad shows the face of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, as that country defies America and seeks Nuclear Power. The end of the advertisement has the image of "Obama Ville, coming to a town near you," in a pseudo 1950s Hitchcock style, and plugs the official website of Rick for more content on this subject (Santorum, Obama Ville, 2012). Despite airing so recently, Mitt Romney…

Works Cited

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Slavery Among Women and Children
Words: 2646 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Other Paper #: 18732287
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Globalization and Social/Human Injustices

Human slavery/sex trafficking

The menace of slavery and trafficking for purpose of sexual exploitation is a menace that greatly neglected or not talked about by the high and mighty yet it is a problem that ravages families on a daily basis. Across the globe, there are people who benefit from the modern day slavery and there are countries that act as source, most of them being the underdeveloped nations where poverty is high and unemployment is also significantly high. These two factors when combined, often push affected families to willingly or otherwise let go of their daughters into the forced labor or sex slavery in more developed nations. The women and children are the most affected groups in the slavery business since they are the most vulnerable in the society. Against the common belief that slavery is obsolete, the opening up of more borders and easy…


Buchholz T.G., (2007). New Ideas from Dead Economists. An Introduction't Modern Economic Thought. Retrieved December 10, 2014 from

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ForaTv, (2008). Muhammad Yunus: The Social Business Model. Retrieved December 10, 2014 from

Conflict Paradigm That Is Demonstrated
Words: 1602 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Film Review Paper #: 70801181
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As such, Yunus' business model for Grameen Bank directly contradicts Social Darwinism, since the former is giving collateral free loans to individuals who are not fiscally fit -- and who are oftentimes exceedingly destitute -- and enabling them to get the financial means to survive.

Additionally, it is critical to examine the role that women play in both Social Darwinism and in Yunus' enterprise with Grameeen. Women are the bearers of children, and regardless of what Social Darwin advances about the fittest of a species, no species can survive without the means of replicating itself. For humans, of course, such a conception prioritizes women over men. Therefore, it is highly significant that the bulk of the individuals receiving loans form Grameen are women. From a Social Darwinism perspective this fact is extremely noteworthy, since women can produce a more direct effect on the livelihoods of their children.

Still, it is…


"PBS New Heroes Ep1 01 Kailash Satyarthi Child Slavery India." (2011). Youtube.

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"PBS New Heroes Ep2 03 Fabio Rosa Low Voltage Electricity Brazil." (2011). Youtube.

Retrieved from

Tube Needs to Adopt a Strategy That
Words: 695 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27792957
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Tube needs to adopt a strategy that will position it for long-term growth and revenue generation. The strategy, therefore, needs to take a vision for the future into consideration. Internet video is only going to grow. As broadband Internet becomes more diffused, more consumers will want video. As people move their Internet usage to mobile platforms, YouTube will also need to be ready to deliver content to those devices as well. Consumers have not yet demonstrated a willingness to pay for this video, but eventually they will have to -- Big Content is not going to allow copyright infringement and sites like Hulu are already evidence that Big Content wants to exert control over Internet video. In order to survive long-term, a company will need to have the eyeballs (market share) to attract the content providers. If YouTube is large enough, the content providers will have to work with it…


McCullagh, D. (2011). Copyright bill revives Internet 'death penalty'. CNet. Retrieved October 29, 2011 from 

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How Does a Person Live Meaningful Life
Words: 1579 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 69741463
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How Does a Person Live a Meaningful Life?

One of the questions which have perplexed humankind is how to live a meaningful life. This is because there have been a number of theorists and philosophers, who provided insights about the best ways to achieve these objectives. Over the centuries, these views are constantly shifting. This is because experiences and social attitudes will shape a person's insights.

To fully understand the meaning of life requires focusing on key ideas from the different philosophers. This will be accomplished by discussing central figures from each module in terms of their contribution, the pros / cons of their ideas and how this relates to their understanding of life. Together, these different elements will illustrate how each one of these theories is influencing the way someone can live a fulfilling life.

Epictetus -- Freedom

Epictetus is focused on several different areas to provide a…


Dostoevsky. (2013). You Tube. Retrieved from: 

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Michelangelo. (2013). You Tube. Retrieved from: 

Mother Teresa. (2013). You Tube. Retrieved from:

Impact of Authority on Behavior
Words: 1154 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62236920
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social psychology: Stanley Milgram's shock experiments and Philip Zimbardo's Stanford Prison Experiment. Both experiments were conducted, at least partially, to help explain why seemingly normal people became Nazi collaborators in the World War II era. The experiments help demonstrate how individual authority over another allows individuals to exercise their own proclivities for cruelty and how being under the direction of authority figures causes people to engage in behavior that they find distasteful or cruel. The paper also examines Jane Elliot's Brown Eye / Blue Eye experiment and what it says about the establishment of hierarchies.

Milgram and Zimbardo

After the end of World War II, as more and more information became available not just about the atrocities committed by the Nazis, but also about how seemingly normal individuals acted as collaborators to aid the Nazis in their pursuits, psychologists and sociologists became fascinated with how seemingly normal people could be…


Another Boring Week. (2013, January 4). Feature Film- The Stanford Prison Experiment.

Retrieved November 30, 2014 from YouTube website: 

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Ludwing Media. (2012, November 19). Brown Eyes and Blue Eyes Racism Experiment

Women in the Fat and
Words: 930 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4832006
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She is trying to alter the perception of the surrounding society that fat people are lazy slobs, However, she has to be careful not to excuse medically dangerous obesity ("Fat and proud, part 3" 2010). In part 4 of the video, Mandy tries to use the kiss-a-gram to change the master status (successfully) of her aunt Elsa as a fat person by bringing her along to a job. This is also the case with women who are fat going on a skating night. This attacks the idea successfully that fat people can be fit ("Fat and proud, part 4" 2010). The fat calendar memorializes that change in master status permanently with a calendar shoot, so it does so successfully in a permanent fashion ("Fat and proud, part 5" 2010.

The approach of the Biggest Looser is not successful because it is begin imposed from the outside. So often, people who…


Adler, P., & Adler, P. (2012). Constructions of deviance: Social power, context, and interaction. (7th

ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning.

The biggest loser - season 6 supertease (2008, August 15). The Biggest Loser. [Audio podcast].

Retrieved from ,

Non-Western Influences on European Art
Words: 1360 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56389951
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Asia and Africa in estern European Art

Globalization is generally associated as a modern phenomenon, however, it is a global movement that began with the Greeks and did not accelerate until the renaissance era. The est, going back to Alexander the Great, has a long history of interactions with Asia and Africa. Ideas and goods were consistently traded. This trend of globalization accelerated with the age of exploration in the 16th century when Europeans came into further contact with Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Driven by the quest for gold and natural resources estern European traders navigated the world. This had a profound effect back home, as Europeans developed an interest in the exotic. The interest blossomed during the 18th and 19th century, during the height of estern power and colonialism. Curiosity into the foreign permeated all levels of society. Artists incorporated Asian and African artistic styles into their…

Works Cited

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Soltes, Ori. "Asia and Africa in the Western Mind." YouTube. YouTube, 11 Oct. 2011. Web. 2 Apr. 2014. .

Political Ads the Four Phases of Political
Words: 672 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14927605
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Political Ads

The Four Phases of Political Advertising

The four phases of political advertising as described by Edwin Diamond and Stephen Bates can be described thus: first) the candidate introduces himself; second) the candidate's ads state an argument; third) the candidate attacks and belittles his opponent; fourth) the candidate promotes himself as a "visionary…a leader…one who has a vision of moving the country forward" (Module 7). The purposes of the four phase system of political advertising is to 1) showcase the candidate's abilities, 2) question the opponent's, and 3) respond to the opponent's questioning of him. This paper will look at four political ads and show how each represents a phase political advertising and fulfills at least one of the three purposes of a campaign ad.

Barack Obama's Superbowl Ad is an example of the first phase of political advertising. In this ad, Obama introduces himself through a series of…

Works Cited

Module 7: Assignment.

Barack Obama Superbowl Ad. 

Barack Obama Ad -- What If?

Advertisement Reverse Engineering Marketing Messages Macbook Pro
Words: 1367 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30529856
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Reverse Engineering Marketing Messages

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro (Apple, 2012)

The Apple MacBook Pro-is a powerhouse of a laptop that features some of the greatest hardware available at this time. Although the computer's hardware is more than adequate to provide the processing power necessary to run the most sophisticated software packages, what Apple focuses on the most is the Retina display that represents the next generation of display technology. The Retina display offers a bright and crisp display that can be viewed from virtually any angle. Previous generations of displays, as well as inferior models, could only be viewed at a certain range of angles and under certain lighting conditions. For example, you cannot see the display on most monitors from the side or in direct sunlight.

The product is being promoted in a traditional Apple style. One the primary commercial video the laptop is at the center of…

Works Cited

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Microsoft. (2012, June 6). Microsoft Office 365. Retrieved from YouTube:

Public Relations One of the
Words: 558 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46849178
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Facebook is operating on the communication and social segment of the it industry. In this sense, it is offering a multitude of services to its clients, which include, besides the actual chat or forum-like services, photo and video sharing and, increasingly, the capacity to generate an entirely customized and personalized page for the user. From this point-of-view, we can identify primary competitors, competing in the social segment of the industry, but also secondary competitors, who focus on partial components, such as photo or video sharing.

In terms of the primary segment, the most important competitor that Facebook has is Myspace. Myspace has successfully benefited from being launched earlier so as to attract an additional 30 million users, ranking at 100 million users before Facebook's 70 million. Bebo and Blackplanet also provide important competition on the primary market, however, the ain competition is between Facebook and Myspace. Both sites try…

Treating Autism ABA Teacch Floortime and Service
Words: 718 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6067265
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treating autism. ABA, TEACCH, Floortime, and service dog intervention are the methodologies reviewed.


Applied Behavioral Analysis, TEACCH, and Floortime are the three teaching strategies discussed in the assigned videos. Though the methods vary, each one is designed to help children with autism learn. According to AutismSpeaksVid, Applied Behavioral Analysis is a process which entails prompting a desired response, getting a correct response, and providing a positive reinforcement once the desired response has been completed (2008). TEACCH is a systematic approach to providing visual structure in the learning environment to facilitate ease of learning for the autistic pupil, also according to AutismSpeaksVid (2008). Floortime is yet another method used in the education process for the autistic which entails interacting with the child at his or her level, doing what he or she does naturally and incorporating that into a learning opportunity, according to Dr. Greenspan (2008).

The Applied Behavioral Analysis…


"Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)." Video. Youtube. 2008.

AutismSpeaksVids. 14 Fe. 2012

"Introduction to TEACCH." Video. Youtube. 2008. AutismSpeaksVid. 14 Feb. 2012

Ethics Utilitarianism Is One of the Most
Words: 650 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54855617
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Utilitarianism is one of the most useful ethical theories. It can frame decisions made in almost every aspect of daily life, and also large-scale decisions made by organizations, enterprises, and governments. The basic principles of utilitarianism, as they were developed first by Jeremy Bentham and later by John Stuart Mill, are all based in the essential notion of utility. Utility means usefulness, but it is also related to net benefit.

Utility is defined in terms of the question, "Is this action beneficial? If so, who is it beneficial for, and how beneficial is it?" Utilitarian theory suggests that an ethical decision should weigh the greatest good for the greatest number of people. If an action is beneficial, it should be beneficial to the greatest number of stakeholders. It should be the decision that most maximizes the target population's happiness, or however success is being measured. This end result can…


"Ethics 5: Utilitarianism." [video]. Retrieved online: 

"John Stuart Mill's Essay On Liberty." Retrieved online: 

Santa Clara University (n.d.). A framework for thinking ethically. Retrieved online:

Artists Creations I Need to Stress That
Words: 916 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83537939
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My apologies for the delayed response; I just now saw this request.

The instructions state that the paper is to be 750 words, which is why I wrote that amount.

They also state that the only source to be used is the YouTube one you provided of Soltes' lecture, which is why I assumed you would know what the orks Cited were. Here is the one source that you requested in the instructions.

Soltes, Ori. "Continuity and Transformation -- hat is Art. 2011. eb.

I hope this is not too late to help.

There were several ways that Geometric Greek art evolved into Classical Greek art, the culmination of which is perhaps evinced in the artwork decorating the Parthenon. The key word in explaining this phenomenon is evolution, because there was not necessarily a direct alteration…

Works Cited

Soltes, Ori. "Continuity and Transformation -- What is Art. 2011. Web.

United Airlines Suffers PR Loss
Words: 2006 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60915956
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United P Disaster

Public relations is a very important and significant part of any company's strategic outlook. The larger the company, and the more exposed to the public the more that these practices will impact on achieving a competitive advantage within any given industry The airlines industry is a special case all in its own, making United Airlines' problem with Dave Carroll a worthwhile investigation into the subject.

Mr. Carroll, a passenger on a United Flight, realized that during his flight his expensive guitar was broken en route. Mr. Carroll, a professional musician, eventually followed protocol to receive compensation for his loss. When United did not honor Carroll's request he took it upon himself to right the situation.

Using his talents as a songwriter he penned a targeted song entilteld "United Breaks Guitars" is an interesting demonstration of how public relations (P) can help or hurt a company. This story…


Aula, P. (2010). Social media, reputation risk and ambient publicity management. Strategy & Leadership, 38(6), 43-49.

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Reactions to orchestral music
Words: 949 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83516380
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Music Review

Henry Purcell - Abdelazer Suite: II. Rondeau

This is piece from the late 1600's. It is the second part of a larger set of music. As indicated in the title, the wider set of pieces is called Abdelazer. The piece is entirely French by nature. The Rondeau in particular, including this one, has two "halves" where there is a refrain that is prominently featured. The work was written by Henry Purcell. He lived in the latter half of the 1600's. Given his French roots, it's obvious where that part of his music came from. As for the piece itself, the video shows smooth yet crisp notes that start off the piece. The entire orchestra is involved. Only strings are in play...violins, violas and cellos. The piece is not very long as the video is not even two minutes long. Very obvious that the different instruments are playing…

Advertising Market
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Companies use advertising plans to build awareness about their product. Company uses different plans to promote their sales. It uses trade show plan to demonstrate what they are selling, sales promotion plan for incremental sales, public relations plan for free ads, internet plan for instant distribution of product specifications and information, customer service plan to repeat sales, research plan to monitor activities regarding the products and customer satisfaction and last but not least marketing plan which helps to identify when to market, how to market and who are the target audience for the product (Luther, 2011).

Marketing plan must cover the below 12 areas to form an effective marketing plan to increase sales (Wong, 2010).

Marketing plan must have the executive summary

Introduction about the marketing plan and the product

Analysis of the market situation for the product.

Analysis of the target customers

Analysis of the competition for the product…


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Art History Art Ages Discussion Question 1
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Art (History Art ages) Discussion question 1 page long follow directions carefully youtube lectures provided

There is no denying the fact that one of the hallmarks of embrandt's works of art is his copious usage of elements of light, dark and shadow to great effect. This sort of tenebrism is deployed by the artist initially to give a sense of contrast to his works. Light and dark are antipodes of one another, and by involving both of these elements the painter was able to create striking counterpoints within his works of art. This fact is seen quite prominently in his self-portrait circa 1629. Not only does the artist use both light and dark elements to illustrate his face and the brimming future which he saw in front of himself as an artist, but this portrait is also characterized by loose brushwork which is distinct from the crisp strokes of the…


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Police and Public Relations
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Video One: Can Volunteers Protect Communities?

Is this a "Police-Public Relations" or "Police-Community Relations" program? Explain why.

In a sense, it is. While the people in question are volunteers and are thus not members of the police force. Even so, the volunteer force is a manifestation of a group that has at least somewhat good intentions when it comes to the crime rates involved.

Is this the answer in these tough fiscal times?

It can be given that having more and more police on hand costs money and this is not the easiest thing to do when budgets are stretched thin due to recession, over-use of resources and so forth.

Is this a good idea? Yes? or No? Explain why.

Only if it is properly limited and controlled. It can be good in that the volunteers can be extra sets of eyes and ears and this can in many…

Oral Presentation Analysis FOX2 Technologies An Oral
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Oral Presentation Analysis

Fox2 Technologies: An Oral Presentation Analysis

The following account assesses the content, context and quality of an oral presentation delivered by Fox2 Technologies President and Founder Jim eldon at the Hyatt Regency Boston in 2009. The analysis below describes the technology featured in the presentation, an aircraft weighing mechanism that affixes to the landing gear and helps to optimize fuel efficiency performance. The account provides an assessment of the introduction, a delineation of the objectives, and details on the organizational patterns employed to convey an informative and persuasive argument. The discussion also outlines the delivery dynamics and the qualities in the speaker which both strengthened and weakened the overall presentation. Ultimately, this discussion offers a positive evaluation of the presentation, which succeeds in making compelling arguments in favor of the universal adoption of the technology in question.


In the delivery of an oral presentation, there are…

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New Technologies Have Caused Big
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Since the results of these efforts to date have been mixed, it is important to see if there may be some truth to these arguments concerning the harmful effects of technology-based activities such as social media on young people, and these issues are discussed further below.

The Internet and the Dumbing Down of Society

The adage that "the more things change, the more they stay the same" is no longer true according to Evgeny Morozov. riting in Prospect magazine, Morozov (2010) argues in his essay, "Losing our minds to the web" that, "The internet is damaging teenagers' brains and our ability to think. But the web's real dangers lurk elsewhere" (1). Like any other muscle, Morozov and like-minded critics of technology maintain that the Internet has caused young people's brains to weaken because they are not being "exercised" enough by traditional standards. In this regard, Morozov emphasizes that, "There's no…

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Virgin and Child From Byzantium to Renaissance
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The shift from Byzantine or Medieval art to the early Renaissance is perfectly demonstrated by examining the change in depictions of the Virgin Mary and the baby Jesus, or Madonna and Child, over time. hat we see is a gradual tendency toward realistic depictions of human form, as a way of making religious art less remote and decorative, and more immediately related to actual human experience.

e can begin with the thirteenth-century Byzantine icon of the Madonna and Child on a Curved Throne. The painting is, in some sense, a highly stylized representation of a familiar image. The figures of mother and child do not really seem to exist in real space: for example, the gold leaf that is used for the flat backdrop behind the Madonna and Child is also used (in a decorative but not particularly realistic fashion) to highlight the folds of the Madonna's garments. here…

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Creative Process Verizon's More Fun
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Although not a huge market segment perhaps, horse lovers (most of whom are women) might even be offended by the unflattering depiction of the tiny horses. The idea that a young woman would prefer a cute cell phone rather than a pet as a present also seems to portray young women as shallow. Although it is not a scientific sampling, the notes on the comments page of YouTube for the advertisement included many notes by users (presumably young women, the targets of the advertisement) that they would trade their phone for a pony any day! (an equally unscientific poll of young women by the author of this paper yielded the same results).

The message of an advertisement for a cell phone should convey either the phone's added social value aesthetically or the phone's added financial or service value. This advertisement does neither.

Is the creative approach appropriate for the media…

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Cinema Crime a Brief Introduction
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The film version of the 'GodFather' became famous. The reason is that it was essentially a portrayal more on the family and emotional side rather than the gun toting violence. Thus the viewer shows the discernment between a good and bad movie by analyzing the depth of the portrayal rather than stunts. The argument that violence in cinema begets violence in real life falls flat. The viewers are not imbeciles, although many film producers take that for granted. Scarface 1932 version was all about the real gang rule of America. However the film not only depicted the violent lives of these people but also examined the psychology of the gangster and challenged the administration and there was depth in the portrayal. The viewer was absorbed in the passions of Tony to which they could relate, if not with the violence. Could that film have goaded viewers to become criminals? It…


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Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum Locate a Set of
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Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum

Locate a set of standards that relate to the arts or aesthetic learning. Read them through and select one or two that apply to a particular early childhood age group. Discuss how you could use these standards to plan an art activity for young children. You may use The National tandards for Arts Education website or choose any other state standards you would like.

The category that I selected is Dance, and the standard is Grade K-4 Dance tandard 3 which reads: Understanding dance as a way to create and communicate meaning. The Achievement tandard consists of the following objectives:

tudents observe and discuss how dance is different from other forms of human movement (such as sports, everyday gestures)

tudents take an active role in a class discussion about interpretations of and reactions to a dance

tudents present their own dances to peers and discuss their meanings…

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Ethics the Nineteenth Century German Philosopher Immanuel
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The nineteenth century German philosopher Immanuel Kant presented an ethical code that assigned a strict "right" or "wrong" to every action. Called the categorical imperative, Kant believed that it does not matter what the consequences or outcome of actions are; there are certain things that are right and certain things that are wrong. These ethical categories of right and wrong are not negotiable. It can never be "sometimes" ok to tell a white lie, or to steal. Instead, Kant created easy to understand categories that apply theoretically to all cultures and all people at all times. Human beings are always morally obliged to do the right thing in any given situation, even if doing so leads to suffering. Therefore, it would be considered right to tell the truth to a murderer and subsequently die rather than to lie to the murderer and survive. Davis (n.d.). uses the example of…


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Bad Statistics
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video, three different forms of bad statistics were mentioned. The first was bad sampling, the second was bad use of measures of central tendency and the third was leading questions. Leading questions are a form of sampling error, in which survey respondents are led to specific conclusions. Their responses are calculated in the results, the context in which those responses arose was not noted. The context, however, played a significant role in framing the responses. There are many ways to lead people with questions. I think a lot of times the leading questions are emotional in nature, to put somebody in a specific emotional state that frames their response. The question about Santa Claus in the video was a good example of this -- "Do you really still believe in Santa Claus?" But this happens with all types of surveys. "A lady found a finger in her taco last week…


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GoPros Usage of Social Media
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GoPro Social Media

The Gopro camera is an action-oriented personal camera that can be mounted virtually anywhere and record spectacular action sequences with stillness and clarity never before possible through the use of handheld equipment. Gopro's use of social media -- particularly Youtube, where user videos are uploaded and shared with millions of viewers -- is a great way for the company to market itself to consumers, who are a given numerous examples of just what they could do and capture with their own Gopro mounted camera.

GoPro has branded itself as the camera for all things extreme: its tag at the end of its online videos is "Be a Hero" -- and is displayed at the end of videos such as that of the man training a pelican to hunt fish and to fly. The camera company is appealing to individualistic people looking to do something different, something exciting,…

Police Community Relations
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Answer the following questions for each video in paragraph form. Also for each video, provide a thought provoking question of your own for discussion and attempt to provide a response to it.

Video one: Bill of Rights Overview

Which amendment do YOU value most?

I consider Amendment I the most crucial aspect of the Constitution's Bill of Rights.


Amendment I safeguards the five most fundamental freedoms: speech, religion, assembly, press and the right of petitioning governmental bodies for righting any wrongs. The above safeguards were missed most by Antifederalists within the novel Constitution (Feinberg, 1987).

Is our justice system better or worse than other systems around the world today?

Accessible reports and scholarly works reveal that the American justice system is neither the most effective nor the most unsuccessful justice system of all. Some nations (e.g., Scandinavian nations) enjoy a more superior system while others (e.g., Middle Eastern…

Menstruation The Representation of Menstruation
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Serena illiams, one of the most strong and prominent young female role models for athletic women today is shown as using her tennis prowess to 'slam' nature in the face in one recent advertisement. illiams' femininity and her athleticism are clearly interconnected: illiams wears eye-catching outfits and is one of the most accomplished tennis stars of her generation. But according to Kotex, this female athlete cannot work worth 'with' Mother Nature and still be successful.

Sanitary napkin advertisements are very public, and often embarrassing to watch (even for male and female friends watching television together, eyes often head to the floor when they come on). Although it is painfully obvious what the ads are about, and what products they are promoting, the advertisements stress the secrecy and discretion of the product, especially their odor-reducing potential and the smallness of the packaging. In one ad, showing a girl on a skateboard:…

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America the World We Know
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America has been blamed for its implementation of imperialistic strategies, which made it the major decider in the global economy and the primary generator of the changes in the work characteristics. The activists and other protestors argued that the American model of forced democracy, which extended beyond the boundaries of the state, hurt the freedom of the countries with which the U.S. was interacting, but also that of the American workers, who were often prevented from forming unions that would protect their rights (Friedberg and owley, 2000).

Democracy allowed the U.S. employers to take the actions they considered suitable for the achievement of their profitability goals; this often activated in the detriment of the employees' interest. But despite this however, democracy also allowed the dissatisfied workers to voice their concerns and, through freedom of speech, they were able to join forces and demand the resolution of their stringent issues. The…


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Andrea Chenier an Analysis of
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For example, the scene in which Andrea stands before the statue of Marat and sings "Credi al destino" fails to evoke for me any real sensation. Perhaps it is because, as Grout suggests, the opera is "laden with harmonies that are heavy and oldfashioned [and] has little of special interest" (p. 495). Such could explain why the scenes feel at time clunky and abysmally lacking in flair. Still, at other times, they are vibrant and alive with life -- and those times are when the drama calls for gaity (not for fatalism or idealism).

The opera may, therefore, be interpreted as a political piece -- but I do not wish to convey that interpretation, for I think there is already too much omanticism in contemporary politics today. I think Andrea fits better as a period piece that should be left in the period for which it was written: one that…

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Green Roofs and Living Walls
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Suc plants include: prairie popseed, catmint, stonecrops, cornflowers and susans, among oters.

Tese plants are of all colors and are very beautiful wen planted togeter.

Having seen tese benefits, it is quite ard to still argue against green roofs. Yet if one finds oneself in tis positing tere are a variety of specific tings tat green roofs and do for umans. Tey include: cleaning and retaining rainwater, reducing te overeating in cities and reducing pollution, adding beauty, lowering air temperatures, improving air quality, lowering eating and cooling bills, expending te life of a roof membrane.

Tese are seven good reasons wy green roofs are so important to our overall ealt and better lifestyle quality. Tere are also many tings tat one can do wit green roofs tat can keep tem going for a long time, including suc tings as waterproofing, for example, and many more.

Living walls, in addition to…

Living Walls, Youtube. Accessed November 19, 2011.

Murphy K May 25 2011
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o you want Google to fill your space with blurbs likely to interest your readers" (Millstein and Dornfest, 2005). The amount of money one can make based on Adense is variable -- it is entirely dependent on the narrow focus of your site, the number of visitors you receive, and whether your visitors are interested enough in the advertisement to click through.

Dahl, D. (October 14, 2009). Real-Life Lessons in Using Google Ad Words. The New York

Times. Retrieved from: business/smallbusiness/15adwords.html?_r=1

Google's AdWords are keyword driven ads that appear to clients along the right-hand side of a Google search page under a title that says "ponsored Links." People who search for the terms the advertiser selects "Flowers in Chicago, flower delivery in Chicago, roses in Chicago, fresh flowers, etc.) will see these ads. Where your ad appears on the page is entirely dependent upon how much you, the advertiser,…


What is Google AdSense, and How Do You Use AdSense to Make Money Online? YouTube.

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Speakers the Two Speeches Being Compared and
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The two speeches being compared and contrasted in this paper are by actors. Viola Davis gave a commencement address in 2012 at Providence College. Tom Hanks gave his commencement speech in 2005 at Vassar College. hile they are both actors, and both chose to speak to college graduates, their remarks were vastly different in style and substance.

Hanks' Theme

Tom Hanks started his speech (after a joke relating to the length of the introduction) by saying he had recently read an article about gridlock on the Southern California freeways. He reported that "Some smart folks" did a computer simulation to see how many cars would need to be removed from the gridlock to get the traffic flowing again. He reported that if four cars out of every hundred were removed from the traffic snarl, or forty cars for every thousand cars in the gridlock were removed, things would flow…

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Diesel Social Media Diesel Is a Clothing
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Diesel Social Media

Diesel is a clothing designer and retailer based in Italy. The company is privately-owned. Diesel is a design house with an emphasis on casual clothing, aimed at younger consumers. The company also runs its own retail shops, in dozens of countries around the world. Diesel operates exclusively in the clothing business, and with their emphasis on consumers in their 20s and maybe 30s, Diesel has emphasized social media in recent years as a means of reaching their target market. The company has five social media platforms in addition to their website -- Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. This paper will examine Diesel's social media presence to analyze its potential effectiveness.

The Brand

The Diesel brand was formed with the company in 1978. The brand has distinguished itself with Italian styling, American marketing and an emphasis on the younger consumer (Surendar & oy, 2010). The brand image…


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